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Posted Dec. 1, 2022, 9:18 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Counsellor) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Civilian Brooklyn Halsey (Quartermaster) in Check in with the counselor

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Counsellor) in Check in with the counselor

Posted by Civilian Brooklyn Halsey (Quartermaster) in Check in with the counselor
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“Deck Thirteen,” Kingston called out once they were both in.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

“Where did you come from before,” Brooklyn asked watching the number of decks on the control panel. “I was on Outpost 42. In some ways that place is not much different from the Athena. Both are floating cities but the Outpost got a lot more traffic. Do we get dirt side often or is that a rarity?”

Brooklyn Halsey Quartermaster

Janna bobbed her head too and fro because her hands were full. “On occasion. To be honest, our planet side missions have not exactly been a picnic, so maybe be careful what you ask for. “

Two decks down and the lift came to a halt and Janna stepped out, waiting for Brooklyn.

“I rarely get to go dirt side. Usually, I am just making sure the away team has what it needs to be successful in the mission but it would be fun for a change. I wish I was dirtside,” Brooklyn repeated three times clacking her heels together like Dorothy from the wizard of Oz letting out a small laugh.

“Well, our last attempt at R&R went horribly awry so I would settle for a nice boring mission studying dirt and see if we can manage through that without issues first. Then maybe we can graduate to vacation spots again.”

“As for where I was before, I was actually on Outpost Forty-Five, back when it was still called that. And yeah, the feeling of being on a giant place is not much different. It was why I had requested a smaller ship and when I got transferred from Forty-Five, I was sent to a medical vessel that was assigned as part of an Exploratory Fleet, which the Athena. Long story short, I was needed here, so I got new orders,” Janna said, rather matter of factly and she moved towards the General Purpose Lab.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

“Don’t sound like you wanted new orders,” Brooklyn said off-handedly hearing the tone of the woman’s voice.

Brooklyn Halsey Quartermaster

“Not really,” Kingston said, shifting the glass orb in her arms. It was surprisingly heavy after awhile. She amused herself with the idea of doing workouts wth it. “Long story short, the previous counsellor was killed during one of the missions. An altercation with another officer she was trying to apprehend. It went badly, she died and they needed a new counsellor. The ship was going through a bit of a crisis, so I was transferred.” Janna glanced at Halsey. “Not the reason you want to be boarding a new ship, but you make the best of it and they needed me. It’s worked out better than I thought. There are reasons I wanted a smaller ship, and the Athena hasn’t tried to prove my reasons wrong, but… this place grows on you,” she said with a fond smile.

Stepping into the lab, Janna looked around. “Well, test time. The question is, where do we start?”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

“Optical properties,” Halsey looked at Janna. The glass or crystal of the ball in itself looked perfect. It was almost so crystal clear that it looked transparent. Only when someone was holding it could you see the edges. It was beautiful as a piece of art. If it was anything more that would be a bonus. “Maybe we can test it and see what happens on some other light spectrums?”


Kingston nodded. “Sounds reasonable,” she said as she placed the sphere on a scanning table and puled over arm-mounted scanner. “Computer run an electromagnetic spectral scan of the object. Both combined and separate frequencies.” There was a chirp of acknowledgement and Janna turned to Brooklyn. “So any of your friends send you weird things as well, or am I the only one that that particular fun?” she asked with a grin.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

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