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Posted Aug. 12, 2020, 1:10 p.m. by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabel Delaney (Security Officer) in COS Office - Isabel Delaney Evaluation

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Isabel Delaney (Security Officer) in COS Office - Isabel Delaney Evaluation

Posted by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) in COS Office - Isabel Delaney Evaluation
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Konral had been going over a lot of his crew officers under his command and there was one that he had been feeling for some time wasn’t getting as much attention despite the near-flawless service he had observed from her in the past few years. Isabel Delaney was someone he felt a bit of regret not working closer on seeing just how bright and smart she seemed to be. This was something he felt a need to change and rectify as he wanted to see what he could do to learn more about her.

=/\= Isabel Delaney please report the Chief of Security office as soon as you can.=/\= Konral said, not wanting to appear like the young officer was in trouble, as it wanted to keep this whole ordeal very ordinary if he could.

Vander, COS

Izzy looked up and bumped her head. Groaning, she held her hand to the spot where she would likely have a tender bump later. “Ow,” she said softly in the empty space of the Jeffries Tube she was inspecting. A call from the Chief of Security was unusual for her. “Aye Lieutenant.” He was basically a very hands off chief. Though she didn’t know if she liked his methods, it had basically meant that she was able to do her job without much intervention at all. It had worked out well enough for her so she guessed she didn’t have much to complain about.

Yet if she was to need him as a reference in the future, there would be little he could say other than she was professionally proficient. He knew next to nothing about her except what was in her file. She had never met a department head less involved in getting to know the staff underneath him. And any training she wanted was at her own insistence and through basic programs Star Fleet offered in the holodeck. So why would he be calling to her now? Was she getting transferred? Was she getting promoted? Was he simply checking in?

She crawled through the tube to the nearest exit and then made her way through the ship to his office, arriving only a few minutes after the call.

Delaney, Sec

“Enter,” Konral said as he looked up, expecting Isabel as he set aside the PaDD he had as he waited to see if it was indeed her answering he request or another officer.

Watching her enter, Konral smiled as he stood from his chair. “Glad to see you could make it Lieutenant, please have a seat,” he said as he pointed to the chairs at the end of his desk as he began to walk over to the replicator.

Vander, COS

She returned his easy smile with a smile as well, though hers was more on the nervous side. Other than a bit of nerves and general confusion, she was closed down tight to telepaths and empaths. This was no slight against her chief, but rather the cultivated and organic shields built over her lifetime and through her trauma. She nodded to him even though he had already turned from her to approach the replicator. “Aye sir.” she replied and walked over to the seat provided. Based on the mood she observed, it was unlikely that she had done anything wrong. That made her relax a bit in the seat.

“I would like a coffee if that is not too much trouble. Cream and caramel. Please.” Izzy assumed that he was going to ask her if she wanted something from the replicator. If it wasn’t, she was asking politely and he could always decline and let her get some herself. If it was, stating what she wanted would bypass an unnecessary step. She let out a soft “OH!” as she realized one more thing she would like and spoke excitedly. “And a chocolate covered shortbread biscuit.”

Realizing she was perhaps pushing it, she quieted down a bit and simply said, “Please.”

Delaney, Sec


Konral couldn’t help but chuckle softly “Certainly.” he said as he came back with a tray that had her requested coffee and biscuit as he settled down as he grabbed the other cup that had some uttaberry and jasmine tea as he took a deep breath. “Thank you so much for coming. I wanted to just get a chance to sit down and talk a little with you. We hadn’t have had many chances outside of work situations to talk, felt it was needed to change that for now.” he said with a smile as he took a deep inhale before taking a sip.

“I had been going over your file, I really appreciate your excellence, have for a long time but just wanted to know more about you, tell me about yourself Lietuenant.” Konral asked as he looked over at her.

Vander, CoS

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