Side Sim- Duality At Its Finest (Risa)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim- Duality At Its Finest (Risa)
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IC: When someone took Laraan from him, Liam’s worried mind washed over with relief. With a bit of effort, he rose upright and steadied himself. He bent down long enough to brush the dirt from his uniform. The usually well-kept image battered by the series of events leading to this moment. Needless to say, he disliked being in the middle of the chaos. He pulled his shirt to straighten the wrinkled surface into a better presentation. Gradually, his attention drifted to his mirror copy of this strange dimension.
The man had wandered a notable distance from the celebrating group. Curiosity got the better of him as the CSO casually made his way toward his doppelgänger. Once beside him, Liam let out a soft sigh then began the conversation.

“I noticed we had something in common. How did it happen?” It was brash attempt to share some common ground, but Liam knew no other way to put it lightly. Some things were better to rip off than leave alone.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Liam made no bones of it, “I volunteered to have the symbiote implanted. I guess the idea of being something more was appealing. Didn’t turn out quite how I’d expected though, how about you? What’s your story?”

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Madison’s grey eyes continued to linger on the scenery around them. A weathered, aged aura seemed to seep into his very being the longer he remained silent. His arms folded behind him as he considered how to summarize the event up.

“We were exploring a new nebula and its inhabitants. While on the Away Team, I was kidnapped and the creature forced into me.”

His fingers tightened their grip about his wrist until they turned white. Feeling the sharp pain, the CSO released it immediately. The memory of the hooded man’s hand holding his mouth open while the strange female guided it down his throat still remained strong in his mind. Each scent, touch, and more felt more real than this moment. If his logical mind hadn’t argued it, he might’ve thought he was reliving it again.

The most bitter thing was these scars refused to leave him alone. They just lingered and haunted his calm moments. He took a breath then continued.

“I had no choice in the matter. By the time the Captain,” he looked about when everyone starting to converse with their copies before he returned to gaze forward, “found me, it altered my DNA and replaced my back muscles. So far, we are still learning about the overall damage and how to reverse the procedure.”

At this point, they only had a decent knowledge of the physical damage. Any mental evaluation had been less than satisfactory and ignored in favor of his fear. Thankfully, he didn’t need large amounts of sleep to function properly. A useful habit from his Academy days, even if it was harmful in the long run.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

“Nasty”, Liam exclaimed, “I was okay until they sold me out to the Klingons as a living battery in a Borg inspired nightmare factory. However, in my case I enjoy the power, perhaps in time you might feel the same?”

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

A darkened shadow crossed Liam’s and he looked to his mirror copy. It was obvious, he didn’t agree. With a soft breath, he turned his attention back to the scenery.

“If I had a choice, I would remove the blasted thing and return to normal. I don’t see the purpose in keeping it. We know so little of it and honestly, there has only been a small benefit.”

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Puzzlement was on Liam’s features as he pondered what his twin had said. “I’m afraid I can’t help you there, I have never tried to have it removed so I know nothing about how that could be accomplished.”

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

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