A little slower than usual + future LOA

Posted March 16, 2023, 8:18 a.m. by Richard A

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Dear all,

I’m afraid I’ve come under the weather a bit, with fever and other yucky things I’d rather not share. I’ll try reply as much as I can before Tuesday (when I’m due to travel, so a real LOA from then, assuming I’m healthy by then!).

– Ric

Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better quick!


Hope you’re feeling better and that your trip goes well! We look forward to your return! :)


Thanks! I’m back now and fully recovered and even managed to enjoy my trip :) Will post as much as I can the coming while.

A tl;dr to the mainsim would be appreciated if anyone has the spoons.

– Ric

I got you.

Sim update: The Athena encountered a derelict ghost ship on their latest stop, just shy of a nebula. It seems to have been involved with a temporal anomaly, but whether man-made or natural, we do not know yet. But currently Athena has sent over an Away Team to the USS Shai NCC-992144 (our ghost ship). Shock was requested to join them, along with a security element. Just in case.

The Away Team has dug into the logs a little bit, and discovered that the Shai and the Federation of her time are at war with the Maquis. Again. At the same time they have seen a ghost. Or rather, what appears to be the Shai’s captain, and given the temporal shenanigans going on, they theorize the ship and crew may be entangled and in two places and times at once. Lt Cmdr Hammor is attempting to make contact now via the Ops Chief station. And it seems it may be working.

Sam H.

Thank you! Should we say that he’s already on the team, or that he missed it, and stays on board, or that he joins with a security attachment after they’ve been on the Shai for a while? What would make sense narratively?

– Ric

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