Marishka's Quarters - House Call

Posted Oct. 28, 2022, 1:52 a.m. by Civilian Marishka (Lounge Host) (Catt Bennett)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Akirel Ros (Chief Engineer) in Marishka’s Quarters - House Call

Posted by Civilian Marishka (Lounge Host) in Marishka’s Quarters - House Call

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Akirel Ros (Chief Engineer) in Marishka’s Quarters - House Call
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Just after 8am the following morning after Ros had met Marishka at the Parthenon, he rang the chime to her quarters. As promised Ros stood outside with tool kit in hand and belt slung at a jaunty angle across his waist, the yellow tunic of the Engineering division creaseless and ready for a days work. In his other hand, was his oversized metal flagon full with black, strong coffee.

It wasn’t exactly the crack of dawn, but his shift didn’t start until 7am and running an engineering department on a floating city did take a little time each morning to make sure work orders, maintenance requests and other trivial daily tasks were being seen to. Repairing someone’s shower wasn’t normally in the purview of the CE, but it had been a while since Ros had gotten dirty outside of his engine room and office, and it was a good opportunity to get familiar with some area’s of the ship.

A slow smirk spread on his lips as he waited. Marishka was part Orion, and he could imagine that being slightly distracting for some members of his crew. It wasn’t as if he was taking one for the team, but Ros knew that if she was distracting at all for him, it wasn’t going to be for the reasons most people assumed. Another large mouthful of coffee and Ros closed his eyes. When he opened them again seconds later, the intense green had faded somewhat towards the soft warmth of amber.

Akirel Ros, CE

When Ross opened his eyes the door to Marishka’s quarters was open. The strong, yet pleasant, scent of incense wafted through the open door and Marishka was walking towards him looking tousled, frazzled, in a slightly askew sheer night gown. Reaching to her left she picked up a small throw blanket form a chair, shook her head, then put it back down.

“Wow, you’re actually here. Come on in Chief. Let’s see if we can get this place steamy.”

  • Marishka

The pause that Ros took at the door might have seemed like a momentary bout of indecision but it was quickly apparent by the casual way that he raised the cup of coffee once more and took a drink, while simultaneously looking at Marishka, that he was simply taking his time and enjoying what he saw. Finally, he stepped through the door and let it slide shut behind him.

“I’m a man of my word,” Ros replied. “I said I would come, so here I am. I’m just glad I caught you at home.” Ros grinned at her, remembering her words the previous night. Considering Marishka’s appearance there was nothing bashful about the way that Ros spoke, nor was there any rise of color to his cheeks despite him never taking his eyes off her. If she expected him to act modest in her presence considering what she was wearing, Ros outright believed she wouldn’t have worn it in the first place, but, as she herself had said, caution and modesty were two different things. In his own opinion, she certainly had no reason to be modest, the way she looked.

“Did I arrive at a bad moment?” Ros asked her while he walked towards her slowly, then looked towards the bedroom, “Or a good one? You did mention you might not wake up alone. Hopefully if you have company, they don’t mind me checking your plumbing.” Leaning forwards a little, he made it clear he was breathing in her scent. “You smell good,” he grinned. “Like breakfast tequila and pheromones, one of my favourite combinations.” Raising his cup he took another drink of coffee, then placed it down on the table in her room so it was out of the way while he got to work.

Akirel Ros, CE

Marishka liked the fact that he just got on with it while engaging in bold, yet playful, banter. With one hand, she reached up and swept her long dark hair back across her shoulders. It fell to the tops of her thighs and was just beginning to let some streaks of her natural copper show through. She had started choreographing the subtle change weeks ago.

With the other hand she smoothed out the wispy gold and scarlet nightie. It barely covered anything but, at least she could say she was dressed. The smoothing only accentuated her sculpted body.

“Bad as in I had no company last night. Good as in I’m finally done with my morning workout. It is actually about time for breakfast. That must be one of the things you’re smelling.” she said smiling at him.

  • Marishka

Ros made an exaggerated show of smelling the air for a moment, then raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Must be, I can definitely smell what you’re cooking”. His smirk changed slowly into an easy smile. “What’s on the menu? I generally fast until mid day, but what you’re serving smells worth being bad for.”

Turning towards the door to the bedroom, he paused and turned his head back to her, casually pointing towards the door. “An educated guess tells me your shower is this way? Want to show me how I can get your water flowing before you sit down to breakfast? Can’t have you going without a shower after your workout can we.”

Akirel Ros, CE

Marishka poured a cup of coffee and followed Ross into her bedroom. Walking quickly, she came up close behind him.

“It doesn’t matter how I play with it, it never get’s hot enough for me.” she said leaning forward to whisper in his ear, “Are you sure you’re the man that can fix this problem for me?”

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