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Intel came through from the Enterprise and Calhoun’s ship the Excalibur was also moving out of orbit to be a part of their group. All ships were relatively evenly matched. Incoming was 6 ships, 3 Cardassian Galor class, and 3 Klingon Vor’cha, their configuration was heavier on beam weapons than torpedos and their shielding was less than Athena’s battle group favoring power to offense rather than defense. maneuverability was much of a muchness between both groups. The odds were in favor of the Alliance due to numbers.

Barclay looked over the info and made it available to all screens. ” 3 minutes to contact,” he said all business now.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

“We’ll have to plan maneuvers in advance, or one ship should be tactical control. I’d rather that ship be us, so they don’t make us turn an unshielded arc towards the enemy…” R’han plugged in information. “Have we decided that we don’t care about damaging the timeline here by having an pronounced effect in an alternate universe?”

R’han CTO

Picard had been listening in over the open comm line. “We stand ready to assist Athena, Commander Burgoyne on the Excalibur will defer to us in this matter. We are more than happy for you to take point on this”.

Barclay muttered quietly “Less risk to your ship that way…” he looked up “90 seconds to contact”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han made no effort to hide the fact that he was annoyed by that order. He hoped that Koraia would reject that order, but she probably wouldn’t her duty would control her response even to the cross dimensional Picard.

=^=Bridge to all crew, evacuate the forward decks. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.=^=

“Get ready to get those shields altered the moment we get the all clear,” Luka looked to R’han. “Alright, three ships against six with weak shields, this is going to be a classic Moira situation. Alpha-42 formation, we need to split them up, possibly use the environment against them.”

Luka, XO

R’han nodded, dividing the enemy using their superior firepower to destroy the enemy in detail. Further spliting the forces would puch the attacks on the flanking ships and away from the Athena. “I concur completely.”

The crew had been ready for this and evacuated swiftly.

Shortly after that was accomplished the six ships came in, forming two triangles, the Galor class from the left and the Vor’cha from the right in a classic pincer movement with the planet behind Athena’s task group.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

=/\=Koraia to Athena. Misisson successful,=/\= she said with unusual softness. =/\=What’s your status?=/\=

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“We can’t turn into the attackers because that would expose our rear to the enemy unless.....” He looked at the tactical situation. “Use the Excaliber to engage on of the squadron on the port… using circumvental attitude, all the have to do is keep the port attack force off us long enough for us to destroy one or two of the right flanking force. It is a historical tactical flaw to split a force in the face of a superior enemy. The value of flanking maneuver can be easily countered.”


The pincer movement never happened, at the last second the attackers broke off, and instead of flanking the task force, they dove straight for the planet below.

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R’han didn’t care much for the planet, it was surprisingly difficult to destroy one, unlike ships. People and buildings could be replaced… star-shps were a much more difficult thing.

“Pursuit course?” Chancing them would keep the forward shields to the enemy and minimize counterattack, this fair fight was quickly tilting to their favor.


“Pursue and fire at will. Just try not to miss,” Luka ordered, looking at R’han and giving him an affimative.

Luka, XO

Finally, R’han thought… he could do what he did best. He expression turned wolf-like and he appeared totally focused not even looking at the main screen instead just using his tactical screen.

The task group wheeled on the six ships, sensors showed that they had targetted the coordinates on Risa where the rest of the crew were currently repairing the Mirror Orb of the Prophets.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han accelerated the ship and re-oriented the ship pivoting without the normal tendency to maneuver the ship like a plane flying through the air. Their weapons didn’t need to be any closer to hit, but he wanted to cut down the time from firing to impact… damage volume was more important than anything else at this point.

He armed and launched quantum torpedoes first as they would take longer to reach the target and he could remotely guide them if they went astray from the quick launch.... “Quantum torpedoes away.” He launched a full volley of five in a star formation at a single ship. That would ruin pretty much anyone’s day.

Phasers would come to bear next… “I’m going to hit the impulse and attitude controls of the second ship, perhaps they will be forced to avoid entering t he atmosphere or burn up trying saving us the aggravation in the first place.


