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Posted Nov. 2, 2022, 11:44 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Akirel Ros (Chief Engineer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) in Science Labs-Echoes of Memories

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Akirel Ros (Chief Engineer) in Science Labs-Echoes of Memories

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) in Science Labs-Echoes of Memories
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As the activity of the day began to dull, Liam remained in his office after hours. His fingers brushed the PADD screen as lists flashed past his attention. He lingered one name, lost in thought for a moment. Gently he placed the device to the side as his mind wandered to his recent project.

His attention glanced over to the lab complex.

Faint light lit the room and machines became white noise among the silence. One look unnerved most individuals who were unfamiliar with the sight.

Liam took a deep breath, unfazed by the eerie sight. His eyes shifted to the untouched package nearby. Now was the best time. His arm reached for it and gently slid it closer. With precision, he began to free the contents within. A small container with a suspended chunk of torn metal now rested in his grasp. Alongside it was a small note asking him to discover its origins.

He frowned, but didn’t question it deeper. Liam decided a reconstruction analysis was the best place to start. Once he knew where it came from, it would be easier to trace its origins.

As he placed it in the machine, the skin on his neck bubbled and hairs rose. Ignoring the sensation, he finished depositing the item. He turned back to his office only to glimpse something skirt across the side of his vision. Liam stalled in place, his head turned and tried to locate the source. The only one within the lab was him. Brushing it off, the CSO continued to return to his office. He had barely taken a step inside when something toppled onto the floor. The sound echoed through the lab and beyond, sounding heavy. Liam’s eyes narrowed before he cautiously turned back to the lab.

“Hello, is someone there?” His voice echoed back to him.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

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-Janice B.

The sound of the door to the Science Labs opening broke the tense silence in the room, followed by footsteps. Lonely footsteps in the quiet, but a figure came into view. One wearing the yellow of Engineering, the nose wrinkles of a Bajoran and a shining metallic earring that was shaped into an abstract design of a moon and star. The mans eyes were deep green as they turned on Madison.

“Well met, I’m Akirel Ros, Chief Engineer. I had an odd reading come through my screen, a momentary flicker of energy that I couldn’t account for. I was heading off duty so thought I’d check it out, everything ok in here?”

Lt Cmdr Akirel Ros, CE

Liam fought the impulse to jump when the doors hissed open. His eyes jerked to the source and witnessed an Engineer entering the labs. The bright yellow uniform steadied his rising anxiety and grounded him in the present.

“Did you see anyone when you came in? I heard something heavy hit the floor, but I should be the only one in the labs right now.”

“Nobody,” the engineer shook his head, the shining earring swaying back and forth. “Before I left to make my way here you were the only life sign in the room when the blip happened. It wasn’t a lifer sign, wasn’t really anything, but it was something.”

He gestured to follow him. “If you want, we can run some scans on the labs and see if the anomaly pops up again. I have time while I wait for the reconstruction results.”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

“Sure, lead the way.” Ros followed Madison and looked around the Lab as he did so. “You always work this late Chief, what is it you’re reconstructing?” Taking out a tricorder that he had on his belt, Ros brought up the system record of the signature that had been recorded earlier so that he could focus the scanner within the lab itself on that same signature.

Lt Cmdr Akirel, CE

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