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Codem muttered something quietly to himself, tugging at the hem of his uniform. They’d only been out a few days, but each passing minute took them further from the Montezuma and risked them getting caught.

“Would you calm down, Codem. You’re making me twitchy.” Alera, the sole female of the group, and the only other person besides Codem dressed in red, snapped, grabbing the Tril by the shoulders and pushing him into an empty seat. “I know you want to find Pandiri, I do as well, we all want to find it, but you nervously twitching isn’t going to make it work faster.”

“S’Dan, how long have we been away from the Montezuma?” Peter, the sole member of the group dressed in blue, said. “56 hours, 8 minutes and 49.638 seconds.” The Vulcan, S’Dan, said, barely glancing at the flight time. He heard a chirp from the computer, and as he turned to look at the readout, the lights and panels started to flash and flicker wildly.

“Uh, what’s going on?!” Codem asked, looking to the other Trill in the pilot’s seat. “We appear to have hit an ion storm, I’m rerouting us to the quickest way out of it.” Izzin said, fingers flying over the controls, and after almost 20 minutes inside the area of the ion storm, the shuttle’s electrical issues and rocking ceased.

“We’re going to definitely need to stop for repairs, we’re pretty banged up.” Izzin said, simply, as Codem spoke up. “Alright, I guess it’s time we look for bigger fish now. Let’s go over this again, make sure we have our stories straight…”

It was just a very minor blip on the Tactical station. A shuttle, forward and to port slightly. Federation in Origin, with 5 occupants aboard, 2 humans, 2 Trill (both of which appear unjoined, and a singular Vulcan. None of the occupants appeared injured in any way, though the shuttle was heavily damaged.

GMT Capybara

The Operations Chief was on bridge duty at the time, and the Tactical officer said “Commander, I’ve got something. Putting it on screen.” The main viewer lit up and showed the shuttle, obviously damaged and in need of help. The big Orion scowled and tapped his commbadge. =/\= Captain to the bridge. =/\= was all he said before he looked at the comms officer. “Open a channel, Ensign.” The Bolian nodded and then there was a chirp. =/\= Unknown shuttlecraft, this is the USS Athena. State your name, point of origin, and nature of your emergency. =/\=

=/\=We are the Federation shuttlecraft Psion, assigned to the USS Montezuma. The ship has been attacked and disabled, we’ve left the ship seeking assistance. However, our shuttle has been damaged by an ion storm, and we request assistance.=/\=

Hammor, Ops

R’han glanced up from his scanner. “Bearing 341 mark 12… Federation shuttle craft. Five aboard, 2 humans, 2 Trill and a Vulcan.” He looked back down and then up, “The shuttle has taken heave damage… I don’t know where she’s heading but she isn’t going to make it.”

R’han CTO

Despite the call being specifically for the captain, it was customary to him, that the first officer also show up. Orvos arrived quickly stepping out of a turbolift. He took in the situation, allowing the COO to continue as he was.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

Liam was assigned to the bridge for a change of scenery. Most of his junior officers knew he rarely left his office, but the conversation with the counselor had encouraged some change in his routine. He monitored the space conditions and shifted the data to the correct channels, ensuring a smooth course.

A frown cracked over his stoic expression when an officer found something. He shortly weighed in on what he knew or could theorize.

“It looks like she got caught in an ion storm.” Liam thought they were lucky that the Athena was in the area. Otherwise, the crew might’ve been floating for an who knew how long.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Codem did a silent fist pump since the channel was audio only. They’d found a ship, so that was one part down, but they needed to get to Pandiri, so he turned to Izzin. “Send me all the doctored files from the Montezuma, I suspect we’ll need them.”

GMT Capybara

Hammor looked at the XO and shrugged slightly. “Commander, recommend we move within tractor beam range. They are obviously in distress.” He then went to the Ops station and tapped the officer on the shoulder, relieving them. Taking a seat, he began pulling the records of the Montezuma and its last known location. “Looking for the Montezuma now, Commander. Seeing if we are within range of assisting.”

Hammor, Ops

Captain Wallace stepped onto the Bridge from the turbolift and stepped over to her chair, glancing over at Hammor with a raised eyebrow before sitting down. “Status update, chief?” She nodded at Orvos and Liam as well, but said nothing to them.

Wallace, CO

Liam nodded back, acknowledging the CO entering the bridge. He stood on the ready for instruction as he let Hammor fill her in on the situation.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Hammor didn’t look away from the search for the Montezuma, but said “Federation shuttlecraft Psion, Captain. Bearing 341 mark 12. 5 occupants aboard, 2 humans, 2 Trill, and a Vulcan. None of the occupants appeared injured in any way, though the shuttle has sustained heavy damage commensurate with an ion storm. Recommended to the XO that we come within tractor beam range and bring the shuttle in. Crew communicated they are form the USS Montezuma. They said the ship had been attacked and they escaped to look for help.”

Hammor, Ops

“Understood. Seems you all have it in hand,” Wallace nodded slightly. “I agree with that recommendation. Let’s get in contact with the Montezuma and let them know we found their people.”

