Sidesim: The Nexus - Janna and Stark

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Guinan nodded once. “Possible yes. But the only future possible is one outside of the Nexus. Remember, time has no meaning here. You can visit anywhere, anytime. And you can leave anywhere, anytime.”

And there it was, the understanding of why this place was so dangerous, of why she needed to leave it. There could be no joy for her here, and so it was the worst kind of trap. A nightmarish one. Moisture rolled over her slightly rounded cheeks and Janna was startled momentarily before she wiped it away. “I want to leave. Now,” she said adamantly.

~Janna Kingston, ACNS


As dark cloud started pushing over the hills, Guinan answered, her eyes on the horizon ahead. “As I said, you can leave to any moment. Where would you go? And what you do?” she asked, her eyes still fixed on the cloud ahead. Despite her patience and wisdom, Guinan seemed…nervous.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE (Playing Guinan)

“I just want to go back to the Athena, or even the Starbase, where we were before we were brought… here,” Janna said bluntly. Was it that hard to understand? “Will Orvos stay here?” she asked, suddenly afraid for him. She had spent just enough time with him that she understood there was a connection between them. It could mean nothing, but she… cared. As hard as that was to admit, she did care about him and what happened to him.

~Janna Kingson, ACNS

Guinan then looked to Janna, trying to keep the clouds away from her focus. “If you go back to the time you were brought here, time will then begin to take place where you are. You would likely end up back here without a plan. As for Orvos…” she said trailing off, trying to keep her expressions as neutral as possible, yet still showing some evident pain to what she was about to say. “Orvos might leave or stay. But if he doesn’t leave, you’ll know when you talk to him.”

At the top of the hill, a figure came up and over, moving towards them tiredly. Guinan gently stood up and moved forward tensely as her gaze fixated on the man in the distance. The man appeared tired, and kept looking over his shoulder, not paying particular mind to the trio.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Stark watched on with fascination straining to see who it was.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Fed up with this insanity-inducing situation, Janna simply shook her head. “Oh, he’s coming back with us,” she said adamantly, not even entirely sure why she felt so certain of it, or how she would convince him of it.

Spinning on the ball of her foot, Janna headed towards the incoming figure. Either it was Orvos, or it wasn’t and she had to go find him. But either way, she and him needed to have a talk.

~Janna Kingson, ACNS

As she got closer, the familiar outline of Orvos was made clearer as he too stepped closer haggardly. He caught sight of them, but kept at his current pace. A sleek steel sword was in his hand as he dragged it behind him. A tear in his shirt could be seen starting from his left shoulder and ending on the right side of his torso. Dirt smudged his face and clothes, and beads of sweat had poured down his face. Blood also stained the edges of the slash across his chest, but upon closer look, one would note that it was healing quickly.

Guinan stayed where she was monitoring the situation, eyes fixed on the storm ahead.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Janna’s pace quickened as she made her way over to him, breaking into a jog. Her green eyes held so much of the worry that had flooded her body and as she reached him, she immediately reached out gently rested the tips of her fingers on his chest, careful not to touch the wound. Tipping her head up at him, her vision blurred and she wiped away an errant tear. “What happened?” she asked him, her voice barely above a whisper. All of it was strangely intimate, and yet given their interactions before, and the strange sort of ease between them, it also felt perfectly natural.

~Janna Kingston

“Kivon,” he said tiredly as he put a hand on Janna for support. “He is trying to get to the two of you. He wants to use you to get to me, but I won’t let him. He’s distracted for now, but you must leave here. You must leave the Nexus.” He was confident in this, and he knew full well that he could not leave now.

Stark stood on silently in sentry mode a few respectful steps back. He kept Guinan in his eye sweep as well trying to read everything and anything in this crazy upside-down place where thoughts made fiction into fact.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Meanwhile Guinan stepped closer, her eyes never leaving the storm moving in.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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