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OOC: Shot glass with a heavy bottom.

Meadows put up his hands. “I wish I could say that the junior officers assigned to cleaning up and getting your quarters in order had done a stellar job, but the truth is they’ve taken quite some time. Last minute orders and all got everyone all screwed up I think. They’re nearly done. It was my hope to give you some basics of the ship and help you unwind before showing you to your new quarters. If you prefer to be doing work though, I could leave you to it. Once I get a call that your quarters are finished, I can escort you?” he said, also taking the same shot to try. He closed his eyes. Marishka’s descriptions were often times very accurate.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helm

IC: Marishka had been listening to the conversation and wondered if she might be able to assist the situation.

“You might think this establishment is very public and you would be right of course but, I have ways of ensuring for the utmost privacy. If you need a quiet place to do some work for a while, I can set you up somewhere where no-one will bother you for a few hours.” she offered.

  • Marishka

Serena shook her head, then let out a small sigh. Taking a moment to regroup, her shoulders visibly dropped as she relaxed a few notches. “It’s alright. Things are usually not so up in the air. War-time operations, sure. But we’re not at war, last I checked.” She flashed both of them a small smile. “I like to stay not just on top of things but ahead of things. And I’m just feeling very behind.” She shrugged one shoulder. “I’m probably not as behind as I think.” She didn’t sound quite convinced as she let out another heavy and decompressing sigh.

Mentally she ticked through her to-do list. All the senior staff and departments were running alright as far as she knew. Security and Intel seemed squared away. That was good. She’d gotten a lot a lot of her personal agenda taken care of. All the urgent items were done. All the delegation items had been handed off. Most lower priority things were either handled or queued for the next few days.

She relaxed another notch. There really wasn’t much more she could reasonably do, and actually required a block of social time and also recovery time before rack ops. “Unless something hits the fan in the next few hours, everything seems to be on track.” A moment later a small smile tugged at the corners of her lips again. “I do think a swim is a good idea, but maybe after some food and letting that settle for a while.”


Marishka motioned again to the plate of hors d’oeuvres.

“New places can always be a bit disorienting I suppose. As for food, if you’d like a full menu I can arrange to have one brought for you.”

  • Marishka

Matthias offered an innocent smile. “We can chat while we eat,” he said in reply to the commander. Turning to Marishka he added, “A menu would be great.”

Serena had been about to ask for one, but Matthias beat her to it so she simply gave an approving nod.

He then eyeballed the shots and glanced up at Serena curiously.

“So, how’d you get picked for the Athena?” he asked curiously.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helm

“Firing squad,” she replied immediately, but broke out into a grin that lit up her face. It only seemed to last a moment.

Matthias chuckled. “Higher ups are getting more and more creative these days,” he said.

“Really I think it was luck of the draw. Or they were scraping the bottom of the barrel. At least for choices for the Athena. Something like a Brazen-class, I could see. A smaller destroyer for my first executive officer position would make sense. Here the security and tactical team has more personnel on it than the entire crew of a destroyer. So it may just be temporary. Ooorrr,” she drug the word out, “it might just be that someone up top has a lot of faith in me. Who? I have no idea. When this operation is over I might have to do some sniffing around.”

“Unless you have a better idea,” she asked, studying him.

Stone, XO

The helmsman put up his hands. “Whoa there, I’m not brass so I their creativity is beyond me to fair. Just a lowly helmsman here. But, based off of what I’ve seen, bottom of the barrel isn’t the type of person who ends up in command of the Athena. Someone probably thought you could handle it, or the challenge would help somehow. Oooorrr,” he said, dragging out the the word in similar fashion. “Maybe someone in brass has a crush on you and wanted to make sure you were on one of the best ships in the fleet?” Matthias shrugged his shoulders and gave her a teasing grin.

“More than likely, you’ve earned it. So congratulations!” he said as he raised another shot.

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helsman

While they were talking Marishka signaled to one of the passing wait staff and plucked a menu from their tray. She handed it to the Commander with a smile.

“Now Commander, I’m just the lounge coordinator or, lowly bartender if you will. I certainly don’t know how the brass make their decisions.”

She paused for perhaps a few seconds too long and gave a mischievous smile.

“If you want my opinion, I think the crush angle is just as good as any. That is out official menu. Anything you see there is available any time but, feel free to go off script and challenge our culinary staff any time.”

