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“As to my coffee I prefer it light and sweet. I have never had to make do with black due to supply issues because,” she paused and looked at Ros as if to finish her sentence.....” I am the supply officer.”

“You know black coffee isn’t just a supply shortage of milk, right?” Ros asked with a smirk. “Some people actually like to have their coffee taste like coffee instead of diluted with unnecessary additives. But I’ll give that purifier thing a pass,” he handed the PaDD back to Halsey. “I think we can handle a shoe or two being removed when needed.” Ros continuing grin was now accompanied by a wink.

“Oh I like coffee-flavored coffee but sometimes one bean choice makes it more like a weak tea. Cream and sugar hide bad beans because there is such a thing as a bad cup of Joe.” Most coffee drinkers joked that there was no bad coffee but there was and Halsey had had some. Most of the time it was alien races that felt like they could harness the power of the Earth bean in whatever brown water they passed for coffee. Pretty much all the time alien races were wrong in this endeavor.

“Then be grateful you ran into me hun. I don’t come with bad beans, and if I do, they are bad in the good way.” Ros smirked lightly and gave a very slight, almost imperceptible wink.

“Mr. Ros you are not a bad bean but I am positive you are probably more of a spicy pepper. You know the kind that you look at on a tray and think yum, that looks delicious but that first bite bites you back. So do you bite,” she asked casually looking over her cup with a slight smirk. Ros was easy on the eyes, maybe too easy. He could be the type that flirted for the fun of it without any substance behind it but then again there was a saying about judging a book by its cover. Akierl Ros however was someone Halsey would not mind flipping through a few chapters on before making any firm opinion on the man.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Ros replied just as casually. “For some people my spicy pepper might be too spicy perhaps, but I’ve had very few complaints so far. Then again, I don’t often come across people that can’t handle the heat so maybe it’s me that’s the picky one. How about you? Once you’ve taken the bite, do you swallow?” Leaning against the nearby console he looked at her as if her answer was keenly anticipated.

“Spitters are quitters,” Halsey said shrugging. “I mean what point is there to trying something unless you give it that old academy try right? Sometimes your first taste of something makes you want to wrinkle your nose up and spit it out however,” she held up a finger, “in the case of say Margheritas, the first sip makes you want to wretch and do that thing where your stick your tongue out and wave your head back and forth to flick off any tequila residue because it feels like your mouth is just on fire and the tequila has pooled at the bottom. If you commit and take a second sip, then you get the residual notes of the salt, the sweetness of the sugar, and sour of the limes mixed with the tequila. It makes the difference between some chicks saying they hate tequila and others wanting to name their firstborn child Jose. Cuervo is not your enemy. He is your friend and if you just spit and quit, you will never learn how absolutely fulfilling that relationship can be. I try to embrace life not quit on it even if it does bite me back.” Ros was a flirt however Halsey had not been playing prim and proper either with this delivery.

“So if I need anything brought on-board without any paperwork, you’re my girl. Got it.” Ros nodded in understanding.

Halsey let out a laugh and followed him toward his office. “My last ship made me a t-shirt that said Halsey Haulaways because I could always bring in the haul so in a nutshell I am your girl. You name it and I got my finger in or my network does.”

“You got anyone with an in to the Lupidian Snail racing scene? The latinum is going hot at the moment I hear. Asking for a friend.” Looking back at her, he smirked and opened the door, standing aside to let her go in first.

“No, but if you give me more info and what you need exactly I will deliver.” Pausing she looked at Ros and scrutinized him. The man was well built, well spoke, and entirely charismatic. She realized this all in the hot minute she had met him. She also was starting to see his sense of humor was well defined. To Halsey, this was the hallmark of a good superior officer. “Unless you are looking to start snail races which I would suggest hitting up the bio labs before sinking money into the Lupidian Snail racing scene. I mean it’s a snail. How much faster can a Lupidian snail be except when it is trying to run from a fork and a vat of butter?”

“You’ve never been Lupidian Snail racing before have you Halsey?” Ros asked her.

“Can’t say that I have but I did chase one around on a plate before. Never doing that again,” she let out a laugh, “although I am hoping we don’t have to eat the loser of the race. I would feel the guilt of even picking one for the win.”

“You’re gonna be in for a treat, it’s fun and I bet you’re the kind of woman that’ll try anything once for a good time. My treat for the next racing meet, interested?”

“As long as I am not eating last place....yes,” she said with a smile. Ros had a great smile. It was slightly flirty but also neutral enough that it made one wonder if it was directed to them for more than just a friendly gesture.

