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Posted by Civilian Marishka (Lounge Host) in 2200 (Tag: Dawson)

Posted by Civilian Dawson (Intelligence Operative) in 2200 (Tag: Dawson)

Posted by Civilian Marishka (Lounge Host) in 2200 (Tag: Dawson)
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Marishka slipped out of her heels and intot he jeffries tube she hadn’t known was in her office until her favorite Caitian had shown her one evening. Now she used it every time she needed to leave without being seen or just wanted some alone time. People had a tendency to find her even in her quarters. Usually she didn’t mind that but, every once in a while, she wanted to be alone with her tumultuous thoughts. The other reason, of course, was that she wasn’t going to make it easier for Mr. Dawson to find her. She picked her way carefully for what seemed like several ong minutes until she exited at a seldom used cargo bay, stepped onto a catwalk, and surveyed her surroundings.

  • Marishka

Dawson arrived at tyhe Parthenon with a PADD in hand, Normally he had no need for such a device, however it wsa much easier to gain access to hard to reach places when you could mobily hack into it. He had hoped there would be no need for it, but better safe than sorry in his mind.

He observed the bustling lounge and approached the one who seemed to be in charge in Marishka’s absence. He was on time…2200 hrs to be certain. But he figured she would be nowhere in sight.

He approached the bartender. “I’m here to see Marishka. We had an appointment?” The Padd helped his appearance as well making it certain that it was likely business as usual.

-Dawson, Intel

Ted set down the glass he really didn’t need to be cleaning but it made him look official and like he was doing something.

“Yeah, they all say that. I was actually expecting you Mr. Dawson. I could tell you she’s in her office but you and I both know that’s not true. If you go in there and look on the desk though, you might find something in there for you, top right hand corner. Don’t be too long, I’ve been instructed to come and get you after five minutes.”

Usually Ted found these types of games rather boring but he had developed a fondness for Marishka that only a man who wasn’t attracted to women could have.

“Good luck.” he said pointing in the direction of her office.

  • Ted

Dawson gave a slow grin as his eyes followed Ted’s indication to his next destination. “Doubt I need that long…” he said under his breath as he quickly made his way to her office.

As soon as he stepped in, he locked the door for some good measure. He took in the surroundings as he made his way to her desk. He looked about and eventually brought his eyes to the top right hand corner.

-Dawson, Intel

Marishka had long since removed what she would consider personal items from her office, now there were mostly the usual trappings of anybody else who might be aboard the Athena. She wasn’t the type of woman to leave her bat’leth hanging on the back wall for show after all. She had long since replaced the large desk with a smaller yet, somehow, more ornate one and downsized most of the furnishings.

On the top right hand corner of her desk, this evening, sat a small bag with a note sticking out of it. The only odd feature were a pair of shoes sitting under the desk.

  • Marishka

Dawson took careful note of the shoes before reaching for the bag and reading the note sticking out of it. Curiosity was still keeping his head in the game.

-Dawson, Intel

The note simply said ‘Don’t worry, these items are easy to carry. When you find me, I will make you the most popular after hours drink the Athena has to offer. No, it’s not a Scorpion’s Kiss.’.

In the bag were several bottles of liquor that would look very similar to the untrained eye. Each bottle was aobut the same size with no label. There were also two heavy bottomed tall glasses. The shoes under the desk were simply the shoes Marishka had worn to work that morning, black stilettos with rhinestone straps and a silver heel, haphazardly taken off and left under the desk.

The back of the note said ‘This chase start off in tight spaces.’.

  • Marishka

Dawson grinned after reading the note and looking over the contents of the bag. He closed it and secured it to his waist. He considered bringing her shoes, figuring she decided to go barefoot and avoid noise. He left them though as he entertained the thought of pointing out how he managed to already get her shoes off.

Now the clue....Tight spaces meant only one thing to him…jefferies tube.

He was unfortunately, unfamiliar with any possible openings within her office, however he wouldn’t be surprised if there was. She seemed to be a resourceful woman, and finding a way to make use of one here made absolute sense to be fair.

Dawson moved to the computer and accessed the blueprints to determine if there was a tube indeed connected to her office.

-Dawson, Intel

The schematics were easily obtainable and showed the opening to a Jeffries tube just inside the left hand corner of Marishka’s office behind a tapestry that wasn’t actually hiding anything.

  • Marishka

Dawson grinned and opened the tube. He clambered inside and promptly shut it behind him. He then followed it to it’s next intersection, curious as to where she may have gone. He paid attention as he went, curious if more notes would be lying somewhere.

-Dawson, Intel

There were no notes but Marishka’s pheromones were quite evident in the Jeffrey’s tube. As Dawson rounded the corner a bit of fluff and something shiny caught his eye.

  • Marishka

Dawson moved continually, strangely confident in where he was moving. Was it the pheremones she emitted lulling him closer to her? There was a pleasant scent in the area. It was almost as though he were being pulled into a trap by a tactical hunter. Draw the prey in and pounce when the time was right. Dawson, however, was not an easy target. And there was a part of him that enjoyed the thought of a wrestling match with her.

In time, something caught his eye. Dawson moved closer for a better look. Surely this wasn’t some sort of random tribble?

-Dawson, Intel

What Dawson saw, perched on a ledge, was the tattered edge of a feather and several copper sequins like the ones on the hem of Marishka’s very short skirt that she had been wearing the last time they had spoken. If Dawson looked closer, he may find the dust disturbed by foot prints leading into the darkness

  • Marishka

And just like that he was back on the trail, but even more observant as darkness shrouded anyone hiding. He kept careful watch of her footprints and noted to himself that it might be time for some engineers to take a look at the dusty bits of the ship. Clearly nobody had been here for awhile. But, that very notion meant they likely wouldn’t be found here either. He picked up his pace as his hunt continued.

-Dawson, Intel

Following various ‘clues’ obviously left intentionally, Dawson would be lead on a circuitous route of jeffries tubes and high catwalks to a closed hatch labeled ‘Arboretum’.

  • Marishka

Dawson was enjoying the hunt, despite its deliberate lead. When he came upon the Arboretum hatch, he thought for a moment. Would she be sitting somewhere waiting for him? Or would he have to go through some of the foliage to a hidden place to find her? Or would she be leading him elsewhere all together? He wasted no time and opened the hatch. After entering the room, he secured the hatch once more and looked about for his luscious query.

-Dawson, Intel

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