  • Marishka

The crush angle brought on by both of them reddened her already slightly ruddy complexion. “Oh I doubt that,” she said, but couldn’t quite keep a smile off her face. She quickly matched the helmsman’s shot, and dropped the glass back onto the table. Clearing her throat a little she studied the menu. “Anything that’s particularly good or your staff is fond of,” she asked Marishka.

Stone, XO

Marishka leaned in and scanned for a few seconds.

“Well, if memory serves, I have Chef Jean in the kitchen right now and he makes this really good spicy soup. He says the roots are from somewhere on Earth but, when you start adding spices from across the known galaxy it becomes quite the taste adventure. You’re not allergic to any types of fish are you?” she asked.

  • Marishka

Serena shook her head. “No, not that I’m aware of,” she mused. The soup idea sounded intriguing. “I’ll give that a shot, maybe with a nice side salad. And a nice bread or maybe breadsticks or something on the side for a little more filler.” She flashed the olive-skinned woman a bright smile. At the thought of an actual meal, her stomach quietly rumbled it’s demands for food and she realized she really was famished. The day had been hectic and busy and only now when she slowed down to pay attention to her physical needs were they becoming apparent. The rest had been fueled by caffeine and stubbornness.

Stone, XO

Marishka motioned one of the waiters over and spoke quietly for a few seconds. Smiling, she turned back…

“Anything for you good Steward?” she asked Matthias.

  • Marishka

Serena, like Marishka, waited for the helmsman’s answer. At the same time, she couldn’t help but wonder what the lady was up to. hopefully it was good. She took a deep breath and let it out slow. Trust. Suspicion was her native language as a career security officer. She doubted the lady was up to anything nefarious. Instead she seemed to delight in playing host. It was, after all, her turf. Serena could at least put on a brave face. And besides, Miss Kingston had advised she give people a chance. Breathe. Relax. Everything’s fine.

Stone, XO

The helmsman turned steward grinned. “You have that cheesy potato soup from the other day? That stuff was great! I would happily take some of that.”

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helsman

“If you’d like I can have vat delivered to your quarters once a week.” Marishka said with a smile.

Matthias chuckled. “Please do!”

As she was talking, one of the wait staff and two other people approached. The older man was wearing engineering colors and the younger, looking to be about sixteen, followed behind trying not to blush. Marishka handed their orders to the waiter and turned to the Engineer.

“Good evening. I’m so glad you made it.”

The man smiled and stepped aside for his son. He was a tall lean young man who’s mother must have been a Betazoid because his father was obviously Human. The young man cleared his throat and made an effort to speak.

“You’re certain I can still use the piano ma’am? It’s alright if you say no, I’m certain we can replicate something.” he said.

Marishka interrupted him.

“Absolutely not, this piano was left as a gift by our last Captain and I am certain she would be pleased to have you use it for your exam. We will definitely be graced by your talent. Have you met Commander Stone?” she asked them both.

  • Marishka

Serena quickly got to her feet. “Good evening,” she said pleasantly. “Unfortunately things move fast at times in Starfleet. I’m the new executive officer, Lieutenant Commander Stone. You’ll have to excuse me. I haven’t gotten to review all the personnel files yet.” She gave the Engineer a look that was both apologetic and expectant. An invitation to introduce themself and their charge.

Stone, XO

Both men smartly saluted and the elder began speaking.

“Welcome to the Athena LtCdr.. I’m Lt. Jordan and this is my son Seth. We are here this evening to use the piano because my son is taking his final exam for the Sydney Classical Music Program on Earth and this is the first part.” he said respectfully.

Seth nodded and smiled in agreement.

  • Marishka (et al)

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” Sarena said.

“Dinner and music, eh?” he said with a hint of laughter. “We look forward to hearing it!”

-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helmsman

The redhead nodded, flashing a bright smile. “Indeed. We’d be honored.” The notion of a performance like this was kind of a rare thing for her. Her last posting had a few performers, musicians, and entertainers on the crew. But on smaller escort vessels, and combat vessels of the line they were fewer and far between. The Parthenon was a luxury by comparison. It seemed that performances like this were more common on the Athena, especially in the Parthenon. “I suppose this is a side benefit to transferring to the Athena,” she mused to their host.

Stone, XO

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