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The towering figure of Ky’Laria looked, in her fitted black garb, ready for a fight, though her stance gave off a cooler stoicism. Slowly eyeing the gathered group, she eventually exhaled softly and said, “I can undoubtedly pilot one of your runabouts, though Starfleet would consider me untrained to do so.” Her gaze fell on the Commander. “I leave that information in your hands, Commander Stone. Do we break the rules to save the ship?” she asked coolly, a cynical sort of amusement barely showing in her features.

-Ky’Laria (Might Buzz The Tower)

Stone nodded, “Considering all cadets have to have basic training in shuttlecraft operations I’m sure you can handle it. Plus there’s the fact that I’m coming with you. There’s no time to waste from the sounds of things so unless there’s anything else we need to discuss, I’d suggest that we head to the main shuttle dock”.

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((going to forward us into shuttles… everyone mention who they are with… Lane and West, feel free to join any of the shuttles if you want))

Karina was hovering at the prescribed coordinates she had been given and was waiting for the others to get into their positions. She wasn’t exactly sure how this worked, but if it brought her space family back, she was willing to give it a try. =^=This is Niles, in position, Sir.=^=

(couple spots with me if anyone wants)

(OOC: I wanted to see how everyone sorted out, just put Lane and West with Karina.)
Lane and his seeming shadow watched from their space in the shuttle, neither experienced in piloting. The latter more grittingly interested in not revisiting the earlier coffee.

Stone replied from the “Ulysees” where he was accompanying Keiko. =/\= Thank you “Proteus”, we are in position also, “Calypso” are you in position yet?”

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OOC One of you, feel free to jump in as Calypso’s pilot.

Thollin eased the runabout into the designated coordinates and set the thrusters to station-keeping. He frowned at the readout and nudged the craft a little more to the left. Once their momentum had stopped he tapped the communications panel.
=/\= Calypso is in position. =/\=

–Tholin, Eng.

Keiko’s voice came over the ether =/\= I’m sending you all the specs on how to set your deflectors to emit a neutrino steam, we’re going to send them in a loop from Ulysees to Proteus, Proteus to Calypso and Calypso back to Ulysees. This should create a triangular neutrino flows like water going down the drain. That should be enough to draw the wormhole to this location and overcome whatever is blocking it… I hope. Let me know when you’re ready to send the stream =/\=

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Thollin grunted as he read through the specs. She was asking them to emit a high-frequency stream in a narrow bandwidth. While it was within the capabilities of the defector, it was near the upper limit. Deflectors were most accurate in the middle of their operating band, but became less accurate at the upper and lower limits due to increasing frequency distortion. If she’d asked him before they left the starbase he’d have recommended installing better phase discriminators in each runabout. But she hadn’t asked him, so they would have to do their best with what they had onboard. He quickly surveyed the deflector array.

=/\= Make sure you tie in the neutrino band-pass filter and set it to high-gain. That should ensure the emissions remain constant, =/\= he added gruffly.

Thollin, Eng.

Lane read quietly over Karina’s shoulder with creased brow. This was a science different than his own, but understandable broadly.

Grauagen, Medical

=/\=Thanks for the tip =/\= Keiko’s voice replied, =/\=We shouldn’t need to hold it for long, however, if Athena isn’t good to go on the other side we may need to do it multiple times, is everyone ready? =/\=

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Karina made the settings and was finally set. =^=Proteus ready=^= she finally said and waited for her signal to transmit. She was suddenly more thankful for the time the last few days she had spent in shuttles learning their systems more than she thought she needed. She’d have to send a thank you to the patient Lieutenant who answered her unending questions about every button and lever in the ship.


Thollin keyed all the sequences into the controls, tying in the filter and setting it to high-gain as he completed the specified modifications to the deflector. He made a quick double-check of the configuration and nodded his approval.
=/\= Calypso standing by. =/\=

Thollin, Eng.

=/\= Excellent, alright everyone, bring it on my count when I hit zero, 5,4,3,2,1, zero! =/\=

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Karina mouthed the final countdown and hit her button. She hoped everyone else was doing the same. Out the front window she watched as various other beams were emitted and she waited with held breath, hoping her ship would come home. The doctor murmured under her breath, “Come on… wwwoooorrrkkkkkk!”


Thollin hovered his finger over the button, pressing it when the count reached zero. The deflector began to hum as it emitted the beam. Thollin scanned the instruments carefully.
=/\= Calypso reporting. All systems nominal. =/\=

–Thollin, Eng

Neutrino readings started to increase across the spectrum and for a moment it looked like they were going to punch through but then the field suddenly collapsed. However in the split second before it did, outlined by energy feedback, a small cloaked jamming probe was visible to sensors and then faded to black again.

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