“Great, in that case I’ll make it a date. We’re in the vicinity of Lupida so I’m sure they won’t mind a small shore leave for a weekend of high speed, jaw clenching snail racing.” Ros paused and turned around to face her, leaning in close as he lowered his voice. “It’ll get your blood pumping.” Smiling as he leaned back again, he turned once more for his door.

“The snails or you,” she leaned back looking at him. Point and serve, she thought lobbing back a flirtatious smile. It had been a long time since she had free time. Being new on the Athena afforded her some playtime until things got busy.

As he walked he turned his head to the side to look at her sideways for just a moment. In that moment, the corner of his mouth and the one visible edge of his eyebrow both curved upwards in a grin that would make any rogue proud. The look seemed to answer everything, yet leave nothing answered, only anticipated. Ros knew it, too.

Arriving at his office, Halsey leaned in as if surveying the place. This was what she did expect, however. The office was exactly what she had expected from a chief engineer’s office.

Except for the desk in the center of the room, the office was mostly bare. Only one or two PaDD’s still ay on the desk, three or four more seemed to be lying to the side as if they had been pushed to the side when not needed. Two uncomfortable-looking chairs sat in front of the desk facing a comfortable-looking office chair behind it, and to the side was a replicator that was placed beside a large wall PaDD with a cut out schematic of the Athena on it. The room did have a number of shelves but most of these were empty, either denoting the man was fairly new to the ship, or had little need for decoration or home comforts. Around the shelves seemed to be scattered small nic nacs of almost meaningless value or gimmicky nature. Thumb cuffs, a pirate eye patch, shot glasses and an odd looking flute were representative of the kinds of things scattered around.

Walking over to the chairs, Halsey pressed down on the seat and let out a laugh. “You know I think a bed of nails would actually be more comfortable to sit on than these things. I will put in a purchase order for new chairs,” she waved it off as if her comment was in response to something Ros said. Glancing around the room, Halsey let her face settle into a look of deep contemplation. “I can also get you some images for the wall. You know like a kitten on a tree branch that says hang in there. You need some things to make this place feel more comfortable for you and the crew that come in. I have known my fair share of engineers and you all tend to spend more time in your office than your quarters so we will start here and then eventually move to your personal space unless you like this austere nature because I can tell you if I came in here to be evaluated I would not be relaxed and ready for your attention.”

“No germs, I swear. What do you think goes on during crew evaluations?”

“I don’t know but I am rather curious to find out. I am sorta imagining a science fair type thing where your officers bring in their experiments and a few of them go, poof, where you get that smoke ring around the mad scientist googles and your hair is all askew.” Halsey leaned against the door with a smirk spreading into a smile.

“It’s far less show and tell, mostly oral.” Ros shrugged casually.

Giving Ros a small smile, she moved in front of the large wall PaDD like they were back in primary school. Placing her hands behind her back she locked eyes with Ros. “My name is Brooklyn Halsey. I am 27 years old and a Scorpio. I like delivering mail and do it with a smile.” Turning her face she gave Ros a fake and cheesy smile. Pulling a PaDD from her back pocket, she held it out to Ros. “Now show me how much you like me by telling the Padd. Just sign at the bottom and it would really help for you to hit me with a five-star rating.”

“A what star rating?” Ros looked at the PaDD a second before turning it around so it was the right way up. “What the hell is this Halsey? A Gaggle review or something? You an ex-IFEA agent?”

“It’s something I created for myself. Starfleet doesn’t care but it just makes me feel better to say I give five-star service but I am gonna need your signature and you to color in those stars before I let you actually take ownership of the parcel. I may not look it, but I am wiry and will wrestle you to the ground for it.” Halsey winked at Ros and waited for him take the PaDD.

“Oh really? Good to know, I can add that to the list of Halsey tips and tricks then. 27, Scorpio, loves delivering great service with a smile and will destroy me if I don’t fill her star in. So how do I do it, just use my finger like this?” Ros looked at her and motioned with his head for her to come look.

Halsey rose on her toes and looked down at the PaDD in Ros’ hand. “Yep there you go. Just tap each star once until you get to all five.” She spoke slowly and in a slightly sing song encouraging tone as if coaxing the chief to cut the red wire before the bomb exploded.

Hitting each star in turn, Ros leaned on the door and tilted his head towards Fletcher. “You want the lad to bring the box?”

Ros, CE

“Um yeah. Just because I delivered it doesn’t mean I know what is in it and I am rather curious about you Mr. Akirel. Your Bajoran right so last is first and first is last?” Halsey did not wait but proceeded to move into Ros’ office and swipe a corner of his desk clear of PaDD’s. Patting it she let out a whistle as she tapped the desk and looked at Fletcher.

