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Merri spoke up at this point. “We’re not entirely sure, but we do know it has to happen at the receptacle on Risa and that certain people have to be present.” She looked grim, “We have to be careful because the Wraiths will be sure to try and stop us, they’re stuck here in this dimension and would like nothing more than to cross into yours”.

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R’han wasn’t much into wraiths and the connected factors. It was all to mythical for him. Perhaps there was a scientific defense.


Luka listened without commenting. She knew little about the Bajoran Prophets, despite their similarity to the beings her people worshipped. She quietly wondered what Lune might think of all this. If Lune could even hear her prayers from this universe…

Luka, XO

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IC: Isabel stepped forward to face the Captain through the viewscreen. “It seems this woman, Aurora has a divine calling to do so. She and at least one other, the Male son of Mad needs to be present for it to work.”

Delaney, Sec

Ghubari looked puzzled. That name did not sound familiar. She looked over at her guests and gave them all a questioning look, especially Liam. Gazing at him, she understood. “That’s you, isn’t it?”

The man looked amused, “Well if you mix up Liam you get Mail which is what was said, and I am Madison which could be the Son of Mad”.

“Clever,” Koraia said flatly. She was a little tired of games at this point.

Merri spoke up, “One thing though… I believe that we are going to need people from both universes to fix this problem. The energy needs to come from both universes and there are two Madisons, one from each”.

Laraan saw the viewscreen from her chair as well. The babe had meanwhile fallen asleep, aided probably by Laraan’s low hum that she produced with her many vocal chords in a harmony that was known to have calming vibes and by the fact she was still channeling shreds of soft warm energy to Meridyth.

There was a wave of relief that flooded through Koraia as she saw the infant. Hopefully they would be reunited shortly.

She shrugged her shoulders when she saw Ghubari glancing her way, she had no idea who the male son of mad was. She looked at Aurora. “Never heard of him. In my universe Heel and the Heleen species are alive and well and on their way of becoming part of the United Federation of Planets. My mother in fact has a very similar channel to yours. She is one part of our only live ship, but she has constantly merged with the ship, until she’ll die.” Laraan said.

Laraan, CNS

Orvos also added, “Apparently a dark man in a dream told her. Sound familiar?” Orvos had never met the man, but when one plus one usually equaled two, finding the same pattern was not so difficult for him. Had Ghubari or anyone else shared a similar dream upon coming here? Given the type of ‘crystal’ they were dealing with, he thought someone might know. He watched carefully to his captain’s features and allowed his empathic senses to receive whatever may show.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

It was an uncomfortable moment of silence before Ghubari nodded her head. “Yes. That’s why we’re here, why I ordered us into the anomaly.” All she had done then was to ask her to to trust her implicitly and they had. Her spiritual beliefs, while profound, had guided her to understanding and accepting the strange void where Sisko had appeared. Other might have balked or resisted for much longer, whereas she surrendered herself to the unknown rather easily. That was Faith.

“We need you on the ship asap. We’re heading back to Risa. We’re running out of time,” Ghubari ordered. “That and I know a mother who would like to to be reunited with her infant.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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After a course had been set to the Athena, and the rest of crew aboard the Cyrano were getting ready to transport off, Orvos spoke up before the communique was cut. =/\=Captain, requesting permission to stay aboard while the others disembark? There are a few things I’d like to fix here and I can do that while en route to Risa. It also might prove helpful if I can get there before the Athena. Just in case the situation there is less than ideal.=/\= Obviously, he wanted to stay aboard the Cyrano while he had the chance. And it made sense to bring the ship anyway instead of leaving here or in the Athena shuttle bay…if it even fit.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Ghubari looked at Luka briefly. At the moment they just needed to be underway. =/\=Permission granted. Let’s go though. Let’s not keep destiny waiting,=/\= she said with a restless gesture of her hand.

OOC: By all means, Ian, if nothing is supposed to happen between here and Risa, you can get the Cyrano and us there and we’ll carry on.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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“I’ll stay on the Bridge, Ghubari,” Luka said when they reached the planet. “Go fix two universes.”


Koraia gave her XO a long look before she nodded. She was going to go anyway, but it was nice that they weren’t going to have a fight about it. It was too hard in this moment to explain her reasoning and something told Ghubari that she needed to be there, to witness however this was going to go down.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Luka stepped over to Ghubari and put her hand on the Captain’s shoulder. “Good luck, Captain. May the gods and prophets guide you.”

  • Luka, XO

Luka watched Ghubari go, then stepped over to the Captain’s chair and sat down.

Luka, XO

Luka and Ghubari watched from near the science station where Barclay was working. Merri had gone with the others down to the planet. There was a bleep from the sensors as something came into range.

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“What are we seeing?” Luka asked Barclay, glancing over at him, then looking over at the Ensign stationed at comms.

Luka, XO

Barclay raised an eyebrow and grinned, “It’s the Enterprise, they’re hailing”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“Comms, accept the call,” Luka said with a small smile, readying herself for the conversation. Was this their Enterprise, or the local one? She wondered.

  • Luka, XO

Picard came on screen and his face looked serious, =/\= I’d suggest you brace yourselves Athena, there is a combined Klingon Cardassian task force heading this way, they’re only minutes out and their intent is not peaceful =/\=.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“That would be unpleasant.” R’han downlinked the data from whatever Star-Fleet command they were interacting with. Tactical information was factual and the source was irrelevant.

He looked over to Luka… “More tactical details, would improve our chances.”

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