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“Easy going, devil may care, always up for a good fight”, She smiled sweetly, “He was pretty gutted he wasn’t going to meet you himself”. The smile turned mysterious.

Ky’Laria opened her eyes just as the slowing lift car came to a halt. Her gaze threatened to bore through the doors in the brief instant before they parted. As if in apology for taking so long, they yielded a view that she had honestly not been expecting. The prey of the day, easily within rushing distance! But her eye also caught the familiar sight of her unlikely partner, delivered by another set of parting doors.

Karina arrived on the same deck but on the opposite side than Ky’Larria. She was scanning the crowd for both the O’Brien look-alike as well as the Officer she had met just a few hours ago. It seemed like ages, already, and her body remembered the fear and elation at the woman’s nearness. A shiver ran down her spine and she mentally and physically shook herself to be free of it. Later she thought to herself. Right now they had imposters and a ship to find.

Ky’Laria’s initial impulse to go in for the– er, arrest, was stymied by the arrival of Karina. She hadn’t known where the Kuras was going- even Ky’Laria hadn’t known in the moment when took off after her ‘person of interest’ - but had arrived here all the same. This meant that the doctor had new information, and that was as much a tool as speed, strength or venom. So, the instantaneous decision was made to exit the lift in a wholly non-urgent manner and move as expediently as due care allowed so as not to draw the attention of her quarry. Instinct made its complaint heard loudly within her, but she swallowed deeply and figuratively gulped it down too.

Looking deeper at the crowds, her view got the back of the O’Brien doppelganger so she missed that. But the long legged Kuran across the deck wasn’t so easily missed. A smile lit her face and she moved to skirt the entire crowd to get to Ky, She had to let her know what was going on.


Ever graceful in motion, Ky’Laria scanned the surroundings, noting her target’s potential routes of egress. She listened for the woman’s voice, her breath sounds, her heartbeat; anything which she could use as a ‘signature’ to track her movements through the room, if she should choose to make any. As Karina approached, she eyed the doctor expectantly.

-Ky’Laria (Hunter, Interrupted)

Karina’s heart skipped a beat then raced as Ky’Laria got nearer. True, they hardly knew one another, but the doctor’s fight or flight knew a predator when it met one. It was nice to know she recognized that. What was confusing was her body not telling her to run.

“Ma’am…” she said as she approached. “I am glad to see you are well. There’s been a problem.” She glanced at the ‘target’ and moved to sit at the closest table so they were blending in and not ‘hovering’. But she made sure both her and Ky had line of site on the ‘O’Brien’ duplicate. “The man we saw who told us to find her,” she nodded to O’Brien, “wasn’t the real Stone.” She let the words sink into the Kuras’ mind.


Wasting no time on dramatic pause, Ky’Laria replied softly but with an air of something resembling impatience. “So you have met with ‘the real’ Stone, who has directed you here.” Featureless, silvery eyes glimmered under the lights as she continuously opened her senses to the room, feeling out for the heat of flushed cheeks, the tension of apprehensive breaths, or the earnest heartbeat of someone nervously waiting to spring into action. “What is our new plan?” she queried firmly.

Isaac turned his attention to the two woman as they chose their table and grazed over them in a professional stock taking. He wasn’t subtle nor did he intend to be; his job was deterrence, not stealth. The humanoid in particular made Isaac want to bare his teeth, though he had no solid basis why.

He exhaled deeply, heartbeat evening - a center ingrained from years of extremely long-ranged ‘field’ work - and time seemed to slow. It was a comfortable space to be in. Easy to see. Easy to hear.


The Asian woman turned to the others and waved them over. “Gangs all here,” she said brightly and nodded to a hooded figure in the corner who nodded back, “We can finally get this party started.”

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Ky’Laria bounced a rapidly darkening expression between the woman and the hooded figure, and a sensation of being imminently put on the back foot was intense enough to make her spots ache. Instinct demanded an immediate response to this affront; Kuras doctrine prescribed counterattack. She sprang out of her chair and moved briskly across the room toward the mysterious associate, keeping a close watch on everyone even as she stared her new quarry down.


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Sporting a bob haircut and a cheeky grin the young woman nodded to her hooded friend who raised the hood long enough to reveal the mirror version of Commander Stone, He then slipped quietly out.

Turning back to everyone the young woman spoke in a hushed voice, “My name is Keiko Ishikawa, my friend and I know you’re looking for the Athena, the truth is… we need your help to get her back”.

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Karina rose as Ky did and tried to grab the woman’s arm. But the table stopped her and left her scrambling to catch up. “Ky, wait!” She caught up with the Kuras reached the woman. She stood close to Ky on her right and listened. As the woman pleaded for help, Karina shook her head. “No… if you truly wanted help, you wouldn’t do it this way. Come to the Commander’s Office. Let’s explain to him what’s going on. Because I am not going to risk my career or the ship on some wild goose chase my superiors aren’t aware of. If you truly want to help. Let’s do it the right way.” Her body stepped just forward of the huntress as her hand reached to absently touch Ky’s arm in warning. She could feel the tension roll off the woman and she hardly knew her. Which meant things could go very bad, very fast, if she wasn’t careful.


Keiko spun and her eyes blazed like a neutron star. “The right way! You have no idea of the right way! Sitting here in your precious universe with your Federation to protect you. The right way where I’m from requires surviving another day. We already tried to get help from your universe and what did we get? People crossing over to take advantage of our resources and rip us off. We know about Section 31, the Conclave and all the people that have people inside your Federation, how the hell are we supposed to know who to trust? That’s why we asked you and not the high muckity mucks! How long have you known this Commander? Give me one good reason why we should trust him!?

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Karina frowned. She always assumed Section 31 was the myth that was perpetuated in the Academy. Section 31 below the school was the janitorial section. The joke was ‘Section 31 does all the dirty work’. She had just assumed, like most who were curious, that it was an old joke and not a real thing.

“I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know him well. But I know myself, and Ky’Larria well enough to ask you to trust US. That’s my ship that is out there. And I want her back! So if you know how that’s possible, you tell us,” she motioned to her and the Lady, “and I will do what I can to make it happen. And yes, I’ll probably trust the Stone. In the Federation, there are more good people than bad. And none of us know till we try.” She took a deep breath and shook her head with a shrug. “You are taking a chance on us, aren’t you? Same as we are with you. Let’s try and make this work so we can bring the Athena back. Please?”


In the bustle, the mirror version of Stone had quietly slipt away. Keiko straightened her shoulders and sighed, ‘Well, what we had planned to bring the ship back isn’t working, I guess I have little choice… go ahead… take me to your leader.”

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Karina set her hand on Ky’s arm as both a comfort to herself and a warning to the woman not to slay the ‘O’Brien’ before them. A shiver run up her own arm at the momentary flash of intimacy she may be projecting and swiftly removed it once more. “I say we take them. Nothing else to do.” She turned and headed for the lift she had come from. A tap to her comm badge to the Commander announcing their return. =^=Commander Stone, Niles here. We have the woman and are heading to your office. She wishes to speak to you.=^=

Karina led the way, somehow knowing Ky would follow. The nearness of the woman comforted the doctor. Something told her in a pinch, Ky was the best person to be on her side.


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