Holosuite 4 - Calls Home Are Odd When You Never Had One

Posted Jan. 21, 2023, 12:37 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay B)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Hammor / Calloway Quarters - Calls Home Are Odd When You Never Had One

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) in Hammor / Calloway Quarters - Calls Home Are Odd When You Never Had One
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Alex chuckled. =/\= Oh, it would be most unpleasant, I can assure you.” he said with a grin. “Probably something like sober karaoke or poem recitations from the collected works of some obscure Pakled poet.” and he chuckled. “Go on, Commander. And enjoy your happiness. That’s an order, too. =/\= he said and smiled at her.

Fleet Captain Cochrane, CO, USS Manhattan

“Geez, pushy aren’t we with that extra pip?” she deadpanned. Faye snapped out a salute, which was almost always irreverent. “Yes, Sir, going now Sir.” Faye leaned in and studied him more seriously. “You’re allowed to be happy too, Alex. Don’t forget that in all natural chaos of running a ship in the Delta Quadrant. If it applies to me, if most definitely applies to you.”

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Alex smiled a rueful smile. “Geez, pushy ain’t we with that husband?” and a laughed softly. “I’ll keep it in mind. Take care, Faye. Don’t be a stranger.” and he waved and let comms close.

Cochrane, CO, USS Manhattan

Faye chuckled as the screen went dark and was replaced by the Starfleet emblem. She spun in her chair, giving Tess a pat as she got up. “Dag?” she called out.

“I’ve been ordered to to go the holodeck, do you believe that?” she said. “I thought he was done giving me orders when I was reassigned.” But Faye also loved it, and their usual banter. It was a strangely grounding thing to have right now when she was still settling in here and so much was in flux.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Daggum looked up from his comic and said “He’s a Fleet Captain now. Pretty sure he gets to order almost everybody… regardless of their physical location.” and he laughed. “Besides, if he didn’t pull rank on you at least once while you two were talking, I’d think he was sick or something.”


Faye couldn’t help but think what Alex would do if they ever were the same rank at the same time and the implications of that very idle thought hit so swiftly it made Faye stagger a little and have to lower herself to the couch beside her husband. “Whoa…” she said. But she wasn’t alarmed, just… curious, her brain tripping down pathways that never would have been possible in previous phases in her life. What was she seeing herself as now, Commodore Calloway? Fates help her.

He looked at her, but didn’t say anything. He just a big green hand on hers.

Her breath caught in her throat as she looked over at him. “I think I better go to the holodeck now and get my brain out of that scary rabbit hole it just went down,” she said, leaping to her fleet and spinning as she walked backwards. “Because a future where there is a Commodore or Admiral Calloway gives me all sort of shivers down my spine and kind of makes me want to throw up.”


Daggum laughed and said “Oh yeah… Gods forbid we have brass that actually gives a damn about how the personnel are treated. What an absolute travesty.” and he grinned. “Go on, hun. Go get that done and then come back. We’ll figure out what dinner is gonna be.” and he shooed her off the couch.


Tess was in action as her person went through a drastic flux of emotions. Faye just patted Tess’s head and took a steadying breath as she shot Daggum a disgruntled look. “Being an Admiral is your thing and you’re more than welcome to it.”

Leaving their quarters, Faye felt so weirded out by what amounted to a funny moment where Alex couldn’t technically use his rank against her. It was meant as a joke, not something to seriously consider. Can’t I just focus on one bloody milestone at a time? She needed to complete her command training and eventually be put into a position to make use of it. Ideally as XO at some point in the future. Captain Calloway was a person she had gotten comfy with. Right now there was no room in her head for anything past that.

Or so she told herself.

Checking the holographic facility schedule, she saw that Holosuite 4 was free and booked herself in to see whatever it was the Alex was so keen on her seeing after she had expressed how much she missed the Manhattan. It was a strange point of loneliness for her, not because Dag wasn’t enough (he was such an important part of her life), but she felt that somehow admitting to the people here that while she was excited for this new phase of her life a part of her wished she could go back to the Delta Quadrant would be seen as somehow disloyal. And given the distrust she had already been subjected to, Faye was loathe to give them further fodder.

Stepping into Holosuite 4, she had the computer activate whatever program it was that Alex had in place for her. More training simulations no doubt.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

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