George Haroon Reporting for Boarding Psych Exam

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The Ensign stepped out of the turbolift, adjusting his uniform. He still wasn’t used to the Mythology class, but he would get used to it in time.

He walked up to the doors to the counselor’s office and hit the chime. Then he stood there, waiting. He sighed and tried to loosen himself up before entering.

Ensign George Haroon (Science)

“Relax,” came a voice from close by, but slightly behind him. If he looked, he would see that the voice belonged to a tall Bajoran wearing the yellow of Engineering and the pips of a Lt Commander. Holding a tricorder and wearing the standard tool kit on his waist, the man appeared to be simply passing by. “They only start to ask tricky questions if you look nervous, its’ a Counselor thing. Smile, sit comfortably and enjoy the chat. Its’ not like the Academy Counselors where they are actively looking for weakness, you already passed, here they just want to say hello.”
The ensign startled and looked behind him. “Oh… Thanks for the advice.” He said, adjusting his uniform, and trying his best to relax.
He had paused for a moment as he spoke and then appeared to keep walking before pausing again and looking back to the Ensign. “Oh! Say Hi to the receptionist for me and compliment her smile. If you haven’t ever seen a room light up when someone smiles, wait till you see hers. Akirel Ros, Chief Engineer.” The Bajoran held out a hand in greeting.

Lt Cmdr Akirel, CE

He extended his own hand in return. “Ensign George Haroon, I’m a science officer.” He said, although in hindsight his blue uniform probably gave that away. “And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to compliment her smile.”

Ensign George Haroon (Science)

There was in fact no chime, since on the large Mythology-classship, with so many crew to manage the needs of, the Athena was fortunate to have a mental health team. The Counselling Suite comprised of six offices, so when he approached the door, it simply slid open to admit him into the half-moon shaped space. The door faced the central reception desk where a Risian Ensign sat working away.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

The Ensign blinked, realizing he had now stood in front of an open doorway for about 2 minutes thinking it was closed. He straightened up, tried to ease his tension more, and walked up to the Risian at the desk.

“Hello.” he said, mustering a relatively kind voice even through all the tenseness. “I am Ensign George Haroon, reporting for my psych exam.” This he said trying to sound professional, though he had to admit he clearly wasn’t very good at it.

Ensign George Haroon (Science)

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