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Posted March 14, 2023, 1:12 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Calloway / Hammor Quarters - Guess Who?

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) in Calloway / Hammor Quarters - Guess Who?

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Calloway / Hammor Quarters - Guess Who?
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She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close with a soft laugh. Ahh, married life was so fantastic! Never mind that before they were married they were quite literally stationed in different quadrants. Sometimes Faye wondered what their relationship would have been like if he had never left. But then again, that time apart had allowed her time to grow, so that when she needed someone to help her make sense of the chaos his random call had been at the right exact time, the right moment she was open to his care and affection. Faye didn’t do relationships in any sort of expected way, so should her and Dag ever have been.

Twenty Minutes Later

Her console chirped and Faye groaned, extricating herself and her limbs from Daggum’s. Trying to get her breath quickly under control, Faye channeled her yoga breathing and simply slipped her shirt and pants back on, tossing her hair into a loose ponytail. She looked over her shoulder at her husband and winked. “That better be continued.”

Sitting at her desk and bringing up the call they were expecting, Faye looked every part the professional. Well, herself as a professional. They weren’t mutually exclusive, but they also could conflict. A red-haired Human appearing person appeared on the screen. He was a bit older than her, though she was now higher ranking (ha!) and she instantly wanted to wipe the smug smirk off Todd Aubrey’s face. Oh, to be in the same room.

=/\=Calloway, to what do I owe this auspicious honour? I thought our last conversation would last us plenty?=/\=

“Shut it, Aubrey,” she said with a withering glare. “I need a favour.”

=/\=Oh, well isn’t this a turn of events?=/\= he said, clearly amused. Faye gave him the middle finger and that just made him laugh. =/\=Go on, how can I help?=/\=

Faye folded her arms on the desk. “You worked with the Organized Crime Unit and did a lot of work on Orion, so what can you tell me about how inheritance works there. It’s a personal matter but we want to make sure we’re not getting ourselves into legal trouble because there are side rules we didn’t know about.”

Aubrey nodded. =/\=Well, technically it does work like many places. A person can legally name the person they bequeath assets and possessions to, and so long as those documents were done correctly, it’s legally binding. That doesn’t mean others can’t contest the Inheritance Order, and the main issues is the timeframe. Once a person dies, the inheritors have a ten-year period to claim otherwise it is turned over to the State.=/\=

She frowned. “Eye-ee, The Syndicate.” He nodded. “So… for arguments sake, let’s say the claim we have been informed about is legit. What if another person, genetically related is about but named in the Order. How does that change anything?”

The agent sighed. =/\=Well, it doesn’t, but like I said, if they felt they were entitled to some or all of it, they could try to sue. And that court process would be expensive and time-consuming.=/\= He eyed her. =/\=I would be cautious. You know how much the Syndicate loves making examples of people.=/\=

She held up a finger and then muted the comm, turning towards Dag. “Anything else you want you or me to ask as follow-up?” Either way it sound like they had some serious decisions to make after they verified the legitimacy of any of this.


Daggum lay on the couch in all his glory, seriously wanting ‘to be continued’ to be right then. But he did have the presence of mind to say “Yeah… ask him if he ever heard of ‘my mother’.” And yes, he used air quotes.


“Okay,” she said and unmuted the comm, focusing back on Aubrey and not her very naked husband. “So, part of our issue is that we’re trying to confirm some details about one of the people who brought this situation to our attention. What do you know about a Mallaua Ch’frej?”

Todd frowned and was quiet for a moment and then nodded slowly. =/\=Ohhhh yes. I thought the name sounded familiar. Rap sheet is telling, but more than that she was married to a syndicate boss years ago. He dropped her, if I recall because she was caught with someone else but don’t quote me on that. In any case, she disappeared off Orion but if she’s fishing about, she must have someone helping her out.=/\= Aubrey leaned in a little. =/\=There was plenty of evidence that at least one of those charges should have stuck.=/\=

Faye inhaled deeply. “Understood. Thanks, Aubrey. Tangling with the Syndicate is really not our chosen past time.”

=/\=Try to keep it that way. Aubrey out.=/\=

The screen went blank and Faye swivelled in her chair, eyeing Daggum. “Well?”


Daggum looked at her and said “Can we do this later? I’d rather finish the ‘to be continued’ episode we were working on before.” and he grinned.


Faye laughed and slipped from her chair, peeling off her clothes as she crossed the room to join him again on the couch.

Her fingers lightly traced the line of his shoulder and she lay half draped on him. Faye might not always know the right thing to say to people, but with Daggum she had become (at least a little bit more) in tune with what responses would be okay when. In this case, she was leaving the whole thing about his ‘mother’ up to him. For now. They didn’t have to do or decide anything immediately.


As if reading her mind, he said “So what do we do now, do you think? I gotta admit… I did not see this coming.” Daggum held her close to him as he shifted so they were face to face. “But I will say that I had to accept your super spy mother and step-dad. I’m pretty sure you are likewise obligated to stay with me even after my mother turns out to be some kind of intergalactic career criminal.” and he laughed softly. “Oh, I can only imagine the family get-togethers now.”


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