Holodeck- All Sorts of Knowing

Posted Nov. 26, 2023, 12:50 a.m. by Captain Orvos Legen (Commanding Officer) (Tony Findora)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Counsellor) in Holodeck- All Sorts of Knowing

Posted by Captain Orvos Legen (Commanding Officer) in Holodeck- All Sorts of Knowing

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Janna Kingston (Counsellor) in Holodeck- All Sorts of Knowing
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“Dawson…” he simply stated. “Dawson and I have a long history together. He’s been around for the whole thing. And after extensive talking and hashing out our past, he’s at least offered to take over said role. A fake ‘lovers quarrel’ which leads to Dawson taking advantage of the situation. And after that, I ‘ring my hands’ of the situation. Our hope is to draw out anyone seeking to harm her or anyone else on the crew. If they think she can be won over so easily, perhaps they may attempt something. Intel basically takes over after that. We were biding time though, waiting for an opportunity.”

Janna inhaled deeply and expelled the breath through slightly parted lips.

He turned his eyes to her. “I’m not saying that you’re that opportunity, unless of course you want to be. It was all on in the cards regardless. And of course, you know enough of my feelings by this point to know it’s genuine for you.”

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

She met his gaze and nodded, breaking into a soft smile. “Yes, enigma though you might be, I think even without the enhanced connection we were bound to find ourselves treading this sort of path.” She squeezed his hand. “Understand that my concern was not out of jealousy. I just… have had some complicated relationships and while ours is as well, in its own way, I think our feelings are not, even if they scare us a little. Or a lot,” she added with a grin.

~Janna Kingston, CNS

He gave her a grin and leaned in close to her. “How much does it scare you? These feelings.” asked Orvos simply, yet with caring curiosity.

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

Janna still held his hand but gazed out at the scenery around them. “On the surface? Not terribly. But you have to keep in mind that I’ve spent the last fifteen years managing a serious health condition that has limited how I go about my life. I’m risk adverse, Orvos. But this between us, with the added layer of the Nexus effects, feels risky for me, even if it really isn’t. I guess if I’m scared, it’s how intense my feelings are” She turned her grass green eyes back on him. “I’ve not let anyone in as much as I have you in so many years I forgot it was possible.”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

Orvos gave her a small grin. “You’re not the only one to think that way. I’ve spent a long portion of my life resisting any sense commitment to people. I’m supposed to live quite a long life naturally. And yet, even in knowing that, I still had to deal with the fact that I had a wife and child. I lost them both to the borg invasion of my homeworld. Even my own people understand how fragile life is. How fleeting it can be. And I got a good look at it and closed myself off out of fear. I never wanted to feel that again. But this crew changed me. You…you changed me. I’ll never be able to preserve the lives of those I care about if I don’t jump in and handle the risks. I see now how those relationship help strengthen us.”

He pressed his lips to hers gently before adding, “You’ve given me more strength than you’ll ever know. I never once thought I would feel this way for anyone ever again. I was wrong. And because of that, I’m not giving up on us. Nor the crew. I didn’t really want captaincy. I know what it means. The best captains know their crew and serve them to the best of their abilities. I do care…about the Athena and her crew. And certainly you. I’ll do everything in my power to keep you…and the crew…safe.”

-Captain Orvos Legen, CO

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