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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Serena Stone (Executive Officer) in Business As Usual - CNS Office - Tag Kingston
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Janna nodded. “That sounds like a great idea. It’s a beast of a ship and I bet you’ll not only get perspectives you wouldn’t have otherwise, but you might find out about some interesting places.”

“Take a deep breath right now and tell me how you feel in this moment about this ship and your role here.” Janna was curious if anything had changed from when Serena had first stepped in, but also it was a reminder for the woman to check in with herself.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

If one were to take a before and after photo of the woman, they would notice her shoulders were visibly relaxed in comparison. She did as bidden and took another deep breath. Or rather took air in, then took another pulse of air in, before letting it out in a slow sigh. The neurological sigh, but as she did she seemed to relax a little more. A moment later she nodded. “A little more centered,” she mused. “I suppose a lot of it is …” She trailed off then broke into a smile, though her gaze had fallen and drifted to the side as she went internal again. Processing.

Janna simply observed, waiting for Stone to find her way when she was ready.

A moment later she seemed to come back, a little chagrined, but overall she seemed to have let go of another layer of stress. “I need to get a better handle on that pattern… habit.. thing.” She tilted her head, regarding Janna thoughtfully, chewing her lower lip. It wasn’t hard to feel the redhead contemplating a question.

Serena Stone, XO

“We can work on building those habits, but tell me what’s happening just now. What words are sitting there, asking to be said?” Kingston said.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

She nodded. “It’s just patterns of worry, anxiety. I suppose most of what comes to mind will probably never come to pass. But if it does, then I also suppose I am prepared. It works well in security matters. Because anything I can think of, so too can someone else who acts with malevolence in mind. Looking to hard my ship, my crew.” She shook her head. “But now there’s the larger picture to consider. And it requires that I be more open to the idea that mistakes and problems arise, not out of malevolence but ignorance or stupidity. Not to call anyone stupid, but people will sometimes do dumb things because of lapses in judgement.” She shrugged. “It requires that I trust that most everyone has good intentions. Rather than looking for negative intent all the time. It’s kind of a completely different switch in mindset. Which means old patterns need to be unlearned. Which will take time. How much? I have no idea.”

Lt Cmdr Serena Stone, XO

Kingston considered this and took her time formulating a response to Stone’s apt description of her situation. “What if, instead of trying to be prepared for, as you allude to, a bunch of situations you can’t full prepare for, you were to prepare instead just to simply be surprised on a daily basis?”

~Janna Kingston, CNS


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