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Good evening all!

I’d like to welcome Katie O’Neil as our new Quartermaster! She will be a JO in our ops department, answer to Mr. Hammor.

Thanks for joining Katie! It’s great to have aboard! :D


Woo! Welcome to the Athenaaaa. Unfortunately since we were without a quartermaster you’ll have to requisition your welcome package from stores at starbase. It should arrive within a couple of weeks unless you can wheel and deal with the E-4 Mafia to get it here faster.


Woot woot! Hi Kate, can’t wait to see you posting on the Athena!

requisitions an industrial coffee machine to keep the Collie content


Hello! Nice to have you here. Welcome! I’m Ric, I play Shock – the Vulcan chief of security. Feel free to have our characters bump into one another in a side-sim :)

– Ric

Welcome aboard.

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