Holodeck 2- Phaser Tag (attn Ducante, Kleine)

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Posted by Lieutenant Shock (Chief of Security) in Holodeck 2- Phaser Tag (attn Ducante, Kleine)

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“Experience allows you anticipate the actions of others better. I’m inclined to go on the defensive and let them set the tone,” Calloway said, knowing that how one reacted to such a scenario revealed more than it might seem on the surface.

Shock nodded with assent. “So it is.”

Lt. Ducante had listened to the rules and the banter between the Ensign and the Lt. Comm. He followed Ensign Kleine as they ran to the starting point. As they loaded up their water source and weapons, he turned to the Ensign and asked, “You ready? What do you think they will do?”
Lt. Ducante, security

‘I am ready, i do not know what Commander Calloway will do but i think Lieutenant Shock will do logical things and i think the best way to take down Lieutenant Shock is by doing the onlogical.’ Jordy said.

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

Weapon in hand, Faye continued to survey their surroundings, using her incredible memory to paint something of an topographical map in her mind. Already she had calculated several possible outcomes for this exercise, but even as she took a sip of water and stashed the container into her supply belt she was looking for the unexpected actions, the outcomes she wasn’t yet predicting. “Tell me one thing about yourself that will help me understand how to be a partner in this exercise with you,” Faye said.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

What could he possibly reply to that? One thing about him that would make their team function better? How was he supposed to know what she lacked knowledge of, or of what she would think critical knowledge about Shock?

Perhaps it was an act of bonding that Calloway reached out for – humans would often share details about their lives as a way to become intimate and bond with one another. In matters of life and death, it would be even more important. Now, if this exercise should have any kind of ecological validity, it should be as if they were under some kind of act of aggression, and they would need to cognitively align themselves.

So what could he share? That he was strong, fast, creative? Surely Calloway would have picked up on that based on her knowledge of Vulcans in general, of Vulcans in Starfleet, of the requirements of becoming chief of security? So it had to be something deeper, more intimate.

What could he share?

Avoiding eye contact with Calloway, he inspected his weapons and calculated trigonometric trajectories from various positions on the arena.

“I wish to be a good teacher, a good leader, for these my junior officers. In my experience, humans rarely thrive under Vulcan command. It stifles their creativity – their greatest feeder of intelligence – and loyalty. That is the awareness and conflict in which I enter this exercise.”

Fair,” Faye said as her eyes continually took in their surroundings. “But security officers have to work with people of all backgrounds. They should get used to differences in opinion and approaches.”

It was a refresing take that Calloway gave. She seemed to be much more accepting of him and his Vulcan-ness than he had anticipated, much more so than any one else he had met on the crew before. He regretted starting an intense and important conversation with so little time to actually follow through with it. He simply nodded, “Quite so,”

He cast a quick look at Calloway, “I return the same question to you.”

– Lt Shock (COS)

“I have a high IQ for a Human and a near eidetic memory, but more importantly, my brain is often processing multiple tangents at the same time. It’s aways calculating odds and outcomes, looking for patterns. I can’t help it,” said Faye. “So sometimes my brain is five, six steps ahead of the current situation, and if you couple that with the social awkwardness that my disorder causes, people misunderstand my intentions and reactions, and it makes me hard to predict. But within that is a strength. I think outside the box because for me there is no box, Shock.”

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Shock appreciated the candour with which Calloway answered the question. There was honesty and a sense of vulnerability in her answer. He decided to remember what she had said.

“Thank you,” he replied. He did not have time to say much more, in only a few seconds the game would start. “I’d like to revisit this conversation at some other point. It has awakened important thoughts. But the game will start soon. Are you prepared?”

“That makes sense.” Lt. Ducante responded to the Ensign. “I suspect they will want to see our skills in action and they will think it’s logical to attack defensively and make us the aggressors first. Plus most Vulcans I know play more defense than offense first.” He continued talking to his partner.
Lt Ducante, security

A low-pitch, but in high volume, sound went through the “arena”, signalling the start of the game.

Shock loaded his gun. He was ready.

– Lt Shock (COS)

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‘Let’s win, so we just wait for them here? Jordy asked the Lt.

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

Shock found it fascinating that Kleine and Ducante hadn’t stormed off to fight him and Calloway – the “boys” were playing more defensive than he had expected. How come he had thought they would be more offensive in their game? He had hid behind a rock, peeked out and shot a laser beam off in the general direction of where he thought either of Ducante and Kleine might be.

Lt Shock (COS)

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