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All the talk seemed to obviously using context Va’rek lacked… It was slightly jarring to him in his present state of dystopian gloom. His hands had fallen silent on the keys. He wasn’t even sure who these officers were, which made him feel more out of step with the social conventions than normal. He tried hard to think of a reason to excuse himself. These people were friends… had history. There wasn’t much he could add here… a slight tremor began in one hand. “Perhaps I should order a beverage as well…” He found the words tumbling out.


Ghubari gave Va’rek an appraising look, but for the moment she didn’t say anything.

Julien’s eyebrow went up and he focused on Va’rek with a smile. It was true, this was the first time they met. Julien was a tall man in his fourties. He had green eyes although the left green eye looked oddly different than the right one and they stood out of his deeply tanned face, black short curly hair and dark complexion.
He had a certain rugged charm about him and carried himself with an air of confidence as if he owned the place, but not in an arrogant way. His smile was charming, showing a dimple in his left cheek.

“We haven’t really met before and this is such a big ship that I don’t get to see all new crewmembers in sickbay. How long have you been with us now?” he asked.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

And here Marishka thought she was done being ignored.

Holding her glass in her right hand, she nudged Julien in the ribs with her left. Her smoldering silver eyes looked into his and she smiled. It was a vicious little smile that bared a bit of teeth. Unless this charming man had completely lost his memory, he knew what they could do.

“I thought I was done pouring my own drinks for the night.” she said calmly.

  • Marishka

Julien’s attention was drawn by her smile and he gave a deep chuckle. “Yes you are.” he looked back at Va’rek “Hold that thought, I’ll be right back.” he said and went to the bar.

OOC: Not fair, I did bring the volcano drink already :-)

“And I guess I’ll get my own and one for the good Ensign here,” Ghubari said with a slight chuckle as she rose from the piano. She had thought the earlier challenge had been an offer, but it didn’t matter. And now she was too curious not to investigate it herself.

Slipping behind the bar, she snooped about till she found the concoction that seemed to be what Julien had been advocating. She grabbed a couple glasses and filled them up, not even wanting to guess what a proper ‘serving’ size was.

The captain moved with a grace that she would not have described herself as having as a captain. But all the rehab and dancing she had done with Konral certainly had done the trick and she now moved as if she had always had this leg just as it was. Mostly. her body remembered it otherwise and on occasion she had to remind it to just go with what was happening now.

Offering the drink, Ghubari sat back at the piano bench and took a sip of the heady drink she knew would cause her problems later. “Whew, am I going to need to visit Sickbay in the morning?”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Now that everyone finally had a drink, Julien took a deep sip from his and chuckled at Ghubari.
“No way, you’re the Captain, you get room service.” he said and winked at her.

Ghubari snapped her finger into a pointing gesture. “You’re right, there is that. Can’t have ones commanding officer stumbling the corridors about bleary-eyed, now can we?”

Marishka watched the interplay with the eyes of a trained professional, or a very good bartender. Smiling, she sighed and glanced at the men around her.

“You know, if the Captain and our dear Ensign keep playing like this, I’m going to have to keep drinking or find a dance partner. Or, perhaps, it’s tine to put the Engineer’s sound system to the test after all.”

Marishka wasn’t certain of which avenue she wanted to take but the Diva persona was close to her actual mood so she was going with it.

  • Marishka

“I’m all up for a dance.” he said, already draining the last drops from his glass. He would have to drink a lot more and harder for it to register in his half-android body.

He gave Stark a glance. “Do Caitians dance? Your wife looks like she would be quite a graceful dancer.” he said.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

Marishka drained her drink and made her way to a clear space int he room. If Julien wanted her, he could come get her. There was a small part of her that remembered what happened every time they danced together but she was still willing to take the chance.

  • Marishka

Koraia glanced at Va’rek. “You don’t have to drink it of you don’t want to. And i think I’m minded to play something with a light swing. Nothing rushed.” She looked over the piano. “I might take song requests and I might even sing, but I can’t guarantee I’ll know the lyrics.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“I was once informed that I should certainly try Tennessee Whiskey, Neat.” the Vulcan said, hoping he’d gotten the name right. “Apparently it encourages the growth of body hair…” one eyebrow rose in jest.


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