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“It was like… reality was flickering.” Elena explained just before the office doors opened, revealing Lt Shock on the other side. Shock and crew could see the whole scene with both counselors as it was playing out inside the office.


Shock did not expect to see Kingston there – his relief was hindered by confusion. Was she a hologram? A projection? There had been no readings of her. Who is this Elena – unknown lifeform. He had heard of the Shai’s counterpart that Kingston had spoken to, but none of the readings made sense. He indicated to Rasal to keep scanning and report any changes.

“Hello,” he said, walking in with his team to the room, and introducing himself. “I am Shock, a colleague of Dr Kingston’s. WIth me are crewmen Skaarg, Rasal, and Zheng Longhua.”

Janna was surprised to have others enter the scene given the oddities they had experienced.

He turned to Kingston.

“Dr Kingston, are you alright?”

– Lt Shock (COS)

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she said with a nod. “Besides being a little weirded out.” She turned back to the other therapist. “Elena, can you scan us with a tricorder and see what you get?” Kingston was hoping they might be able to add more info to the growing bizarre situation that would help it all make sense.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Shock reciprocated the nod. Meanwhile, Rasal did the same scan for themselves and for the two counsellors in front of them.

– Lt Shock (COS)

Elena nodded and retreated a tricorder from her desk. After a few seconds of scanning, she said “I only detect the two of us. Mind introducing me to your friends though? They seem real enough.


Though Shock had already given their names, context mattered and they didn’t know Elena. “Lieutenant Shock, this is Elena Jannson, the Shai’s counsellor. Elena, Lieutenant Shock, our Chief of Security, members of his security team, Crewmen Skaarg, Rasal, and Zheng Longhua.”

“Thank you. Elena said. “They may have introduced themselves, but… this is a lot and I honestly don’t understand how you’re coping with it with such ease.” She seemed broadly overwhelmed and doing her best to hold on to sanity.

“I wonder if the proximity matters, and there is a threshold you have to step over in order to register on a scan. Can you scan for a barrier? We might need to get someone from Science to run a deeper scan with internal sensors.” Kingston knew they were listening up on the Bridge still, but for the moment it was easier to focus on what was right before her.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Scanning the entryway would show not a barrier but a temporal dilation. For some reason, time changed going through the door.


Moments such as these, Shock wished he had been better at science. Vulcan prided themselves on their science – but Shock struggled with understanding complexities such as time dilation and barriers and timelines and temporal distortions. He needed a scientist, but Madison, Cherp’eng or Haroon was not here. They had to do with what they had. The counsellors and he all had, as far as he understood, some scientific training – though not perhaps in quantum physics, as well as all the basics necessary to pass Star Fleet Academy officer’s training or equivalent.

“Curious,” said Shock, genuinely nonplussed by the situation. No training whatsoever had prepared him for this.

“I suggest we all relate what we do know so far. Let me begin. I am Shock, chief of security of the USS Athena. I was on my ship, along with my crewmen here, walking toward Dr Kingston’s office when suddenly we found ourselves here with you, counsellor Jannson, on your ship, the Shai. For us, the year is 2399. Counsellors, what else can you share?”

– Lt Shock (COS)

Janna turned and drew back towards the door but stayed in the office. She put up her hand and closed her eyes. “Whatever is going on it right about here, that’s all I know. A shift, maybe?” She shook her head and then her body as if to shake a sensation out of her body. “Temporal phenomenon have been known to have physcial effects on Humanoid bodies. We’ll have to keep that in mind and probably have Sickbay look us over when there is time.” She almost laughed aloud at her accidental pun but instead just smirked.

Orvos then turned his attention to the open channel with Kingston. =/\=Janna, we’re hoping to relay a message to the Shai bridge to launch a probe. We’re hoping that we can get some better readings or understanding of our situation that way.=/\=

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

=/\=Understood, Captain,=/\= Janna said, her expression even. If she was surprised at all, she didn’t show it on her face or in her tone. =/\=We have some sort of detectable time dilation down here. It seems to be why I appear to be in Counsellor Jannson’s office and yet we can all communicate. The… phenomenon is something I can feel.=/\= She left it at that, knowing it would tell him enough

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Elena tapped her combadge. =/\=Jannson to bridge. The other ship has requested we launch a probe.=/\=

There was a heavy pause. =/\=Understood.=/\=


Janna didn’t need to know that the probe had been launched. Soon enough a strange feel swept over her and her stomach twisted in knots all the while feeling vertigo. Kingston staggered a couple of steps before she bend forward at the waist, bracing her hands on her thighs. “Oh no…” she whispered. She didn’t know exactly how to describe what was going on but she knew it wasn’t good.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

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