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Matthias Meadows had been one of the helmsman for the Athena for some time now. He knew the ship like the back of his own hand. It took skilled hands and understanding to maneuver her well.

Now, however, he had been tasked with something else. He was between shifts and was available for other duties that needed tending to. With the new XO having come suddenly aboard, and Commander Legen’s sudden promotion to captain, he was not tasked with some of the more menial things. He had assigned several ensigns to transfer Legen’s belongings to his new quarters, clean the place, and prep the new XO’s belongings accordingly.

The first officer had been fairly busy until this point, and he had been given word that the Athena was now en route to the Montezuma. It was a precarious situation, however getting the XO settled in was now part of his duties for the time being.

The ensigns were busy so he decided he would get in touch with the executive officer and get things straightened out. =/\=Lt. Commander Stone, this is Lt. Meadows. I’ve been assigned to transferring your belongings and getting you situated on the Athena. Is there a good time for us to meet?=/\=

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helmsman

Serena paused as the com call came through, her blue gaze locked on the large padd in front of her. She considered the chrono on her device then sighed. =^=Mister Meadows, I should have some time between seventeen hundred and nineteen hundred hours.=^= It wasn’t too far away, but that would be off-duty hours, though she supposed she was always on-call now. At least then she should have a little free time to handle personal matters before getting ready for rack ops.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

=/\=Understood. I can meet you on the bridge at 1700 if that works for you?=/\=

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helmsman

Commander Stone gave it a moment of thought then nodded, forgetting that she was unseen. =^=Sounds good to me. I’ll be there most likely anyway.=^=

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

=/\=Understood.=/\= And with that, he coodinated his plans for that time.

When the clock struck 1700, Meadows stepped onto the bridge and out of the way as he waited for the XO to finish her transition of duty officers.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helm

The redhead sighed and checked the chrono. 17:00 hours. 5 o’ clock. Getting to her feet, she passed the conn to the second officer or current operations officer. Straightening her uniform she spotted a Lieutenant waiting patiently by the side. “Lieutenant Meadows?”

She nodded. “Good to see you. You wanted to speak with me about something?”

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

Meadows gestured to the turbolift. “Yes, ma’am. Just trying to get you accommodated to the ship and address any questions, comments, or concerns.” he said with a friendly smile.

Miss Stone nodded, letting a small smile play across her face.

The lift opened and he entered after her. After the door closed he had the lift take them to deck 17 to start. “Your quarters are still temporarily unavailable at the moment. We have people working on it, so some time soon it should be available. If you would like, I could give you a tour of the ship? Or I can give you the basics and show you to the Parthenon? To be honest, the Parthenon is probably the more fun option.”

-Lt. Meadows, Helm

“It can’t be too hard to get around. Option two is probably better in this instance. I’ve already been to sickbay and the counseling center, bridge, briefing room, ready room. I’m sure I’ll make it to Engineering and the Security center, fleet operations modules, and anywhere else. So the basic rundown should suffice. Plus ‘The Parthenon’ .. whatever it is. I’m guessing it’s some quasi-Greek variation of the crew lounge?”

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

Matthias laughed. “I suppose being rushed aboard and straight into duty will do that for you. Ship’s pretty big and there’s a been a few folks who get turned around without a map.” He shrugged. “Doesn’t sound like you though.”

“If I get turned around I can always ask the central computer to guide me wherever I need to go,” she said. It was a common feature on most ships, and the Mythology-class certainly wasn’t without it.

Meadows grinned and kept the chuckle seeking utterance buried.

“The Parthenon is indeed that. It’s a concept I believe that is based on the the ship’s name. Athena was seen as the goddess of wisdom, if I remember correctly. Might also have something to do with the ship class too? Athena, mythology, Parthenon.” He raised an eyebrow and offered a grin. “I suppose it’s all just a play on words. How familiar are you with the various amenities we offer here?”