Brooklyn Halsey Quartermaster.

Fletcher placed the box where directed then gave Halsey a smile as he exited the room, and at the same time Ros was fetching coffee from the small exploratory in the office after placing the PaDD that Halsey had handed him on his desk, but on the edge closest to his chair.

“Yeah, my family name is Akirel (he pronounced it Ahh-kee-rell) and my given name is Ros. Call me Ros unless someone bigger is watching or you really want to use my rank.” The corners of his lips twitched in a smirk again before they relaxed as he worked the replicator.

“Got it. Higher food chain around and you are Ahh kee rell vs. the grease monkey crewman’s Ahh Keer eil.” Halsey could not help by work to stifle her grin. She was going to have fun with the man in front of her. Her mind briefly wondered how often and for how long he turned that sly smile and heart skipping gaze on the fairer sex. Since he was without any indication the was spoken for it was probably until the next sultry senior staffer or coy civilian batted their eyes back at him: yet for now she might toss batting her eyes into the rink.

That same smile that Brooklyn had just been thinking about shifted on to her again as she spoke his name in different ways. “Bit of a mouthful, I know. You’ll get used to it, trust me. If not, you can just use ‘Sir’ until you get the pronunciation right and learn to twist that tongue the right way around it.”

“Can I now,” she bit her lip and looked him up and down. “You mean like this. Sir,” she spoke with a rather pronounced drawl. “Tell me Sir,” she drew the last word out in a tone that would make any officer suddenly have the uncontrollable urge to salute her, “is this the pronunciation you are looking for or should I try harder?”

“What sort of question is that?’ Ros asked in a tone that sounded completely rhetorical, but his eyes copied what hers had done. “You should always try harder.”

That replicator had a small plaque above it that read If ye make anything other than coffee through this machine, may yer soul be cast to the monsters of the deep when ye walk the plank. Coffee only, don’t taint me coils with ye needless carbs.

“Creamer and sugar right?” Ros handed her an oversized cup of bean juice, while his own was a large metal flag on of pure black coffee, the aroma of Rhodes Foundation Roast number 5 strong from it.


The coffee smelled amazing. It reminded Halsey of the first whiff one had when waking up. It filled her with a sense of calm and happiness. Taking the cup she inhaled it deeply and let out a sigh. Raising it to her lips she paused and looked at Ros over the rim. “If I drink this are you going to make me walk the plank since I tainted your coils?” Ros seemed to be on the edge of flirting with her. Halsey thought she would lob one back. The man was easy on the eyes and if it went out of bounds so be it. Life was not lived if one colored in the lines.

“Yes, but I think I can handle my coil being tainted a little by you,” Ros didn’t bat an eyelid as he caught her lob. “If you asked for pumpkin spice latte though, you wouldn’t even get the pleasure of walking my plank, I’d probably just have to go straight to keel hauling you.”

“Ohhh can I be blindfolded while you hum a dirge matey,” Halsey added with a smile. Brooklyn whistled out a series of notes that sounded more like a trumpet being crushed by a trash compactor than the classic pirate tune one would associate with a dirge. The look on her face showed that on some plane of celestial existence she felt her rendition would pass for the tune was going for however it was not in the celestial existence Ros and her were standing in.

Sipping the coffee he held in one hand, Ros reached out and picked up the pirate eye-patch on the shelf. “Already prepared, can’t have a plank walking event without an eye-patch can we? The thumb-cuffs help to set the mood too but, hun, can we not go with that rendition of whatever tune that was, I have a feeling your songbird impression might kill that mood.”

“So what’s in the box,” she tried not to sound as eager as she felt. Ros was interesting and while it was probably just a wrench or some other engineering tool, Halsey was interested enough to risk the disappointment it would not something to tell her more about him.

Halsey Supply officer

“Nothing important,” he grinned wide now. “I’ll open it later away from prying eyes. A guy has to maintain an air of mystery don’t you think? I mean what if its’ only a box of hand made socks from my mother? A guy has a reputation to maintain right?” With a laugh, Ros sat on the edge of his desk facing her.

“You might go up a few points on the bring him home to momma scale if it is socks and you wear them,” Halsey taunted them.

“Oh I am not the kind of guy you bring home to momma, trust me.” Ros laughed, “Really, the only time I have ever been brought home to momma resulted in me being assigned to a ship on the opposite side of the quadrant. It wasn’t momma that had the issue, it was the father. That’s not the kind of pre-date info that someone would normally share, I know, but you did ask earlier if I bite.” There it was again, that slow smile on his lips. Ros was enjoying the conversation, the woman was clearly intelligent and social, outgoing and not afraid of being herself. Looking ot the side, he picked up the PaDD with her review on it once more and looked at it for a moment.

