Side Sim- New Kids on Patrol

Posted Nov. 1, 2022, 3 p.m. by Lieutenant Owen "The Hunter" Ducante (Security Officer) (Rusty Boshankles)

Posted by Ensign Jordy Kleine (Security Officer) in Side Sim- New Kids on Patrol

Posted by Lieutenant Owen “The Hunter” Ducante (Security Officer) in Side Sim- New Kids on Patrol
Lt. Ducante and Ensign Kleine exited the conference room and headed for the turbo lift to begin patrolling the ship and learning where everything was. “This ship layout is not that much different than the Connie, I’m sure we will learn this ship like the back of our hands fairly well and quickly.” He stated. “Is this your first assignment?” He asked trying to create small talk between them.
Lt. Ducante, Security.

‘No it is not as a cadet i was on the Challenger and i was for a short time assignd to the Ark Angel and after that came here, what were your previous assignments.’ Jordy said he knew the Lieutenant had at least one assignment before because he mentiont it.

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

“I was on the Raven and Carolina before becoming the CoS of the Chimera until it was decommisioned.” Lt. Ducante stated. “Before that, my family worked on a cargo ship, and I was security for the shipments. that’s how I got the hunter nickname, because I would hunt the people who tried to steal from us, and about 97 percent of the time, I caught them before they could get it off their ship.” He continued as they walked through the corridors.
Lt. Ducante, Security

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