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It had been a few weeks since their… Excursion to the Mirror Universe. The ship picked up a few new crewmembers, and Luka was interested in getting to know the young officers. Well. Some of them were young. She’d read each of their files, and had re-read the files of a few of the Junior officers who had been here since before she joined the Athena.

Before getting everything prepared in one of the smaller mess halls, she re-read the pre-written message she had sent two days ago to several of the Junior Officers.

=^=Greetings. I am Commander Luka, your Executive Officer. As part of my position, I believe it is important to hear what you, the junior officers, have to say. Questions, comments, concerns, and opinions are all welcome here. I have spoken with your department heads to ensure that you are not scheduled for duty roster at 1600 hours, this Friday. Please find me in Mess Hall 4, for an informal dinner.”=^=

  • Luka, XO

Karina saw the missive when she took her break and bit her lip a moment. She wasn’t a fond member of the ‘let’s get to chat’ club between Command Staff and subordinates. Perhaps cause she could never think of anything to say. And perhaps, because when she did, it usually wasn’t overly nice.

But an invitation to dinner sounded better than a one on one sit down across a desk. Finishing up her reports, she tugged down the front of her uniform and headed for the Mess. Arriving a couple minutes early, she walked in an headed straight for the replicators to get a cup of lavender tea. If nothing else, getting off her feet seemed like great idea suddenly.

Tea in hand, she moved towards the set of tables that had been placed for the group and looked to see who else was there.

Ensign Karina Niles

“Ah, Karina. Thank you for coming,” Luka said with a small smile as the Doctor arrived. She was the first one to show up, and Luka couldn’t help but glance at the chronometer in slight worry. What if no one else showed up? That would certainly be awkward.

The tables were set, but the food hadn’t arrived yet.

Luka, XO

The next one to walk into the mess hall was Viyara Nazeen. As the invite had said “informal dinner” she was notdressed in her uniform. Instead she was clad in a pair of skinny jeans with artful tears in various places; black, strappy high heels; and a snugly fitting, dark purple top with spaghetti straps. Her long, dark hair was pulled back into a deliberately messy ponytail. Her attire left little to the imagination and a fair number of her tattoos clearly visible. As she walked across the room every ounce of her radiated confidence. Once she was within easy hearing range for both of them, she greeted them with a slightly mischievous smile and a nonchalant, “Good evening, Ladies.”

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

“Ah, and you must be Viyara!” Luka grinned to see this arrival. “Please, take a seat. It is a small dinner so there are only a few more we are waiting for. Thank you so much for coming. I do appreciate it. How are you finding the Athena so far? Have you settled into your jobs and living quarters yet?”

Luka, XO

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  • Miriam

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“I am,” Viyara replied with an easy smile, mustering Luka with interest for a moment before slipping gracefully onto one of the chairs. Leaning slightly backwards, her legs crossed at the knee, she let her focus wander now and then between Luka and Karina. “I’ve settled in very well. But that’s something I’ve never struggled with,” she answered nonchalantly.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

“I see. I’m glad that you have been settling in well.”

“I don’t want drugs, I want to get used to it.” A dark-haired crewman scowled downwards at a slender man as they both entered the Mess.

Despite the ill temper, Isaac certainly seemed no worse for wear outwardly. Dressed in easy black pants and simple black shirt, he moved with a casual smoothness that paired to the athletic fitness of his body.

Isaac West

Lane only snorted at him, hands in the pockets of his doctor’s coat. His bright blonde hair was already in disarray by the afternoon time and he seemed tired, but present enough. He dipped his head in greeting to the table as they neared.

Doctor Grauagen

Soon after the pair entered, a very short alien ensign ran over with an excited expression. “Food!” She exclaimed with a grin, slipping past Isaac and Lane and clambering onto a chair. “Hi everyone I’m Ensign Tikka!”

  • Tikka, Research Assistant

Viyara laughed softly as Tikka ran towards the table. “Nice to see you again,” she greeted her with a grin and a wink.

Luka stopped and stared at the Ensign briefly, meeting her eyes. They were from the same world, just different species. They shared somewhat of a knowing look, before Luka turned her attention to Lane and Isaac. “Welcome, Crewman West and Lt Cmdr Grauagen. I am happy to see the both of you here. Please, take a seat and get to know your crewmates. The food will be here soon.”

With that, the XO turned and headed out of the Mess Hall briefly.

Luka, XO

Raising one, eyebrow, Viyara watched the XO leave. She wondered what that was all about and hoped that she’d find out at some point during this social gathering. BUt for now she pushed those thought s towards the back of her mind and instead mustered person after person very closely.

Isabel walked in just as the XO was leaving. She turned her head though her feet kept moving her forward into the Mess Hall a few steps. The doors closed beyond the XO as Izzy’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. She turned to the rest of the junior officers and pointed towards the door. “That was our XO right?”

“It was indeed,” the dark-haired Trill wearing a pair of skinny jeans with artful tears in various places; black, strappy high heels; and a snugly fitting, dark purple top with spaghetti straps, replied. Her long, dark hair was pulled back into a deliberately messy ponytail. Her attire left little to the imagination and a fair number of her tattoos clearly visible.

“I know I am late, but I just got off my shift and wanted to change. Did I take too long?” She was dressed in a thick knitted dark forest green sweater tunic that fit her body well and sat off one shoulder, black leggings, and black suede knee high heeled boots. Her hair was fresh and brushed into soft curls of natural Irish auburn. Izzy hadn’t thought she had taken longer than 15 minutes, but maybe she misjudged the timing? Still, it seemed odd that the XO would leave so soon when it seemed even food had not yet been served. Sure she was simply missing something, she shrugged and moved to join the other junior officers present.

“Delaney, Security. Anyone want company beside them?” She said with a smile, warm and inviting.

Delaney, Sec

“We barely got passed introducing ourselves, so I’m not sure what that was about,” Viyara replied. Gesturing towards the chair next to her, she continued, “Have a seat. I’m Viyara Nazeen, biochemist and forensic scientist. Nice to meet you.” As she spoke, her gaze wandered slowly down the full length of Delaney’s body, taking in every inch of it.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientis

The sound of wheels could be heard, and Luka returned to the Mess Hall, pushing a large cart with three buffet pans. She wheeled it up to the table, then uncovered it to reveal a roast beef meal with mashed potatoes, sliced beef, assorted steamed vegetables, and gravy.

“Who’s hungry?”

Luka, XO

Just then, Va’rek came into the mess hall. He’d planned to get a quick bite for lunch and didn’t know anything about a gathering, and so he paid little attention to the group as he made his way to one of the replicator stations. He was thin, and pale, and wore a rather severe expression as always; wearing a fatigue jumpsuit with engineering colors.

The Vulcan punched in a command, and then seated himself a table or two away from the group, setting his tray of food down before him.

-Va’rek, Eng

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