“That is because you have never had a momma you needed to impress or worry about not being impressed by you. One day Mr. Ros someone is going to stroll you into a room and that smile thing you have got going,” she made a swirling motion with her finger at his face, “will be a little less hell yes I am bumping ulgies with your hot as hell daughter and a little more god please like me because it is going to be a long fifty years if you don’t because I am not going anywhere.” Ros was definitely a confirmed bachelor however that did not mean he wanted to be a player for the rest of his life. Only time would tell Halsey if his charisma was due to playing the field or searching for someone in it.

“What about you, Halsey.” Ros leaned forward and placed his elbow on his knee as he spoke, taking a drink of his coffee. “What was the last thing you received, yourself? Not for anyone else here but just you? You look like the kind of girl that collects something.” As he said that, his eyes shifted to the box she had brought him then back to her again. She probably would love what was in the box but now wasn’t the time to open it. He could do that later and for now, he was more interested in opening the first few layers of what made Halsey tick.

Akirel Ros

“Stars,” she shot back immediately eyeing the PaDD she had given to Ros. “Specifically five. I love stars. Like Luuuuuuuvvvv ‘em.” Jerking her head to the right she gave him an encouraging smile as if daring him to try something new and exciting. “Go on. Give it a try. See how it feels. Betcha it will make you feel good,” she taunted him with a sing song voice.

Halsey Quartermaster

“Oh you think so? Feel good huh? Lets see now. Yep, I think that’s about it. And I sign down below right? Just here.” Writing on the PaDD, this time Ros didn’t let Brooklyn see what he was doing before he switched it off and looked up at her, coming to his feet.

Halsey held out her hand and her face bore a confused expression when he did not let the PaDD go as she tried to take it from him. “Um Ros, what are you doing,” she replied as she felt him tug enough that her fingers lost its grasp on the device.

“I’m not so sure you should see what I wrote, I feel like you aren’t someone who accepts criticism very well. I should hang onto this to spare your feelings.” Ros bit his lip lightly as if thinking and then nodded, quickly sliding the PaDD into his back pocket as he did and standing with the back of his thighs against the desk so that she couldn’t easily get behind him.

“Criticism?” Her voice broke as if she were a middle school-aged boy going through puberty. “I would absolutely take criticism well if I deserved it but I am top-notch baby. You will never meet someone more dedicated to meeting your needs than me so,” she waggled her fingers on her extended hand, “give it.”

“Does it make you crazy not knowing how many stars I gave you? Does that anticipation make you feisty? You didn’t answer my question, what was the last thing you received?”

Akirel Ros

“Foam filler,” she replied without missing a beat. “The packing material Starfleet uses has seen a 20 % decrease in fragile items making to their destination so I get my own. Now about that PaDD in your back pocket, I am really gonna need that back.” Leaning her head to one side and then the other, Halsey stretched her head and then shoulders as if she were about to start a PT course. Reaching down she grabbed the toe of her boot stretching her quads. “You might be taller with a few pounds on me but I am wiry and really really flexible so are we gonna do this the hard way or the harder way.”


“See now you just have me curious as to what the harder way is exactly.” Ros tilted his head and looked at her with one eyebrow slightly raised. Reaching back over the desk, Ros hit a button and the door behind Halsey opened into Main Engineering. It wasn’t far behind her, but far enough that Ros could make a clean getaway if he could step around her. “But you are still avoiding telling me what you got, that wasn’t for work. You really suck at customer service.”

Of all the things to rile up a person, Ros hit her sensitive spot. “Oh, I suck at a lot of things but not customer service. Trust me.” Folding her arms she looked at him like a parent about to chastise a small child. “People love me. I give service with a smile and always deliver.”

“Tell me Halsey.” Ros began to walk sideways angling slightly towards the door but keeping his front towards her. All he needed was a clear path. “Would you consider yourself better in endurance or sprint?”

Ros, CE

Halsey looked him up and down. Clearly, the CE was used to a certain type of officer; however, she was a very different officer. The door opening behind her meant Ros was either going to make a run for it or dismiss her. Since she was not going to be dismissed and the man was already trying to surriptioulsy head to the door, Halsey could connect the dots. “I see myself more of a line backer,” she said off hand before diving towards Ros’s middle section. He was not the first person she ever had to take down in her job. She might be small but she was also wirey.


Halsey exploded into action and Ros’ smile broke into a grin as he instinctively hunched forward slightly to recieve the tackle.

