Holodeck- All Sorts of Knowing

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Janna sat up, bracing herself on one hand, the sheet falling off her bare upper body. Mouth in an O, she gazed at him intently. “No. No way. That can’t be a coincidence. I dreamed about somewhere you’ve been and you dreamed about my first boyfriend?” She shook her head, her blond curls swinging. “What if they weren’t dreams?”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Orvos shook his head. “I’m still trying to figure out if this is a dream,” he sighed aloud. He then looked her in the eye and ran a hand down her delightful frame from the shoulder down her curved sides. “It definitely feels real,” he said with a chuckle.

“Mmm, very real,” Janna said.

“Ok, there’s a few ways to find out. There is a holodeck program of my own creation aboard the Athena. The lake you speak of is there. It’s where I grew up when I was young. That woman you met…was my wife.”

Somehow it didn’t surprise her, as if a part of her had already known.

He looked her over once, soaking in every visual detail of her he could remember before his eyes finally met hers again. “We can go there and I can show you. See if it matches. Or we could…play around a bit…with whatever is going on between us. As far as the Nexus bits of course. But that might require us to do more touching though.” he said with an a mocking innocent look in his eye.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

“And what a shame that would be,” she deadpanned before tapping her lips thoughtfully. “I say we experiment a little bit more and then you can show me your program.” As curious as she was to see if their assumption about the dreams being more than that were correct, she felt drawn to him continually and their increased closeness had only served to fuel that.

Orvos raised a rather mischievious looking eyebrow. “And what exactly did you have in mind this time?” he flirted.

“Hmmm, guess?”

Orvos gave no verbal reply as his eyes slowly roamed her delightful features.

Leaning in, Janna rested her hands on either side of his neck, hovering over him. “You make me feel so free, Orvos. Like I can do and try anything.” For someone who had been so damned cautious in almost every moment of her life since the accident, it was a surreal experience.

~Janna Kingston, CNS


Orvos could feel her elation about it all, and only fueled the very same feelings that had welled up within him as well. He smiled as he brought a hand to brush stray strands of her hair away from her face. “And you make me feel I have nothing to worry about. That my most concerning anxieties are of no consequence with you. It…this…you feel wonderful,” he said as gently kissed her lips as he drew his body closer to hers, skin to skin.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

Relief. Them coming together brought relief, as if everything in the Universe was okay. And so Janna gave of herself freely and fully and let time pass yet again.

Stepping out of the shower, Janna donned her clothes finally and eyed Orvos with a languid grin. “Okay, time for the holodeck. I want to see this place I saw in my… your? dreams.”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Orvos looked up as she stepped out, himself seated at the edge of the bed lost in thought only moments earlier. It was literally the night before that he had been promoted to Commander with serious concerns over whether he even should be there. Now…he had Janna too. She was a light in his life. And as he grew closer and closer to her, he soon realized that she was more than that. She was a blazing fire, and being caught in her heat managed to throw the cold far, far away for now. Their throes of passion now having cooled a bit, he had some part of his mind to actually focus with.

Orvos nodded as he stood up to get his clothes. “Yes, the holodeck. I suppose it’s only fair to say the least. Very few others have seen it, and unfortunately for us, they’ve had to move on to other places. So you’ll have to keep it all to yourself now.” He gave her a sly grin as he donned his garb.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

“I’ll do my best to shoulder the burden,” she deadpanned as she once again donned the cortical monitor Ben had asked her to wear. She had taken it off last night for obvious reasons even knowing that that data might have bene gold for the doctor. It was just far too personal and this between her and Orvos felt like something she wanted to protect for a little while longer. She felt less like he might get scared off and bolt, but there was so much unknown here and making it all public felt like too much.

Moving through the corridors with him, Janna walked at a relaxed pace even as she was eager to see the place from her… his dreams. Memory. Whew! This was going to get complicated to think about, and for a brief moment she wondered just how far it would all go. Did these abilities of hers have an ultimate limit? Would they keep evolving. So many things unknown and for the first time in many years, Janna Kingston didn’t know what was going to happen and didn’t have a plan to how to handle it. Others might laugh at the idea, but this felt about as risky as it got for her.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Orvos had been given the day off after his promotion. It was a courtesy from the captain for him. And right now, he was supremely grateful for it.

Things had escalated quickly with Janna, and the train didn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. To be fair, he didn’t want it to.

Seeing her put on the monitor once morecaused a slew of feelings within him. He didn’t want her to have to wear it, but he understood it’s point. And for her own safety and perhaps peace of mind, it was a good idea. But inwardly, he relished the idea of her having tossed it aside many hours ago, breaking the rules in probably the best way possible. It was exhilirating for him to witness.

After donning some clothes himself, he opened the door of his quarters. “Shall we my dear?” he asked as he led the way to the holodeck.

It had not taken long for the pair to arrive at a vacant holodeck. He uploaded the program, but paused before entering. Orvos then turned to face Janna.

“Very few people have gotten to see this. And it will reamin that way. They had to. But I want you to know now…I want you to know about it.”

He then turned to face the holodeck doors and entered. As they entered they found themselves in the center of a small city center, bustling with activity. Clouds overhead gave the effect of rain to appear soon. The setting felt much older than what the El Aurians likely had available to them for technology.

He slowly walked further in, allowing the doors to close. Turning once more to Janna, he said, “Welcome to the Recreation of the El Aurian homeworld…my homeworld.” He gave a small smile, clearly opening more to her than he had done with most anyone to this point.

-Commander Orvos Legen, XO

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