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Jordy entered the bridge and said ‘Ensign Jordy Kleine reporting for duty for the tactical station im the replacement for Lt Ducante.’ Jordy walks to the tactical station and sits down at the tactical station.

Ensign Jordy Kleine Security

The captain still somewhat lost in thought spoke softly. “Understood ensign.”

Calloway gave a brief nod to Kleine as he passed her before she rose from her seat at the back console and moved around t the front of the bridge.

She took a seat next to Legen and leaned in towards him, speaking again in a low voice, minimizing sibilants that drew the attention of others. “I told Hammor and Stone, but that vessel is an Intel prototype with experimental weapons.” Until she had reason to think otherwise, this was a need-to-know situation, and given the last time she had been forced to share classified information she knew to tread carefully.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Orvos sensed her movement towards him as she began to take a seat. He glanced sideways at her as he listened. “I can feel…something…there were people aboard that vessel and now they’re just gone. Away team won’t find anyone aboard.”

“Hmmm,” Calloway said, her mind turning over the puzzle forming in her head.

Turning to face Faye with a bit more serious expression. “Experimental weapons?” he said low. “Chroniton weapons? Something temporal I presume?” he inquired further.

Faye shook her head. “Nothing like that. Nothing that would explain the anomaly. It’s well, an anomaly,” she said, slight mirth touching her eyes for a moment.

The mysterious vessel scanned the Athena, just for a second, before returning to its inert state.


Orvos’s attention was quickly drawn back to the readouts that sounded on his small console. The vessel had scanned them? “Open a channel to the away team,” he said aloud as he waited for confirmation from other officers on the bridge.

=/\=Athena to Away Team, did you just scan us?=/\= he said once someone had declared a channel open.

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

Calloway looked down at the readouts beside the chair. She had briefly processed a singular moment when she had sat down and knew that one day this wold be her seat. One day, on a different ship most likely. But she hadn’t started Command training without the goal of actually being a first officer and then a captain at some point in the future.

~Faye Calloway, CIO

=/\= Negative, Athena. But there was something… weird. Stand by. =/\= came the voice of the Operations Chief.

Hammor, Ops

Orvos sighed. The whole situation was weird in Orvos’s mind.

=/\=Acklowledged, standing by.=/\= came Orvos’s reply.

Addressing the bridge he said, “Let’s get some scans of the ship. What else is it doing? Are their weapons armed? Did anything happen when it scanned us?” Clearly Orvos wanted more info. A part of him was ready to pull the trigger and beam right over. If he got close enough, maybe he could get a better sense of things? He wasn’t going to risk the ship getting stuck though. And the majority of the senior staff were not on the Athena.

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

Just then a comm signal cut in. =^=Away Team to Athena. How we doin’ on that tractor beam?=^= The voice belonged to the redheaded XO, voice filled with consternation and tinged a little with stress.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

Orvos nearly planted his palm to his face as he looked about for anyone to answer.

Meanwhile Meadows, having realized that nobody had yet tried reeling the strange ship away, immediately brought the Athena a bit closer within range and quickly tried establishing a lock with the tractor beam. Orvos’s gaze swiveled as his hands went up in the air. “Not sure, crew. Anyone here know about that tractor beam? Eh?”

His gaze eventually settled on the helmsman as he sensed the man’s urgent behavior. “Mr. Meadows, did somebody forget to tell me about the tractor beam? Have we pulled the ship away yet? Or did somebody forget to go ahead with that?”

Matthias Meadows was stuck between two hard spots. But to save the trouble of blaming anyone, he took it on the chin himself. “Uh no, sir. Sorry. Establishing tractor beam now sir and moving us away from the anomaly.”

Orvos simply sighed in resignation. “Very well,” he stated, any reprimand in his voice clearly dissipated. Mistakes were mistakes. Besides, he was fully willing to admit he had overlooked it too as he recalled the commander specifically saying that they were extracting the strange vessel away from the event.

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO
-Lt. Matthias Meadows, Helmsman

Engaging a tractor beam was child’s play for Meadows and shortly the other ship was in motion.


“We’re pulling her out captain,” came Meadows’ reply.

“Very good, now let’s get her clear of the anomaly.”

“Aye, sir.”

=/\=Athena to Away Team, your ship is in tow now. Any updates?=/\=

Orvos then turned to Calloway quietly. “Thoughts?” he asked, sensing the gears in her mind churning.

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

“Maybe,” Calloway said, clearly working through things. “Still processing the discrepancy in time frames.”

A now somewhat familiar voice came back over the comlink. =^=Athena, this ship comes from a time period where the Federation and Maquis are at war again. We’re seeing possible temporal distortions. Nothing crazy. Logs are spotty. Commander Hammor has an idea to make contact with the ship’s crew and we’re trying it now. Standby.=^= There was a slight note of stress in her voice, but still relatively cool. Nothing unusual for investigating a mystery ship from a temporal distortion.

Lt Cmdr Stone, XO

Orvos raised a curious eyebrow at the new information and replied. =/\=Understood. Keep us apprised.=/\= Orvos decided to keep it short upon sensing the sudden emotions he felt from Faye.

The hairs on Faye’s neck stood upright. Oh hell no! Her hand clenched in her lap as Faye gazed at the screen, but she released it as she rose to her feet. Her stormy grey-green eyes were fixed on the ship they were now towing as she folded her arms across her chest. Her face was still even as the CIO’s undercurrent of emotions were anything but. “How?” she whispered. How did someone reignite the old conflict.

Orvos took in her body language, but could full well sense stronger emotions than what she exuded.

Faye turned to Legen, doing her best to stay composed. “The Dominion finished us. Gone, kaput. The few survivors like myself were either imprisoned or… on their own. The Cardassians turned on their allies in the war and suffered the consequences. There’s no feud to be had, now or in the future, unless someone decided to go rattle some cages unnecessarily. It’s not like we’re…” She paused and frowned. “Playing border territory games…”

~Faye Calloway, CIO (and former Maquis)

Her language was not lost on him either. Words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ were pretty good indicators to him that she still had that close connection to them. And he couldn’t blame her. While he was technically a starfleet officer, he could sympathize with the comradery felt between peers of a similar goal. He could drive a wedge in, point it out. But he decided against it. She was a part of the crew and would inevitably develop similar ties to the Athena.

“The future has a strange way of changing, Commander. This is only one facet of what could be. What we do here could very well decide the fate of it all.” Orvos spoke as though he and time were old friends. “Perhaps as we look more into it, your question of ‘How’ might very well be answered?” He was calm as he kept his keen eyes on her while he remained seated.

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

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