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She shook her head. “No, other than I’ve bene on my honeymoon the lat month, but our ship had excellent medical services and it should be status quo as far as my physical health. Still on my meds and the last dosage increase still seems to be good so no complaints there.”

Ben nodded as he tapped his scanner “Yes the Manhattan has a decent reputation, my uncle did a stint there as Chief of Science six or seven years ago, he spoke fondly of it”

“As well he should,” Faye said.

Scans would show that Faye was in remarkable health given the rest of her issues. The damage to her amygala had no changed, but neither had it progressed in any way. If anything, Faye’s brain had adapted given all the cognitive behavioural work she had done to reduce her reaction threshold. If anything showed it was the chemical signs of anxiety, which were not unusual with Faye, especially in the face of great changes in her life.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

A slight smile appeared on Ben’s face as he read the scans “Makes me wish I’d placed my focus in Neurology this does” He said mostly to himself “Well Commander you are in excellent health, I am a little concerned by your Norepinephrine and GABA levels, we’ll need to lower your anxiety levels, manage this before it becomes a problem” he nodded to himself as he spoke, “Do you have a preferred way of dealing with anxiety in your life?”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Calloway snorted. “Preferred is relative, but in order, Tess”-she patted the cat-” then yoga, gardening, therapy, and if all else fails, taking it all out on a punch or kick bags. Phaser range is okay too, but less physical. I find physical releases useful.” She almost quipped that her husband actually rated rather high, but she caught herself. It was one thing to make an inappropriate comment, but it was quite another in unfamiliar company.

Benjamin nodded at Faye’s description in an approving manner.

“I’m already on other meds, so adding to it is not ideal. The anxiety tends to be situationally based anyway.”

~Faye Calloway, CIO

That received a flat look from the tall Doctor “Quite” He shook himself back to a smile, this one more relaxed “Well then my prescription for you is to find some time to relax, unwind. I’ll have you return in a few weeks, two months at the latest for a checkup on those levels, see if there’s anything to be concerned about” He closed the scanner and pocketed it “You’re up on your prescriptions?” he asked, little more than a formality.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Faye’s brow furrowed slightly as her instincts told her something had shifted in the conversation and she couldn’t piece together exactly what. “Uh, yeah, though I’ll need a refill on my mood stabilizer next week.” Should she say something? Faye had already gotten off the on the wrong foot with some people here so was feeling a bit more sensitive to how she came across. “Have I said something wrong, Doctor Grey? If so, you should know I have a big mouth and I tend to rub people the wrong way.”

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Benjamin looked up, eyebrow raised and a surprised look on his face “Wrong, no.” he furrowed his brow and scratched his chin. He took a moment to consider before shaking his head “No nothing I can think of” He said earnestly “Perhaps I didn’t consider my sense of humor” He blinked “Or lack of it, I’m not certain which I possess” That did not seem to be a joke “I also never did have the greatest bedside manner, Commander.” He took a small pendant from around his neck, opened it, and seemed to smell the contents for a short moment then he smiled again “We have not gone of on the wrong foot, at least from where I’m standing”

Dr. Grey - CMO

She was sure there would be people who would laugh at the idea of her being an Intelligence officer, but there were different kinds of intelligence and information. Faye just happened to be weaker in understanding one particular area. She watched him inhale the scent though and could at least make the connection between the action and the detail in the file. “You too, huh? Different reasons, of course. I use a scent as one of my anxiety-reduction methods. I wear it on a chain as well.”

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Benjamin chuckled “Interesting, I have a condition akin to hyperosmia, hypersensitive sense of smell. When I start to know what people had for breakfast the day before I take a sniff” He shrugged “Although it does have a calming effect, overstimulation is not something you want from your medical chief.” He put the locket back under his uniform “Every person has a unique scent, a natural smell if you will. My own mind can sort through it because I have a near eidetic memory, without it I’d just smell real good” He smiled a nearly sardonic smile “Used to have this trick during the Academy, I’d wear a blindfold and tell whoever entered a room. Made for an excellent drinking game.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Faye grinned as she scratched the top of Tess’ head. “I bet it did. I have near eidetic memory too. Though mine tends allow me accelerated branched thinking. It works so fast that I can follow multiple probabilities from a single thought, nearly simultaneously. Which, speaking of memory stuff…” Calloway sighed and focused on petting Tess a bit more. “If we’re done the scanning portion of this little party, perhaps we can go speak somewhere more private?” There was no way n hell she was talking about her memory dumps out here.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Benjamin nodded, a look of interest on his face, eidictic memory was incredibly rare in humans especially adults, the odds of two serving on the same ship were incredibly. Even his cousin Jack, who was by far the more intelligent of the two, didn’t have Ben’s memory. “Of course, please follow me” He turned on his heels and walked towards his office.

Once inside he took a seat behind his desk and tapped a few commands on his console, the door to his office closed and the windows went opaque “Privacy mode” He explained with a slight smile “Now memory stuff?” he said, interest clear in his voice.

Dr. Grey -CMO


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