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Janna lead Elena with Shock down a deck to Sickbay and as she stepped in, she felt another wave of dizziness. Pausing, she had to brace her hands on her thighs. “Ben?” she called out to the CMO.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Sickbay was abuzz with activity, mostly minor cases suffering from similar symptoms as Kingston. Ben stuck his head out from behind a privacy curtain set up by one of the biobeds, he had a distinctly vexed expression on his face. He stuck his head back and said something to whoever was lying there then stepped out and closed the curtain then crossed the room, long legs carrying him in a few strides. He gave the three newcomers a quick once over “Janna, Mr. Shock” He said giving each a curt nodd, raising an eyebrow at the third person. He fished out his tricorder and started scanning Kingston, he still had an annoyed expression “Whose head is this whole mess on?” He asked his tone sharing his face’s vexation “I’ve been very vocal in my dislike of anything temporal in nature Janna”

Dr. Grey - CMO

“I think most of us have had enough of it from before,” Janna said. “And I don’t think there is anyone to blame this time.” Her head spun, and the nausea intensified. Unlike the others that Grey might have been treating with odd symptoms, Janna’s were a bit more distinct and also harder to pinpoint the cause of. She was experiencing intense nausea, dizziness and even a bit of vertigo, but without the expected physical triggers.

Shock agreed with Dr Grey’s dislike, nodded back to the physician.

Ben snorted at Kingstons answer, half amusement half annoyance “Give me twenty minutes I’ll find someone to blame” He said in a huff.

“Dr Grey, I should like to introduce you to counsellor Elena Jannson, from the Shai, our unexpected guest in these times of temporal distortions. She too may need an examination.” Shock turned to Elena, “Counsellor?”

– Lt Shock (COS)

Benjamin raised an eyebrow at the new arrival “Glad to know that we still see the importance of mental health in the future” He didn’t know much about what was going on, only getting the occasional brief, which was fine by him until he starting feeling like he was doing zero-g exercises, something he’d learned to associate with temporal mischief.

Pushing herself upright, Kingston forced herself to walk over to a biobed, bracing a hand on it and letting the last wave of illness pass. She glanced at Ben with an intense look. “You may want to ask the captain discreetly if he too is… affected,” she said with significance. Janna knew what it was, from context, but damned if she wanted to have the whole ship talking about this and making assumptions.

~Janna Kington, CNS

That received another raised eyebrow from Ben “Then so I shall” He turned away for a moment, going through one of the cabinets and bringing back a hypo “Some anti-nausea medicine with a mix of anti-vertigo, should help” He said placing the hypo to the counselor’s neck.

Dr. Grey - CMO

“Thank you, Ben,” Janna said, forcing herself to breathe deeply. She wasn’t sure how much of her symptoms were related to her new ‘abilities’, but she suspected based on pervious experiences with time crap that the causation was above average. Breathing deeply again, she nodded. “It’s helping a bit.”

~Janna Kington, CNS

“Please scan our guest too,” Shock reiterated. He turned to Elena. “Perhaps your physiology exhibits similar changes as Counsellor Kingston’s. How are you feeling, counsellor?”

Lt Shock (COS)

Benjamin nodded and grabbed his tricorder again “What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on a future tricorder” He mumbled to himself “I wonder if it’s similar technology or if 24th-century stuff is akin to them what 20th-century medical barbarism is to us” He wasn’t expecting an answer, just Idle thoughts to lessen his annoyance at the current situation.

Dr. Grey - CMO

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