The Parthenon- Mothers Always Know

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Marishka had everything ready to go but had noticed that the two women seemed to have an exchange of some kind. She thought that perhaps that was just how less destructive families interracted. When there seemed to be a lul in the conversation she returned wit their orders and unobtrusively set everything down.

  • Marishka

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Kingston smiled warmly at Marishka with a nod. “It looks great. Give our thanks t the kitchen,” she said sincerely.

As the two woman tucked into their lunches, a easy silence fell over the table. At least for a few minutes until Joana spoke up. “You know why your mom struggles with you out here, yes?”

Janna nodded. “Because her mother was enlisted in Starfleet and was never around and they don’t have much of a relationship. And her father died when she was thirty-eight. Psychologically, she deals with abandonment issues and my being away reinforces that and forces her to confront her strained relationship with Dianne.”

Joana smirked. “Oh so clinical.”

Janna scoffed. “As if you haven’t described it in your head practically the same way.” She twirled her fork in her fingers and leaned forward, careful not to lean on her food. “But I am not Dianne.”

“She knows that, we both do.”

Janna searched her mother’s face but it was that deep knowing inside that spoke more strongly than her keen observations. “And yet, it bothers you that I don’t share a lot about my life here, even if you’re secretly relieved. Because you know you can’t handle hearing the hard stuff because Mom would feel it too strongly and you don’t want to have to pick up the pieces if I break her heart like it has been already.” She stabbed a bit of lettuce in her salad and popped it in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Joana stared at her daughter hard, almost in disbelief. Yes, her daughter had a doctorate in psychology and knew how to read people, but this was different. So very different. It sent a strange feeling up her spine and she wasn’t sure how to process it. “What is going on with you?” she asked quietly, brow furrowed in concern.

~Janna & her Mama

It was at this point that Orvos was making his way to the Parthenon for a bite of food. Sure, he could have gone to the replicator in either his office or quarters, but truth be told he was sick of fixing them. He was no longer the chief engineer, and had no desire to tinker about with keeping any replicator working. He was lost in thought as he entered and made for an empty table.

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

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Janna met her mamae’s gaze and flushed, like she had been found out. Sometimes it was so intrinsic a response that she didn’t even noticed she was reading people. “I…” And then her intuition registered his response and Janna also knew that Orvos would be aware of this flip flop in her as well, this deep knowing and sudden panic.

Orvos’s could almost hear the the panic around him as he looked up and turned towards her and who he was now surmising were related to her. Parents perhaps? An eyebrow flicked up in curiosity. He was fully aware of her connection with him, the feelings not flowing from her towards him. He put on the poker face of being simply…the captain.

It was childish, yes, she knew that, but Janna couldn’t help seeking out Orvos in the crowd, letting their connection ping with a giant flashing arrow above his head that said “I am here’. She broke into a small smile and waved him over. Saved by the captain? One could hope. At least then she wouldn’t have to answer her mother’s inquiry.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

“Well, well who do we have here, Janna?” he inquired with a grin and offered hand to the ladies. He absolutely noticed his slip of using her first name, but perhaps it would be taken as a mistake for being off duty?

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

She smiled warmly at him. Janna gestured to the dark-haired woman before her. “Captain Orvos Legen, I’d like you to meet Dr. Joana Silva, one of my mother’s,” she said as if it were just an everyday occurrence. “Mamãe, Captain Legen.”

Delight touched her brown eyes and Joana reached out to offer her hand. “A pleasure to meet you, Captain. I must say it’s not been very often that we’ve ever got to meet any of Janna’s crewmates, let alone her captain.”

~Janna & Joana

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