A Drink With a Halsey Never Hurt Anyone

Posted March 19, 2023, 7:57 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Akirel Ros (Chief Engineer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Civilian Brooklyn Halsey (Quartermaster) in A Drink With a Halsey Never Hurt Anyone

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Akirel Ros (Chief Engineer) in A Drink With a Halsey Never Hurt Anyone

Posted by Civilian Brooklyn Halsey (Quartermaster) in A Drink With a Halsey Never Hurt Anyone
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Even for a ship this size, there weren’t that many bars, crew lounges or undeclared nightclubs on it. Yet, NE Fletcher had visited them all, even the Parthenon, trying to locate Halsey. Two minutes to 8pm and she hadn’t been in any so Fletch slumped on a seat at an empty table in the last, small nondescript crew lounge that he had visited having second thoughts about agreeing to hunt down Halsey for the CE prior to 8pm. Sure the agreement had been for two days off duty and a bottle of tequila from the CE’s own personal collection, but the last 15 minutes of visiting different bars just seemed like so much effort.

Lifting his head he slumped his chin on the palm of his hand and looked around the room again. He was sure he wouldn’t miss her, she wasn’t someone that blended into a crowd, she was someone who stood out and drew your eyes to her. Scratching at the stubble that was barely growing on his cheek he pondered whether he should ping Ros and tell hi she wasn’t anywhere, or if he should start again and see if she had arrived after he had checked any of the bars.

NE Fletcher, Eng

“Yeah sorry, it is late. I know the rush starts at 8 but Halsey told me she would take over my shift if I delivered this and by 8 pm. You know how she is about on-time deliveries,” the man joked handing the owner of the bar a PaDD. “Just hit me up with a five-star rating,” he pointed to the five empty stars in a row. “She has a contest running with everyone in logistics. The higher the service rating the more stars the closer I get to the off-the-record prize.” Shifting his weight, the man talked to the lounge owner as if they were old friends and not the owner and the delivery guy.

“Off the books as in contra ban,” the owner raised an eyebrow as he tapped the last star and all five stars turned yellow.

“No off-the-books shore leave,” he lowered his voice as if not wanting to be overheard by other officers around. “The Athena is now tapped into the Halsey Haulers network. Ever wonder how that package a Captain always needed tended to get through on some ships while on others it never showed up like the rest of outs? I thought it was captain privilege but nah uh,” he had a slightly stunned quality to his voice. “Halsey is in this convoluted web that I swear to god is run by some ex-section 31 guys. If a ship needs something and is not in range of it, the Haulers take shuttles out into the middle of deep space, meet up and pass it off or,” he held up a finger, “take a shuttle to some planet to pick it up. If that planet is someplace warm and tropical....” he let his voice trail off. “Anyway, Moa has this huge chart up and the destination. Earth. She said some Captain’s wife is pregnant and she is going to want some Baika Caviar that is only found in Lake Baikal. I could care less but the route puts this guy directly passing Risa.”

Fletcher jumped out of his seat and ran up on the two men talking like he was trying to flag down medical help. “Do you know where Halsey is?”

“Where she always is. Down in the cargo bay. I swear to God I don’t know why they gave that woman quarters,” the man replied.

“Thanks,” Fletcher said looking at his watch. With one minute left, he commed the CE. =/\=Sir she is in the cargo bay=/\= he replied out of breath as if he had just run a marathon.

Halsey Hauler (aka operations officer)

“Are you sure?” The voice of the CE filtered back through the line to Fletcher. “That’s the opposite of drinks at a bar. Tell me you know for sure, Fletcher.”

“I am positive. I have searched this place up and down but it was confirmed my the bartender who was talking to the supply officer who was talking to me.” The chain had a vague theme of a middle school girl gossip chain but Fletcher did sound convinced.

“Good enough, take the rest of the night off, by the way. Good work.” Ros didn’t sound convinced, but it was something at least.

“Computer, site to site transport to the cargo bay.” He stood up and stepped into the open space in his quarters, right before the sparkling lights tore him apart and spat him out again in the Athenas cargo bay, where another sparkle of lights and the sound of a transporter beam in operation left Akirel Ros standing in the middle of the large area, dressed casually in jeans and a loose fitting collared shirt, holding two bottles of beer.

For a moment there was no movement from him, then he looked around.


The room was filled with a sea of boxes, lockers, and barrels. It was enough to make one almost feel like they were going to get a case of vertigo as the aisles and rows all looked the same disappearing for meters back except for a glow that seemed to come from the end of the row and the vague sound of Caribbean music floating in the air. It was quiet and subtle as if the room was one huge turbo but it was definitely present. As Ros followed the music back he would find a space carved out under what looked like a kid’s fort with several barrels propped up on top of each other holding a large locker box on top of them creating a DIY doorway. Inside the doorway was a small space with tacky pineapple string lights lining the ten-foot by fifteen-foot space. On one side of the room was a hammock.

Not quite stepping inside, Ros paused and leaned against the doorway and looked around. It reminded him of the impromptu bars that Dante and Kelly erected wherever they were stationed, but this one had a far cozier and less ‘purposeful’ feeling to it.

On the other side of the room was a small bar created by a plank of wood laying on two more barrels. Several stools were in front of it all different colors with Halsey standing behind the bar. “You are late,” she leaned her elbows on the bar, “but you brought beer so I will forgive you this time.” She gestured to one of the barstools with a grin.


“I’m never late,” he smiled. “I always arrive exactly when I mean to, not before or after.”

Pushing himself off the doorway he moved towards her at sat down on one of the bar stools, opening one of the beer bottles and sliding it in front of her, then opening his own. “Nice place you got here, took some finding though, maybe we need to add it to the ships location finder? What do you call the place? Halsey’s Inn?”


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