The Athena was still about 8 hours away even at maximum speed, but they were still the closest ship able to assist. The last known location is listed as the Lion’s Mane Nebula.

GMT Capybara

R’han nodded, That confirmation reduced the odds of deception. “Did the Montezuma report the break down of the crew sent in the shuttle craft? Or the nature of the attack where a shuttle had a better chance of survival of the star ship.”


No such record exists, however, if what the survivors stated is true, it might just be that the record couldn’t be confirmed due to power failures on the Montezuma

GMT Capybara

“Once we pick up the shuttle, we should head directly for the Montezuma and see if we can lend a hand,” Wallace voiced, probably something that had already been suggested, but she figured it was worth repeating.

Wallace, CO

“If the shuttle has not been compromised.” R’han suspected a trap, of course that didn’t mean anything. R’han suspected everything could be a trap. “I find it improbable that a shuttle could escape a hostile situation that could cripple the Montezuma.”


“At this point, the only way to discover more information is by saving the shuttle officers and the Montezuma. After we do that, we’ll be able to piece together this mystery more accurately.” Liam pointed out and then added.

“A little bit of caution is reasonable, but we shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we have supporting evidence. I am not a fan of relaying on gut feelings to act.” It was honesty on his part.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

As they discussed the situation, Codem turned to the others inside the shuttle, after making sure the comm link was closed. “We need to use as many details that are factual as possible. So that S’Dan can keep everything together.”

At this, said Vulcan spoke, “it is illogical to assume they won’t eventually discover the full story.”

“That’s fine.” Izzin rebutted, “We just need to keep up appearances until we get where we’re going.”

GMT Capybara

Orvos noted that a communication was coming in for the captain. She took it in her ready room as the crew worked through the current situation. (OOC: Just trying to make note that Wallace is getting orders for a transfer as per Riley’s wishes.)

Orvos stepped forward. “Helm, lay in a course for this shuttle Psion and engage. Once we get there, let’s get her through the decontamination protocols and ensure that the crew is safe. Let’s talk to the crew and find out exactly where the Montezuma actually is.”

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

“Aye sir.” NE helmsman James said, laying in the course to the psion. The shuttle wasn’t far, and soon they had arrived. “We’re within tractor beam range, sir.”

GMT Capybara.

“I will execute a full tactical scan for remote devices and explosives.” R’han stated. His recommendations were always strongly suggested, but him actually indicating he was going to do something before being ordered or acknowledged was very rare. He did pause long enough for the XO to countermand his decision.

R’han CTO

Orvos turned around and nodded to R’han as he stepped back to take his seat in the command chair for the moment.

He sat down, surprisingly comfortable for it ultimately being his first time aboard the Athena. He wasn’t about to get used to it, but perhaps he could at least recognize it as a place he’d likely sit time and again when the captain was busy. So long as scans panned out ok, a tractor was going to be his next suggestion.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

Scans detected no unusual devices aboard the shuttle, aside from the fact that there were a couple phasers aboard, but if the story of the survivors checked out, then that was explained by their leaving in the middle of a crisis.

GMT Capybara

As he waited for R’han to share his results of the scan he stated aloud, “So long as the results show nothing threatening, let’s get a tractor beam on that ship and get those people aboard.”

“Nothing notable, a few hand phasers about, not that surprising.”

He tapped his combadge. =/\=Bridge to Sickbay, we will have 5 personnel coming aboard the ship who will need to go through standard quarantine and physical check ups. I’d like to speak with them as soon as possible.=/\=

=/\= Acknowledged, we will being making preparations down here. Sickbay out =/\=

He tapped his combadge again. =/\=Bridge to Engineering. I need a small team to report to Shuttle Bay 2. We’re bringing in a shuttle that may need repairs.=/\=

Orvos then addressed the bridge crew. “Let’s find out what exactly happened to the Montezuma. Once the shuttle is cleared inside we can make our way to their location. I don’t want the Athena getting stuck in whatever situation the Montezuma found itself in, so let’s be ready with information and a plan before we get too close.” They seemed to be 8 hrs from the other ship, so in Orvos’s mind, that ought to be plenty of time to try to figure something out.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

Liam nodded.

“Fair conclusion, but we have a few issues. The Montezum’s power is out which means communications going in or out is impossible. We don’t know who or what attacked them until we talk with the shuttle crew. They might not know themselves. This is assuming nothing is glossed over or left out when we talk with them.” He let the words sink in.

“Right now, we have better luck determining what needs to be done and preparing for the worst case scenario.” Liam started to wonder if R’han was starting to rub off on him now.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.


-Ensign Astor, Medical

OOC: Apologies for the delay in GM response.

IC: Codem smiled when the tractor beam attached to the shuttle. “We got one, guys. Step one complete. Now move into phase 2 of our plan.” Alera nodded, immediately grabbing a Padd and working away on something, while S’Dan shook his head.

“Why am I friends with you people? You’re all illogical.”

GMT Capybara

Orvos stood up from his seat as a private message was sent to his command chair from the ready room. (OOC: This is the point where I’m assuming Riley’s character is about to have to leave and Orvos will be given command of the Athena. Probably won’t do much exposition, but it will delay him in what he does for just a bit.)

