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“Beam back to the ship” Ghubari ordered. “Anyone who is injured or doesn’t need to be here, should go too,” she said, knowing that a few of them had unfinished business here.

With all the power Aurora took from him, he knew his parasite would start to demand radiation soon. He didn’t want to be holding Laraan when that happened. Realizing this, his eyes shifted to the other Liam. The CSO wondered if the man felt the same way as him. Most importantly, he watched to see if the mirror image could control himself.

–CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci

Liam looked at him with understanding. “Maybe the lava channel?” he mused out loud.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist
OOC Nicely done people, I sped up the sim a bit as Linds and I realized that what I’d attempted to complete was too much, plus with all the mirror twin background you gave we could have gone on for several more adventures. Feel free to connect with your twin now on Risa but please feel free to start your own side sim to do so or this thread will become unmanageable. As soon as the Starbase people open the wormhole we’ll split the timeline so that Athena can return home whilst the celebrations continue here.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Va’rek had let go the Captain’s hand, the entire scene had been a sickening rush of emotion. A blur in which he couldn’t really distinguish what he was seeing from what he was feeling. He found he felt empty, numb. Perhaps like a person deafened by a loud blast. He stood stunned for a moment, agape. Then as his head began to clear, he saw the Counselor and the CSO, and Stark crawling to help. He moved quickly to the CIO’s side. “How can I help?” he asked.


Stark looked at him intently, “Would you be willing to give some of your life force Va’rek? She’s completely drained and I have nothing left of my own to give her. There’s some risk, in her current state her control of the energy drain might not be too good, she might take too much, but would you be willing to try anyway? I would be in your debt”.

=^=Firefight with a few enemies. Nothing we can’t take care of.=^= Luka’s voice came through comms.

Luka, XO

=/\=Acknowledged. We have injured down here and need to get them up to the ship. let us know when it’s safe to drop shields, but the sooner the better,” Koraia replied.

It was strange. There were enough people to help those that needed it, and now it seemed she had nothing to do but keep watch over her people until they were all back on the ship and safe. Then they could go home.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

A few people exclaimed as looking up they saw what looked like shooting stars race across the midnight sky.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Stark Nightstalker CIO

There was no hesitation, even now in this oddly empty state. The Vulcan knew something had broken, but whether or not he was damaged, he wasn’t sure. There would be time enough to assertain that later. He took a knee near the Caitian and nodded. “What must I do?” Va’rek asked softly.

OOC: Channeling is a conscious act for her, she can’t do it unless she’s conscious. Right now she’s not, she looks like she was in a deep sleep.
- Laraan

Stark looked at the Vulcan, “Hold her hand for me Va’rek, hopefully, she’ll sense it and draw whatever she needs. She’s out but the stimulus might help.” He looked around in frustration, “I hope we get to a med bay soon,” He bent to her ear and whispered, ‘Come on Ran, come back to me.’

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Aurora and Laraan sank down next to the trio both looking exhausted. Laraan stroked her mirror sister’s head put her other arm around Aurora and murmured “I was alone and now no more”. She looked at Stark’s expression and gave a small smile, “Now I understand why you helped”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

The Vulcan’s hazel colored eyes met Stark’s for a moment, and he nodded. As he reached to take Laraan’s limp hand, he hoped that whatever needed to happen would happen. He wasn’t sure he had strength enough to reach out and join her mind, or if that was something Laraan would even allow. For a split second, the crippling self doubt returned… but Va’rek ignored it and tried to trust Stark’s direction. Gripping her hand, Va’rek closed his eyes and waited.

Kaylee stood in awe, watching the scene unfold all around her. While she might not understand everything that was happening, there was no denying the wonder of the moment. Her eyes looked up to the sky, wondering what was to happen next.

-Kaylee Baxter

In the milling crowd there was a flash of blond hair and for a second Barbara Baxter waved a beckoning hand.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

As her eyes gazed the crowd, Kaylee did a double take. Was that… her mother? The surprise confused her, why wouldn’t there be a counterpart to her mother here, when she had already come face to face with her own doppelgänger.

Making her way through the crowd, she approached where woman cautiously… (OOC: I’ll move this to a proper side sim thread for us Ian)

-Kaylee Baxter


Stark’s voice and the other multi-layered voice sounding like hers, caused a flutter in Laraan’s closed eyelids. As Va’rek took her hand she felt his energy without drawing from it - it was just too much of a tabu still to draw from another human being. But his energy felt familiar for some reason.
Finally she opened her light grey eyes and immediately seeked out the pitch black of Stark’s eyes. The corners of her lips quirked up as she saw mirror Laraan next to Stark.
“Wh… We look good together.” she whispered. “But you’re mh.. mine.”

  • Laraan, CMS

Stark sighed a little in relief, “That’s my girl,” he said stroking her arm with his paw. “Va’rek here has agreed to give you some energy should you need it”.

Kingston tore her attention away from the orb, though it was difficult. A part of her (the insatiably curious part) wanted to reach out and touch it, but she pulled her hand back before she did something stupid. Shifting her position closer to Izzy, she looked over the security officer. “Are you alright?” Janna asked, her vivid green eyes searching Delaney’s face.

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

OOC: Sorry to ask this, but one question. Who or did anyone remove the CNS from Liam’s hold? Last I wrote, he was holding her and checking her vitals, but I don’t see any clear statement in the replies that she was taken from him. I might’ve missed it in the catch-up. He would’ve allowed it because he has no idea how to help her and I wanted to double-check to be sure and note where he was in the scene.

-Janice B.

OOC: She’s still lying there, but only just woke up. Most of us haven’t really moved positions much because the Athena is under attack and can’t beam us up until they can drop shields. Which should be soon I think. ~Linds

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