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He watched her for a moment before following, one eyebrow rising ever so slightly at the sight of the infamous Llama plush. It was the first time he’d really seen her since a lot of things had happened to both of them, and it was hard not to notice every detail, especially when all sorts of new context was available to him now… “I used to tell myself that a lot.” Va’rek found the words coming out as he thought them, sinking onto the sofa and leaning back. As he did this, he put his hands behind his head, in a reclined position that was unusual for his stiff disposition. He turned his head to look at her. “I think I see now that sometimes, it is not doing a thing wrong that hurts someone, but rather failing to act that causes hurt… I wanted to make sure that I had not failed to act in any way, that hurt you.” His hazel colored eyes were darker than her green ones, and they seemed steadier somehow than they had been. “Even during… During the hardest moments… I found that you were in my thoughts, and to think of you being hurt or injured… That caused me fear.” Va’rek closed his eyes for a long second. “I am not expressing very well, am I?”


Jess turned her head toward Va’rek and then rested her cheek on her bent knees for a few moments as she considered his words. As he reached the end of his statement, a soft smile quirked up the corner of her lips and she remarked, “you’re doing fine for a Vulcan.” A slight giggle escaped to punctuate the jest she intended to impart in the statement. Dropping her arms from their position clutching her knees, she mimicked Va’rek’s posture, extending her body outward and leaning her head back against the top of the sofa. “I never expected anything like that when I joined Starfleet,” she observed.

Dr. Lemann

Va’rek’s eyebrows rose in sympathy. “I do not think any of us expected that when we joined Starfleet.” His voice was even and quiet. “I know I did not…” He glanced back over at her. “Are you ok?”


Jessica’s lips had just folded up in to a rueful grin when she processed Va’rek’s question. It was a loaded one and one that she wasn’t even sure how to begin to answer at this particular moment. She shifted on the couch, dropping her socked feet into the lap of her companion as she leaned back against the arm of the couch to study him. The action could have been an attempt to distract the Vulcan from his line of inquiry and her coming response, or it could have simply been a more comfortable position for her to assume. “Sure, I guess,” she finally responded, her voice uncharacteristically dry and even. “How about you?”

Dr. Lemann

The Vulcan studied her in return, just looking… He wondered for a moment if she actually was ok. He wanted her to be ok. One of them should be, after all this mess… Finally he answered her: “I am definitely not alright.” He said honestly, there was some kind of peace gained from ackowledging the truth. “I am better than I was… and I have learned things that make it easier. I am not alright, but I will be.” The corner of his mouth turned up and he held her feet gently.


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