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Luka pressed the comms and hailed Ghubari. =^=Firefight with a few enemies. Nothing we can’t take care of.=^= to herself, she muttered “i think”

Luka, XO

=/\=Acknowledged. We have injured down here and need to get them up to the ship. Let us know when it’s safe to drop shields, but the sooner the better,” Koraia replied.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Athena’s fire rocketed into the second ship of one group overwhelming their aft shielding and sending them spinning into the ship next to them eliminating both, Enterprise and Excalibur went after the other group of three. Enterprise fired transphasic torpedoes that completely ignored the shields of two vessels bringing them to dust, Excalibur took care of the third by neatly placed phasers that destroyed its bridge but the maneuver took both ships further away from Athena and the last ship.

Barclay on sensors yelled out, “Remaining ship is increasing speed and pulling away, they’re doing a suicide run at the planet”.

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A ship at full speed could keep the torpedoes at bay for a long time… perhaps too long. It would have to be the phasers. “You’re not going to like this.” R’han said, as he increased the Athena’s speed. mimicking the suicidal course of the last of the trio. Phasers likely wouldn’t have enough punch to destroy a ship with the time they had. Destroy their ability to do a ‘safe’ atmospheric entry and the planet would do all the hard work. “Targeting the impulse drives.... continuous fire.” R’han locked on and wouldn’t let go of the impulse engines he targeted.... The blue beams lanced out angrily.

“We could lose the ship and… or the phaser banks…” He finally looked up at Luka. It might be his plan but would have to be Luka’s order ultimately. He winced as if the whine of their ship was transmitting directly to him.


Orvos and his mirror counterpart had both managed to get the Cyrano into a position to assist the Athena.

=/\=Chief Engineer Legen on the Cyrano. Can we be of assistance Athena?=/\=

On the Athena’s sensors, the Cyrano had weapons ready on the target ahead.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

=^=Feel free to fire, Orvos,=^= Luka exclaimed, then also nodded in support of Rhan’s plan.

Luka, XO

Phasers lanced out at the remaining ship chewing inexorably through the shields and making their way hungrily towards the impulse engines…

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist
OOC I’ll just give Cyrano a chance to be in on this :-)

R’han could do the math in his head and with his eyes… he stated the obvious. “Its going to be close.”


== Alliance Warship Tocsin ==
The shields on the Galor-class flashed and spluttered as the Athena’s phasers burned through, charring the hull around the port impulse engine. On the bridge the ship shuddered violently and sparks rained down as a conduit overloaded. In the Captain’s chair was a Klingon, whose right arm was laced with shrapnel. Bright pink blood was visible through the jagged rips in his sleeve. A Tellarite woman wearing tight black leather was tending to his injuries. Another shudder was followed by a scream as a console exploded, sending a Cardassian flying through the air. Another Tellarite, a young male, jumped up to take the Cardassian’s place at the smoking engineering station. One look at the man told Thollin he was now the ship’s chief engineer. Fortunately the damage to the console looked worse than it was. Only a status panel had blown out and not the main board.
“Aft shields are down to twenty percent!” Thollin shouted as he surveyed the damage.
“Don’t shout at me you miserable swine! Reroute all shield power to the aft quarter!” The Captain shouted back. Then he hollered in agony as the Tellarite woman twisted her instrument in the wound in his shoulder. He looked at her with blazing eyes.
“Don’t talk to my son like that,” she said. He smiled at her lewdly.
“I will kill you son if we don’t get to that planet,” he replied.
“You won’t have to worry about killing me if we don’t get out of range of that ship!” Thollin said smugly.
“Then get me more speed!” The Captain replied as he banged his left fist on the arm of his chair. Thollin banged his fists on the engineering console and then spat on it.
“The relays have been severed! I can’t transfer more power to the engines from up here, I’ll need to get to engineering.” He was about to leave when he got an idea. “But, I can give you power for the aft disruptor cannon.”
“Do it!” The Captain replied. “Then we’ll make them bleed just as they have made us!” Thollin rerouted the remaining auxiliary power to the aft cannon.
“Done!” He said triumphantly.
“Target the pursuing ship and fire at will!” The Captain roared to his weapons officer. Thollin cast a quick look at his mother, who was still fawning over the disgusting Klingon, then he stormed off the bridge. With luck the ship would hold together long enough for him to get to his engine room and save all of their skins.

