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It was a routine patrol, nothing to worry about, not much to do. The USS Athena had been drifting from place to place for months without much action. Arriving at their next stop, just outside the Ion Nebula, sensors immediately detected a ship. The design was unfamiliar, not federation or Romulan, or Klingon, or Borg, or any group they had previously encountered. Despite the ship’s seemingly perfect condition, power at full, life support on, not even a scratch on the hull. Even despite that, it was empty. Not a soul was onboard.


Lt. Matthias Meadows brought the ship to a full stop at the helm as ordered. The captain wasn’t on the bridge when he picked up on sensors a ship of unfamiliar design in the vicinity. “Sensors are picking up a ship nearby, ma’am. Totally alien design, appears to be in working order, but we’re not detecting any life aboard. Seems in fine condition though.” He took another look to see if there were any other ships in nearby. Warp trails would be a good indicator. He also looked over the scans once more to get the relative size and configuration of the vessel.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helm

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There were no warp trails, but there was a faint sign of a brief burst of chroniton particles.

“No warp trails nearby. I am detecting bursts of chronitons though.” stated Meadows at his station. As other were hopping to their tasks, he let off on the sensor readings and focused on the position of the Athena.

Serena let out a soft curse under her breath. Chronitons. Wibbly-wobbly time-wimey shenanigans.

Serena frowned. “I take it we haven’t received any distress calls,” she asked. In the intervening months since joining the ship, the Lieutenant Commander settled in. Working day in and day out with the bridge crew and senior staff had become much more easy and routine.

No distress calls, or any chatter out of the ordinary had passed through.

Glancing over at the sciences station she inclined her chin. “Is there anything from the nebula we need to be concerned about?” She applauded Mister Meadows quick use of the lateral sensor arrays, the real experts in their use were up. Look before you leap.

The nebula was not going to present an immediate concern.

“Let’s go to yellow alert for the moment. We’re not in danger, but I want to be ready in case this is a trap. And I’d rather not wind up a ghost ship ourselves.” She’d give it a minute before they bothered Captain Legen with the matter, though he’d have to be notified soon.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

Yellow lights replaced the static green that normally rested at the corners of the bridge. The strange ship merely sat there, and waited.


The Ops Chief began scanning the ship in detail. “Scanning for metallurgical signature, Commander. That may help narrow down point if origin.” Hammor also began mapping the interior of the vessel and tracing power supply source and distribution.

Hammor, Ops

While the ship was absolutely unknown in design, it was metallurgically not entirely dissimilar to modern Starfleet craft. There were a few small differences, but all signs pointed to it coming from a Starfleet Shipyard.


A ship at red alert meant many things for different officers and crew, but for someone in Intelligence it meant something had changed from nominal and required attention. Could she have just checked things from her office? Of course. But part of her command training was putting herself where the action as much to be a part of it as it was to observe how others in command handled things. Her brain did osmosis particularly well.

The panels and displays only showed yellow alert.

Calloway slipped onto the bridge, her dark brown hair swept up into a twist at the back of her head (a more formal style she was playing with) and wearing her usual expression of curiosity. The CIO said nothing, but moved from key station to key station simply glancing at the readings. She stood next to Hammor and peeked, the tell tale crease in her brow indicating his wife was seeing puzzle pieces. She gave him a small look and then moved off to her own station.

Faye settled in and tapped her index finger on the edge of the console. Starfleet materials and a chronitons. Crap. “Any signs of subspace phenomenon, residual anomalies?” Calloway called over to the science station.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

What science detected could best be described as a ripple. There were more residual chronitons and space itself… just didn’t look right.


“Maintaining distance from vessel, Commander. We’re not running directly at her, but if we have interference with Chronitons out there, maybe we ought to come to a complete stop?” stated Meadows. While he figured maintaining distance was good enough, a complete stop wouldn’t be out of the norm for safety concerns.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helm

“Let’s hold this position,” she said, not liking the shape of things just yet. “Let’s get a better picture of the area around that ship first. Full spectrum scanning. Last thing we need is to get sucked into a temporal anomaly or chronometric distortion that sends us back to the dinosaurs or into the thirty second century because we hit a tripwire or stepped in a hole.”

“Let’s queue up a probe too, in case we want to get a look at it from another angle,” she added.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

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