With Love From Deep Space (open RP)

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The small ship seemed to come from nowhere. It seemed to just pop into existence some 20,000 kliks away heading roughly the same direction as the Athena and on a slow intercept course.

=^=Federation ship Athena. I am Khabal. I request berthing in your shuttle bay or attachment to a docking port to allow my powerplant to recharge and my stores resupplied if you are able.=^=

On visuals the ship looked like a narrow wedge and the only reason it showed up against the backdrop of space was that it was emitting light from the skin of the craft. The entire small ship seemed to glow a dim blue. It would take up considerable space in the bay if allowed to land but it would fit.

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=^=Flight control to Khabal, transmit identity codes for verification.=^= came the reply.

Khabal summited his codes as were registered with several alien governments including the federation. It was basic information as to who he was. His ship was classified as a small courier vessel.

After waiting a few minutes coasting behind the Athena his systems showed he was being scanned. No contraband would come up as Khabal carried nothing that might draw unwanted attention to himself but, when exploring a new galaxy, it was imperative to get to know the major players so as to know whom to approach for potential resupply.

Flight control returned.

=^=Khabal, you are to land in shuttle bay one sections one, two, four, and five.=^=

Khabal smiled and eased his ship into the bay. After shutting down and securing his systems, he departed the ship wondering if anyone would be there to greet him. He’d heard the federation, though a strict lawful society, would be the most likely to offer him the assistance he might need with supplies.

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Khabal was met by Lt Shock, Security, and five of his crewmen. Precautions were necessary.

“Hello,” said Shock. He had never seen or heard of Khabal or the Spiral Nomad. It was curious to see.

(OOC: What do Spiral Nomads look like? Humanoid? Is this first contact?)

“I am Shock, chief of security on board this ship. Welcome on board the Chernov. What brings you to us?”

– Lt Shock (COS)

OOC: Spiral Nomads are a genetically engineered and modified race. Khabal looks like a slender but completely hairless human. If you want to know more, ask IC. Not first contact but rare contact.

IC: Khabal was fair skinned, totally hairless, and the sclera of his eyes was a light blue with purple irises. His dark blue outfit was close fitting but loose enough to allow for total freedom of movement and had no markings or insignia.

The ship was sleek and so black that it looked like a hole in reality. If it wasn’t for the gleam along the leading edge and the numerous scratches from bow to stern one wouldn’t know if they’re eyes were actually focused on the ship or not.

Seeing the security retinue, he approached slowly, with a smile, and his hands empty held away from his sides to show he held no weapons. It was hard to determine his age. Physically he looked fairly young, slender, and couldn’t weigh more than 120lbs/55kg but, his eyes held something that gave the impression that he was well beyond his apparent age and even his simple movements were silent inhumanly smooth.

“I am Khabal. I seek recharge and resupply. I have no currency but I am willing to work in exchange for your aid.” Khabal said not knowing if he was speaking to someone in charge of the ship or not.

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Luckily the ripper ship didn’t take up the whole shuttle bay. Marishka had a small shuttle offloading some personal cargo that she was overseeing from the catwalk. Bobby and Carla probably knew she was there but they went on about their business glancing at the intriguing newcomer while shifting the fragine cargo from the shuttle to a hover dolly.

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