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Posted Nov. 28, 2023, 10:25 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Engineer) (James Sinclair)

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At sixty-eight years old, Linella Kejal had seen a lot. True, she had spent the last thirty-one years ensconced in a luxury manor surrounded by wealth, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t an observant person, and it also didn’t rule out that she might have experienced a lot before she came to live with Kodell. After all, one wasn’t sold into slavery on Orion due to gambling debts because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. No, that had not been her story. She had made mistake after mistake after mistake, that by the time it all caught up with her, she more or less surrendered to her fate. It was either that or prison. Either way, she had lost her freedom and by her reckoning, came out of it better than she might have.

Kodell’s family had been exactly what you expected of a wealthy and arrogant clan on Orion that had just enough dirty dealings to make them legit in the eyes of anyone who was anyone, but not so deep into the Syndicate that you were dead after a misstep. Sometimes, that wasn’t saying much.

Kodell himself though, had been different. Kinder. Smart as hell. An enigma. He was intimidating, not because he was menacing, but because he seemed to want to be anything but. She figured it all out pretty quickly though and more or less found an equilibrium as the cook and one of the housekeepers for the grand manor.

Five years after she came to Ebu Manor, everything shifted. It was as if the planet had been knocked slightly off its axis, spinning with a new rhythm. They got word to expect two new servants, which was hardly unusual, but when Kodell returned with two Human children, Linella knew that everything was about to change.

She had watched those first couple of weeks, trying to gauge the situation. A detail here, a comment there, and while she didn’t know the whole of it, Linella felt certain this pair of teenagers were escaped Maquis. But even then, they weren’t adults, they were still children, barely ready to make it on their own. One certainly felt less prepared to do so than the other, and it was with little surprise to her but a great deal of sadness that the boy tried to escape and got himself killed in the process.

What Linella hadn’t expected was how it destroyed the girl- that whip-smart, dejected girl who seemed to only want to keep her head down and be unnoticed. The girl fell apart and slipped away into a semi-conscious haze. What Linella also hadn’t expected was how much she felt compelled to save her, even if it meant pitting herself against the others in the household, even Kodell.

She thought back to that standoff with Kodell and Dez (that filthy excuse for a person and chamberlain) and it was a wonder she hadn’t been shot in the head. Any other master would have. But not Kodell. And maybe that goodwill was why she felt okay about using what she knew to help out that girl she fought for in her own way.

Faye Calloway, and her intense surprise of a husband, Daggum Hammor, had turned her life upside lately, and some days she knew there were no thanks for their kind offer to help bring about this centre, even if she sometimes wanted to lob large objects at their head.

Then came that call. A request, a plea. And this not so long after she finally left Ebu Manor as a free woman.

Strange words those.

But as a free woman, she had choices, and if the choice were to help someone she considered family in some strange way, or to saying ‘sorry, can’t help you’, well, that choice was one of the easiest of her life.

It took her a few days too long to realize what this made her and when Linella Kejal realized that she was essentially a spy for the indomitable Faye, well, she was rather delighted. And she was just fine with sticking it to terrible people who had justice coming their way for a very long time.

USS Athena

Faye spun in her chair in her office as she contemplated eight different things, her eyes tracking one spot. No one needed her falling out of her chair because she was dizzy. Somehow, that might cramp whatever interesting reputation she was building on this ship. A chirp from her console interrupted the flow of branching thought and she spun back to see what, or rather who, had sent her a message.

She grinned. Linella. Who knew after all these years that not only would she have set foot on Orion again, but actually become genuine friends with the woman who had been like a mother to her when she had no family to call her own so soon after so many of them had died very violent deaths.

Another thought came to her mind and Faye burst out laughing. She was imagining what Jubal Early would make of her adventures as a mistress of spies. Actually, he’d probably just nod and declare it fitting for the ‘mixed-up fruitcake’ he had deemed her. Affectionately, of course. Well, maybe not when he first made that comment given it had been after she had dislocated his jaw with her notorious right hook, and he fractured her left femur with a solid kick. He had been a very large Caitian/Trill hybrid and it was lucky that that and her broken ribs had been her only injuries. Then again, he was a Marine and she was sure he would have thought it beneath him, especially after she didn’t get up from the deck. But she knew without a doubt in that moment that he had wanted to. And thus their strange hate-filled friendship began.

She wondered about him now and again. What he was up to, what he’d make of everything that had happened to her the last several years since the Atlantis had rescued her half-dead from here drifting shuttle. He’d probably sh!t himself to know she was doing Command training. The thought made her laugh aloud again.

But she was getting distracted. Faye peered at Linella’s message and then proceeded to stare at it. Well… that was something.
Faye messaged her husband on the internal system (though she had naturally encrypted their messages to keep nosy people out). ||L went digging. We have something, though hard to say how useful it is just yet. I’m going to branch a few scenarios while I wait for you in my office.||

~Faye Calloway, CIO & Linella Kejal

=/\= Be there in twenty. =/\= came the response. It had been a bit of a shift for Daggum, going from Operations to Engineering. Not in a bad way… it was just different. Of course, he had wasted no time making the department his own. Not only were the Engineers on his side, but they were being proactive and addressing secondary and tertiary issues when completing tasks. That meant that their efficiency rating was bumping forward bit by bit… and with he promose of a Department-only party hosted by the Department Head himself as a motivation to hit 96.5% (three percent higher than Fleet average) for six months the straight; the Department was always busy. And so was Hammor. He was inside Jeffries Tubes and under deck plating with the rest if his team… both to lead and to learn. His Academy specialization was Engineering, of course, but he had some catching up-slash-training to do.

Twenty-two minutes later he walked into Faye’s office. “What’s happening, hot stuff?” he asked as he plopped down into a chair.

Hammor, CE

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