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Posted March 20, 2023, 6:51 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Serena Stone (Executive Officer) (Sam Haynes)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) in Meeting Madison

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Serena Stone (Executive Officer) in Meeting Madison

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) in Meeting Madison
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She nodded, listening carefully. She didn’t have to be a Betazoid to pick up his discomfort. It was palpable, and he’d done nothing to dispel it. And I thought I was introverted. “So tell me about that, the starbase and the Commander you mentioned. They seem to have left an impression on you.’

Stone, XO

Liam took a small breath and latched onto the subject.

“Starbase 154, Commander Robert Sherman. He was a familiar face from my academy days. It seemed he pulled some favors to have me transferred from the U.S.S Aristotle. I never asked about the details.”

He paused, reflecting on how that changed.

“It took some time to get use to. Professionally, it was easy to work with the departments. Off duty… was another matter. Robert was one of the few that knew I struggled with strangers and instead I let my work distract me.”

Tension softened from his expression as he recalled the various intrusions.

“Every so often, Robert would be in the labs waiting for me. He’d take me to the holodeck where another department was waiting. Talking was never required, but it was welcomed. Over time, that anxiety vanished without me noticing it.”

A small chuckle escaped his lips.

“I did hate one thing. It was when he got the counselor involved early in. That man had the worst stubborn streak I’ve ever seen and did it in the most polite way.”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

The redhead broke out into a ready smile at the anecdote about the counselor. “I know how that goes. Miss Kingston can be pretty persistent. But she’s quite good at what she does, I think.” She shrugged one shoulder. “And I get that dealing with people is hard. There are a lot of times i just wanna weld the doors to my quarters shut and not come out for a month. Especially getting to see the worst in people all the time.” At the last she spoke rather slow, her gaze turning inward, haunted, before coming back to the present moment. “this ship, though, seems to be a pretty solid crew. Good people. Everybody’s been very warm and welcoming. It’s a change from what I’m used to. Most ships I’ve been on are more warship, than heavy explorer. It’s taking some getting used to.” She flashed him a small smile. “I’m sure you can relate.”

Stone, XO

Liam nodded, a silent agreement. Part of him wondered if Kingston had exchanged notes with the starbase’s counselor. Either way, it helped in the end.

“Yes. Each ship is slightly different, but they do have some things in common. I think that’s what makes adjustments easier in some cases. This crew, reminds me of the starbase for example.”

His eyes looked at the time display nearby, tracking it. He still had time before his daily dose to pacify LB.

“However, unlike the starbase pr past ships, I’ve changed the most here. Sadly, not all of it for the best from my point of view.”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Serena tilted her head. “Why do you say that?” Most she had spoken to aboard the Athena found it a place for positive growth, rather than regression.


Liam took a deep breathe then began. The hesitation was clear in his expression despite the age look and experience. However, he forced the words through his lips as it became easier once he started.

“Let me clarify, it has nothing to do with the crew themselves. Rather, a mission that turned sour. I became an unwilling host to a creature. We’ve been unable to remove it and it has altered my DNA in ways I’m still unsure about. Thus my statement about change.”

He let her digest that information, wondering if she had read his profile before coming here.

“Thankfully, the crew still accepts me.” His voice softened, sounding grateful for the crew’s tolerance.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

“Unless you’re some kind of security risk or threat to the crew, why wouldn’t they? The Federation is built on acceptance and tolerance, with hundreds if not thousands of member species and worlds. What would make you any different, or barred from that acceptance? Especially if you can still do your job. There are people that are hosts to parasites or symbionts that work in Starfleet all the time. There are folks who have altered DNA. Cybernetics. You name it. The Federation is built on diversity. It is one of our strengths and defining characteristics. Accepting people for who they are, not what they were. Why should you be treated any differently? You’re a person first. Not malfunctioning equipment.”

Stone, XO (And not taking any of this wallowing-in-self-pity crap)

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