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Posted Nov. 27, 2023, 6:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Lieutenant Shock (Chief of Security) in CIO’s Office- Building Trust

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Faye Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in CIO’s Office- Building Trust

Posted by Lieutenant Shock (Chief of Security) in CIO’s Office- Building Trust
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In her modest office, Faye was sitting at her desk with a spread of two desk monitors and two interfaces, plus to wall displays. It was not so unlike how Stark had had it, but she had definitely upgraded and added to the previous set-up. For most people, it was overkill, but for Faye and her kind of work, it was easily manageable.

There was a token chair behind her against the wall.

She had sent a message to Shock requesting some of his time to discuss Project Bastion in more detail, beyond what they had already. Faye was getting ready to start the work and she wanted to run him through it. Yes, the project was need-to-know, but she decided he needed to know. How was that for flexibility?

~Faye Calloway, CIO

Based on what Shock knew of Calloway, he was initially surprised by her invitation. After assessing the matter more carefully, he related the invitation to their last meeting, where they vowed to work for a better working relationship between them.

With seconds to spare for the allotted time, he arrived at the door outside Calloway’s office. At the precise right moment he chimed the doors.

– Lt Shock, COS

“It’s open,” her voice sounded through the door comm.

Faye was leaning back in her chair, studying a PADD. The computer screens before her were in standby. “Grab a chair and come get comfy, Lieutenant. I’ve got a lot to show you.”

She rose form her own chair and moved to the replicator in the corner. “I really need coffee toay. Can I get you anything? Tea, perhaps?”

~Faye Calloway, CIO

“Tea is agreeable,” Shock replied, choosing to ignore the nonsensical stuff Calloway earlier said about ‘grabbing a chair’ and ‘getting comfy. He wanted to ask about the agenda for today’s meeting, but thought that perhaps the meeting would be more productive if Calloway took the lead. She was sensitive after all. “Thank you” he added, remembering the niceties of human cultures.

He sat himself down at one of the seats across from Calloway’s desk.

– Lt Shock (COS)

Gathering her coffee and a tea for him, she moved over and set his cup down. “Deka tea from Bajor. Since we were talking being interested in trying teas from other places.”

Faye sipped her coffee a couple of times before she set it to the side. “So, I wanted us to sit down and talk more about Project Bastion. You heard my debriefing about the USS Odyssey and the terrible thing that happened to that crew, and I gave a vague description of hardware and software updates that I am going to instigate, similar to what I did on the Manhattan. Would it help if I showed you exactly what that would look like?”

~Faye Calloway, CIO

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