The Parthenon- Know Your Sources

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“Just… getting the lay of the land, as it were. I’m used to people getting twitchy just from seeing the uniform, but there’s some extra twitchiness going on here that seems unrelated to my field in general. I’m really a scientist by training, you know. The rest is just useful to certain people and so we have an uneasy truce.” No, it wouldn’t be her first choice but it was the path she was on.

She turned more to gaze at Marishka, reconciling that her and Dag had had different experiences. “Stark was kind enough to not leave me to figure out everything on my own,” Faye said.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Before Marishka could speak, one of her staff set down a large platter with hors d’oeuvres from several species. There was sweet, spicy, and what could only be described as strange.

“Can I get you ladies anything to drink?” the server asked.

Marishka shook her head and just motioned for a refill of the coffee cup she had arrived with before turning back to Faye.

Calloway shook her head as well.

“I have a feeling that Stark would do his best to keep you in the loop and, as for extra twitchiness, that doesn’t really surprise me.”

  • Marishka

Faye snorted. “On paper I am about the worst choice for this job, but I do revel in being unexpected,” she said with a gleam in her stormy coloured eyes. “Social niceties and I don’t always exist in the same plane of existence. So it means I might miss things others think are obvious. BUt it also means my mind picks up things most people don’t. Double-edged sword.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Marsihka smiled and leaned in a bit close.

“All swords are double edged, figuratively speaking at least. If you miss something around here I’m pretty sure someone will pick it up for you.”

  • Marishka

Faye met Marishka’s gaze and smiled in return. “That would great of them, and much appreciated.”

Khabal stepped into the Parthenon. After a brief glimpse around he went to the middle of the room and took a good full turnaround gaze at everything and everyone. Smiling warmly at an NE, he sat down at a table with his back to an exterior wall. He knew it was cliché, but some clichés existed for good reasons.

  • Khabal

It was Daphne’s first shift and she had never seen this one so, she decided to approach, throwing caution to the wind.

“Welcome to the Parthenon. Do you know what you’d like or would you like to hear the specials?”

  • Marishka (et al)

The newcomer’s appearance in the lounge did not escape the CIO though her face betrayed no thoughts about him either way. She shifted her attention back to Marishka. “So, you’ve been on the ship awhile. Any tips?” Faye said with a lopsided grin.

~Faye Calloway

Khabal looked up at Daphne.

“I’ve found I have an enjoyment for Kanar. Would you have any?” he asked.

  • Khabal

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