–Mirror Thollin, Acting CE

OOC: Awesome! Welcome to the fray, Jared. lol ~Linds

OOC Nicely done, Jared, You’d be in on their plans in your current position so I’ll share that their plans are to use the ship to destroy the Mirror Orb by ramming the dais where it is housed on the planet below :-) Ian

OOC: Thank you! I can roll with that.

It was at that point that Orvos pushed the engines forward, firing a solvo of torpedoes, destined to strike the ship entering the atmosphere. He waited, watching for them to hit their target.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

== Alliance Warship Tocsin ==

With all power diverted to the aft shields the Athena’s phasers were no longer burning through. Further complicating matters the Tocsin’s aft cannon opened fire, unleashing a withering barrage of spiralling bolts of energy. This pursuit had just become much more complicated. But then four shimmering points of light grew ever closer to the Tocsin’s hull. They were approaching obliquely from off the port bow, where no shields stood between them and their target. The first torpedo struck on the fin above the rear disruptor cannon, shearing it off cleanly. The second struck along the lateral sensor array, tearing a jagged hole into the side of the ship and venting several compartments. The third blew open the cargo bay, sending dozens of cargo containers into the cold vacuum of space. The fourth hit the aft heat exchanger, triggering a massive secondary explosion as plasma running through the coolant loop ignited. The combined blast broke the Tocsin’s back, ripping her entire stern off…

Thollin rounded a corner and continued on his way to engineering. The ship’s intercom sounded the paging tone.
{{ Brace, }} the Captain’s voice said in an ice cold manner. ’Brace for wha-’ Thollin was thrown bodily into the wall beside him. Klaxons sounded. He had barely recovered when the deck lurched and he collapsed onto it in a heap. The deck jumped again as another powerful convulsion rocked the ship. The next moment he found himself in total darkness, feeling his stomach flop sickeningly as he became weightless. Then he felt the hairs on his neck rise as he fell. There was a bright flash and an agonizing wave of pain shot through him as he crashed into the unyielding surface of the deck again.
He lay still for several moments, struggling to breathe. The only sound he could hear was a sharp ringing in his ears. Blinking, he realized that he could see his hands in the faint glow of the emergency lights. His whole left side felt stiff and everything hurt. Pulling himself slowly to his feet, Thollin limped to the nearest control panel. The console was dark. He limped slowly to the next one, passing open hatches for the escape pods. The ship felt different… The deck wasn’t vibrating to the steady droning of the engines anymore. But he felt as if they were moving, sliding forward and to port.
He reached the console and braced himself against the bulkhead. The screen was flickering but the readout was operable. He had to key commands several times when he realised he could hear again. The world sounded muffled and far away, but each button was definitely beeping in response to his touch. The evacuation alarm was also sounding its steady, warbling tone. The console told him what he already knew. The Tocsin was crippled, and even now was spiralling downward toward its doom. Caught in the planet’s gravity it would enter the atmosphere shortly and burn up. The deck shuddered and a series of hollow blasts echoed and reverberated through the Tocsin’s tortured frame. ’Wait… That’s the-’ He slammed the comm panel.
“MOTHERRRRRR!” He shrieked as the command module separated from the stricken hulk of the ship. ’They were supposed to wait for me… That Klingon bastard!’ Thollin punched the console, smashing the glass surface and the bones in his fingers. He howled in pain and rage, then limped to the nearest escape pod and dragged himself in…

The Tocsin’s burning wreck corkscrewed toward the planet, spewing gases and accompanied by a field of shining debris. The impacts from the torpedoes had altered her heading sufficiently that any sections that survived their fiery reentry would crash harmlessly into the sea. Suddenly there were a series of flashes around the command module, which then separated from the rest of the ship. Explosive bolts threw it clear of the wreckage, and in moments the impulse engines along its stern glowed brightly. Accelerating rapidly it resumed its race toward the planet, its shields beginning to glow as it began to enter the atmosphere. The trajectory indicated it was heading precisely for the dais. This pursuit wasn’t over, and they were running out of time…

Mirror Tholin, Acting CE

Luka growled, her upper lip separating from her lower to show off her teeth. “Fire! Stop them!!”

Luka, XO

R’han switched targets smoothly… he opened up with phasers first as they they were the fastest from targeting to impact… but he armed and launched the quantum torpedoes with his other hand. “Firing....”


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