“Quite right Mr. Madison. Let’s be prepared for what needs to be done. Commander R’han, you have bridge. I’m needed in the ready room. Mr. Hammor, could you please meet with our new guests? I’ll be down to the shuttlebay shortly.”

Just then one of the turbolifts opened, admitting a redhead in Command red with Lieutenant Commander pips on her collar stepped in asking permission to come aboard. She needed to speak with the Captain and Commander Orvos. Directed to the ready room she disappeared with him inside. (From Velocity of Change )

A strange feeling washed over Orvos as he approached the ready room. Before stepping in, he was fairly certain he wasn’t going to like what the captain and lieutenant commander was about to share with him.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

R’han raised an eyebrow in a stereotypically Vulcan manner. It was not Legen habit to vacate the bridge during a shift. R’han normally didn’t take the Captain’s chair unless he was the officer of the deck. But this time it seemed a little different, He suspected that Legen would be gone for a longer than typical trip to the bathroom or to get a coffee. So he went to the effort of summoning a relief officer and took the Captain chair.

R’han CTO

Monitoring events from her space elsewhere on the ship Faye headed up to the bridge. It was strange to be actually on the bridge on duty but this was her place now when necessary. It also afforded her the glimpse of what her life would be like in the future. That thought left her with a tiny smirk as she stepped onto the bridge, though is disappeared fast as she moved forward.

Wallace left after a couple of minutes, said goodbyes to those she could and departed. Orvos came out followed by the redhead, who disappeared into the turbolift again. Orovs was wearing four solid pips. There’d been a change of command but they were in the middle of operations.

A short while later, no more than twenty minutes the lift hummed, rising to the bridge. The change-over was sudden, and she didn’t particularly like how things were going down. BUT there was nothing to do but adapt and overcome. They could handle the ceremonial stuff later, even with Captain Wallace gone.

Finally the lift drew to a halt and the doors opened, spitting her back out on the bridge. Making her way over to the center seat, she greeted R’han and the rest of the current bridge staff. “I’m Lieutenant Commander Serena Stone. I apologize for the sudden departure of Captain Wallace. Starfleet’s seen fit to pull her for a higher priority mission and promoted Mister Orvos to the rank of Captain and transferred command to him. And assigned me as XO. I also apologize that he’s overseeing the situation with the shuttle and can’t confirm that just this moment. We’ll have time for all of the ritual and ceremony stuff later. We’ve got bigger matters to worry about.”

She turned her attention back to R’han. “Where are we with pinging the Montezuma‘s last-known position. And any combat or hostile activity in this sector being reported or tracked by the fleet?” A nebula, even an unfriendly one with ion storms was a good place for pirates and the like to hang out.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

“The ship is outside of effective scanning range.” He responded immediately. “Given the Montezuma’s patrol area we don’t have sufficient information to even project what the dangers or spatial terrain. We can get the logs off the shuttle and at least know where they were exactly when the shuttle left. Something we don’t have now.”

((OOC Note: Minor changes and puppeting for Orvos made with Tony’s approval, so no worries about stepping on his toes.))

Coming to stand just off the command centre, Calloway looked Stone up and down with a critical gaze, though there was nothing unfriendly about it. Just a woman gathering information or matching something in her head. “Are we assuming our rescuees are on the level for the time being?” An attack on a starship that was unreported wasn’t unusual, but without more information she agreed with their high level of caution.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

The feeling of eyes on her wasn’t new or unusual. She was doing the same, sizing them all up, estimating capabilities and matching faces with names from files she’d briefly been able to read while chasing down the Athena.

She shook her head. “I wouldn’t but Captain Orvos is there now. I’m sure we’ll go over their shuttle with a fine-toothed comb. Hopefully engineering will air gap it in case they aren’t on the level and have some nice bugs to stick into our system when the computers link up. The whole thing is fishy. But the nebula could be causing a communications blackout, as well as the ion storm.” There wasn’t much they could do about it for the moment. And two of the department heads they needed to do what they could were in the shuttle bay.

“We’re not that far from Starbase 157. Let’s reach out to them and see if they have better last-known position data for the Montezuma. Try to correlate that with the survey data of the nebula in question. We can bring it up on the view screen. Cross reference that with hostile activity in the area. And where you might go if you had to fend off a surprise attack, possibly from somebody nastier than you. We’ll adjust as the situation develops and we get more information.” For the actual travel they didn’t need to see anything. Using the viewscreen as a collaborative workspace, for now, was a better use. Almost as good as a hologram floating in the middle of the bridge. But this way they could all be on the same page, working in realtime. For now.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO


Faye let her brain percolate the facts they knew. “I assume you have basic facts about the ship. I can dig more if you like, or we can just wait to see how things play out in the shuttle bay.”

~Faye Calloway, CIO

R’han could do the math and the mapping. The data inputs were pretty great, conversely space didn’t have a lot of things that would change the tactical picuture, hence the name… space. “Given general parameters an just presuming they would be near a area that would give a tactical advantage. There are 12 defensive position’s within their patrol sector that would provide sufficent defense to allow them to hold off a superior force for over 12 hours.”


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