Sick Bay

Posted Nov. 28, 2022, 2:34 a.m. by Lieutenant Benjamin Grey (Chief Medical Officer) (Hjortur Ingi)

Posted by Civilian Khabal (Civilian) in Sick Bay

Posted by Lieutenant Benjamin Grey (Chief Medical Officer) in Sick Bay

Posted by Civilian Khabal (Civilian) in Sick Bay
Khabal walked into sick bay and looked around. He knew it was custom to go through a medical check up to make sure nothing was missed by decontamination.

Spotting an empty seat, he sat. He was towards the edge of the seat with his feet under him.

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Ben wasn’t planning on seeing any patients today, trying to catch up with his paperwork was enough for now but a strange new scent entering his sickbay distracted him from his work. He stood up from behind his desk and stuck his head out the door, looking for this stranger. After a moment eyes locked on a stranger sitting near the entrance to the medical bay. He cocked his head curiously, grabbed his coat and walked towards the alien “Can I help you?” He asked, putting on his polite work smile.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Khabal stood up.

He was 5‘7” and slender. Totally hairless and pale of skin. His dark eyes shimmered strangely in the light. His dark blue outfit was close fitting but loose enough to not restrict Khabal’s movements.

“I understand that it’s custom to be medically scanned when boarding a ship so here I am. I am Khabal.” he said with a slight bow.

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Benjamin blinked at the strange alien’s reply then blinked again as if to emphasize the first blink “Well it has less to do with custom and more to do with regulations” He said then took a half step back. He raised a hand, indicating a nearby biobed “If you’ll please follow me and have a seat” He turned on his heels but before he could walk more than a meter he paused “Ah yes, I am Doctor Benjamin Grey, Chief Medical Officer” He returned the bow.

Dr. Grey - CMO

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