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Khabal approached the door. He was told by some NE that it’s customary for new people on the ship to see the Counsellor.

Stepping up to the door, he saw the button beside the door and, thinking that it had to be there for a reason, touched the pad and hear the chime inside.

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OOC: Not quite. ;) And what would Janna know about his presence? I’m still catching up after a rough couple of months, but my impression is his presence is random and being kept quiet? Do correct me if I’m wrong.

OOC: I don’t think Janna would know unless there are whispers of a strange ship taking up a significant amount of space in a shuttle bay. It’s not being kept quiet but, in game time, he’s only been on the ship for a few hours at this point.

On the large ship, with so many crew to manage the needs of, the Athena was fortunate to have a mental health team. The Counselling Suite comprised of six offices, so when he approached the door, it simply slid open to admit him into the half-moon shaped space. The door faced the central reception desk where a Risian Ensign sat. On either side of the entrance were a few chairs that faced the six doors behind the reception desk, each a different colour. These were the offices.

The ensign looked up and smiled. “Hello, can we help you?”

~Janna Kingston, CNS


Khabal nodded and approached the ensign.

“I’m recent to the ship. I was told by NE Patrick Bateman that I should see the counselor.” Khabal said, his expression open and friendly.

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