-Lt. Meadows, Helm

She nodded. “Sounds about right. The mythology class is forty five decks high, seven hundred meters long, almost half a kilometer wide. Over two hundred thousand metric tons with a standard crew compliment of nine hundred, plus civilians and family members and enough room for another one hundred visitors. She sports two sickbays, five holosuites, five holodecks, excellent gym facilities, recreation hall/area, a massive crew lounge, three arboretums, school and nursery facilities, a solid counseling center for those that need it. And that’s without any mission modules. Not to mention her defensive and tactical systems or impressive engines. Or massive shuttlebays. In truth, we could fit a lot more people on this boat and still be quite comfortable. But we generally don’t need it.”

She sighed a little. “Truth be told, it all sounds really nice. And I’m sure it helps, but I feel like… I could vacation here. And get soft here. And I’m not sure that’s a good thing.”

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

This time Meadows couldn’t help but give a light hearted laugh. “That’s quite impressive! I don’t many people who can recite that from memory on such a short notice. You’re right, it can feel like a vacation compared to other ships, but rest assured it most certainly is not. There’s easy days for sure, but I’ve seen enough to know this is no ordinary ship. It especially helps on our longer deep space missions.”

“I generally have a pretty good memory. I refreshed myself on the Mythology-class specs on the way over, but it probably won’t stick in great detail for long. I wanted to get a feel for the ship I was going to be spending a while aboard,” she said looking a little abashed.

The turbolift doors opened to deck 17. The helmsman stepped out and gestured for her to follow. “You hungry? I usually need a bite to eat after a shift. We can stay here, I can answer any questions you might have. Maybe test out the amenities here in the Parthenon?”

“Famished,” she said with a nod. “I haven’t eaten all day. I’m surprised I don’t have a headache or something. Probably running on the tea and all I had this morning still.”

He wasn’t about to admit it, but he didn’t typically give every officer this sort of treatment. She was the first officer after all and her quarters were still in disarray. The small team working on getting it situated told him that they hit a snag. Something about a messed up replicator, sonic shower, and such. He had been so frustrated with them that he didn’t care about the excuses. He was fully aware that they had slacked off. If they had caught it much sooner, this wouldn’t be an issue. They would pay for it later.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helm

The redhead gestured for him to lead on. It was, after all, his tour, and he knew the lay of the land much better than she did. “Lead on, Lieutenant,” she said brightly, happy to let him continue to play tour guide and friendly ‘local’.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

Soon the Parthenon doors slid open, revealing a bustling hub of activity. Folks in and out of uniform milled about. New shift meant new people arriving for food and relaxation. The main areas of the Parthenon were filling up quickly. The recreation hall right next door would likely be a bit less so.

Matthias turned the Stone. “Alright, here’s the plan. I’ll get us an assortment of finger foods. Head to the recreation hall and find us a table. I can meet you there. Anything in particular that takes your fancy?” he said, slowly stepping away to the main bar, eyes totally on her as he listened.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helm

“Surprise me, as far as food goes. But I’ll take a water just cold enough to be slush, and some actual whiskey if there’s any available. I dunno if anybody has set the replicators here to crank out the real deal rather than synthehol but I’d guess so.” With that she began ambling her way toward the recreation hall, navigating slowly almost drifting on her log legs rather than marching on a mission.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

Meadows gave her a grin and said, “I’ll do my best, ma’am.”

As she turned away, he couldn’t help but notice how her stride made her derriere look rather cute. Who am I kidding? It was no accident, he definitely wanted to know what the first officer’s behind looked like.

Marishka had heard about the new XO when Orvos had become Captain. She had been waiting for Stone to make an appearance so, naturally, her staff had been on high alert. As stone stepped away from Mathias Ann greeted him with a warm smile.

“Did I hear our first officer use the ‘R’ word?” she whispered loudly.

  • Marishka

Matthias jumped for a second as he was turning away from the pleasant sight disappearing in the crowd. “Oh, hey Ann!” And then it dawned on him. The “R” word. It was strange enough hearing someone request actual replicator food. She hadn’t been on board though when Captain Legen was the chief engineer. He recalled a meeting with some staff in which he outright told the engineering crews that he forbade even sayhing the word “replicator” in the Parthenon in fear that one might break from simply uttering it. Of course, Legen had been joking in a soemwhat serious way?