He didn’t pause once he made the move though, instead he pushed off the ball of his right foot and spun on the heel of his left, shuffling the left across once the right foot landed so his back was facing where Halsey had been standing.

His left hand swung down, making firm but gentle contact with the side of her head. It was more of a guiding touch than a push, and it guided her rocketing form directly towards the open door.

“Sir did you want me to…” The voice of Fletcher floated through at that exact same moment, followed by the man’s slim, weedy frame. A target that the linebacker Halsey was now perfectly lined up to tackle.


The impact was nonavoidable as Halsey flew into his midsection with all the grace and force of someone stopping the game-winning touchdown. The stack of PaDD’s Fletcher was holding loosely flew into the air and began to rain down like projectiles clattering around their forms. “Oh my god what is wrong with you,” Fletcher said propping up on his elbows. “You might be cute but you are psycho.”

His comment made Halsey burst into laughter as she stood up straightening her uniform shirt and extending a hand to Fletcher. “The jury is out on the first question but I see myself more as determined and committed.”

Turning to look at Ros, Halsey did not come back for a second attempt. Instead, she leaned against the rails and looked him up and down. “When you exit your office you are mine and don’t think I am one of those women with a weak bladder or distracted by irrelevant things. My first job in high school was serving people and I don’t mean food and drink. You got to get pretty creative when you work for the legal offices and have the patience of Job. You might think you can wait me out but not gonna happen.” Making a waving gesture at Fletcher, she indicated for the man to deal with Ros and she would wait her turn.


“Oh no, no no no.” Fletcher shook his head and backed away. “I can come back later, it’s not important anymore.”

“I’ll come and find you, Fletch.” Ros waved a half-salute in his direction. “Well done by the way, that was a good hit. You would make a good quarterback during Holodeck Superbowl.”

Turning to Halsey, Ros walked towards her and laughed. “Okay, if you’re going to target my team for extermination, you’ve convinced me to let you have it,” he took the PaDD out of his back pocket and handed it to her. “That was impressive, by the way. Good focus, great body position, and total commitment. I like that in a woman.”

“You have no idea about my commitment to see things through, Thor,” she straightened her shirt. Ros may not have realized Halsey had just dubbed him with a new moniker but he would learn soon enough. Reaching for the Padd, it was removed as her fingertips brushed his.

“But,” he snatched the PaDD back out of her reach just as she was about to take it, “you can’t read the comments until you leave my Engineering room. You might get, feisty, and you wouldn’t want to look unprofessional would you, Halsey?” Holding the PaDD between finger and thumb, he dangled it in front of her but just out of easy reach, though he made no move to take it away again.


“I was a Process server as my first job when I was sixteen. My dad thought it was a good test of my commitment to the delivery industry. I won the best employee every month I worked for the sheriff’s department and yes,” she held up a hand as if Ros was going to protest, “there are plaques and awards to prove it.” Crossing her arms, she looked Ros up and down.

Ros stood still, the slight smirk on his lips as he felt her eyes measuring him. Still, he dangled the PaDD. “You were the only employee weren’t you?” He asked her. “Small town right? Was your Dad the Sheriff?”

“I am thinking I might need a drink to deal with you. I found you so you can find me. Meet me at 8 o’clock at the bar,” she said turning around. There were several different bars on the Athena. It would not be impossible to find her but it would take a bit of effort.

“You never know, you might be the one meeting me at the bar.” He countered, not refusing the offer at all. In his mind he was thinking of the comm-badge she wore, and the fact he had access to the ships site-to-site transporter system. If Ros had learned one thing from life, it was that playing fair was for losers. If you had an advantage, use it, otherwise it wasn’t an advantage, it was a weakness.

Turning around she walked backward looking at the CE standing at the door to his office. “Oh and,” she plucked her comm badge off her shirt. “Since I am going to be off duty I am not going to need this.” Winking at him she spun around and plowed directly into Fletcher again who once again was carrying things that were balanced precariously in his hands.

As Fletcher crashed to the ground once more, Ros decided that he needed to teach that young man what a basket was, how not to walk up close to people that didn’t know you were there and the benefit of working smarter, not harder. He didn’t reply to her comment, simply smiled wide as her challenge was placed.

As the items clamored to the ground the words, “what is wrong with you,” echoed in the main engineering.

Halsey Quartermaster

As Halsey walked out the door, Ros looked at the PaDD that was still in his hand. Tapping it against the palm of his other hand, he pursed his lips in thought for a moment. He had an idea, and as it formed into a solid plan, he smiled. Beside him, Fletcher was still picking up the scattered tools and parts.

Ros, CE

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