“What the–” came the sound of someone’s voice at a nearby replicator. Matthias’ eyes went wide as the replicator malfunctioned. It had been so long since Legen had said that! Was he on to something.

Matthias brushed the thought aside and addressed Ann once more. “Ok I’ll forward the memo. Look I need a tall glass of water nearly in slush form. A ‘welcome aboard’ platter of appetizers. And I’m going to need some whiskey. Maybe some special whiskey from some sort of private stash Marishka might have. No synthehol. Can you do that for me? We’ll be in the recreation area.”

He started backing up, hoping she would say yes. Didn’t want to leave the new guest alone for too long after all.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helm

Ann watched as the replicator malfunctioned. She shook her head and waved the person using it away making a mental note to put in a work order. Not that the new CE would have any luck at all with them.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered although, don’t be surprised if the boss lady shows up witht eh whiskey herself. She likes to meet everybody on the ship at least half a dozen times. We’ll be with you in ten.” she said turning away.

  • Marishka (et al)

Matthias grinned and gave her a thumbs up. “That works for me!”

He then turned on a dime and headed the direction he had seen Stone go.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helm

Serena had found a seat at one of the smaller tables, big enough for two, overlooking the lower section of the Parthenon/lounge from one of the darker corners. For the moment she had her head buried in her hands, elbows on the table.

About ten minutes later Ann and Marishka wove through the crowd to find Matthias and Stone. Marishka had only seen the first officer in passing and was eager to make her acquaintance.

  • Marishka (et al)

Lt Cmdr Stone

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Waiting for you Sam.

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IC: Matthias found her at the table and quietly sat down. After a moment, he said aloud, “Food should be here any minute!” He watched curious if he startled her and how she might respond.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helm

Both Marishka and Matthias approached within moments of each other. Their movements were covered by the din of the crew in the establishment, but she could feel the approach anyway. When he sat, she was about to straighten, only for his bark to cut through the noise. Unexpected, she did startle, jerking upright, then shooting him a look that would have slagged titanium, but only for a second. “Do that again and you’ll scrub the EPS conduits from here to main engineering with your tongue, Lieutenant.” The words came out in a growl but a wry smile tugged at the corners of her lips.

Matthias merely grinned and replied. “Duly noted.”

Turning her attention to their host she did her best to flash the other a quick smile and getting to her feet as Marishka approached. “Evening,” she said genially, greeting the woman on even footing. They were almost the same height, though the Orion-Klingon hybrid woman had the advantage there. And muscle mass too, Serena could guess. Not that it would be likely they ever got into it, hand-to-hand. But it was noted. She was also willing to bet the lady could handle herself if the Athena were to be boarded, which took at least one small liability off her plate and left her with a little bit of relief. “Commander Stone,” she supplied, offering a hand. Touch greetings weren’t as common as they once were back in the olden days on Earth, but some cultures still used them. There was no telling where Marishka would fall on that scale.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

Ann took the trays from Marishka and set them on the table. Marishka bowed slightly, straightened, and shook Commander Stone’s hand.

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance Commander. Welcome to the Athena and The Parthenon. We were uncertain what type of whiskey you prefered so we have a selection here. I guarantee, no synthohol. Please tell me where you’d like to begin and we can take it from there.” she said smoothly.

  • Marishka

Serena’s grip was firm, with a fast shake and a smile blossomed across her face, genuine and warm. She seemed pleased. “I didn’t think about any sort of selection. Just looking for somethign cheap to knock the edge off quickly. And… ‘begin’?” She cocked her head quizzically as she resumed her seat. Begin what? She spared a glance at the helmsman for a moment.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

It helped having Serena Stone present. Marishka was of course, easy on the eyes and definitely worth looking over. But with Serena here, it helped him keep his gaze off of her. “Begin. Hmmm. I mean really it’s already begun right?” he inquired with a smirk. “Officially, I’m helping you get acquainted with the ship. Unofficially? I’m…having fun?” Though she might already have guessed, he was truly stalling for time so her quarters would be in tip top shape when she finally headed there. He grinned with a hint of mischievousness. “I’m just enjoying keeping you company for a bit.”

Turning to Marishka, he stated. “You could leave a few selections if you like?”

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helmsman

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