Main Sim - Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly.

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Barclay was muttering sulphurously under his breath. “Aim carefully, we’ve got to atomize that thing or any of the pieces could take out the orb and kill people on the surface.

“Your welcome to take over if you think you can do better.”

“You are doing great, R’han,” Luka spoke, giving a look to Barclay.

“Shutting up,” Barclay said looking intently at the screen.

Flying in from the side Enterprise and Excalibur were racing against the clock to try to get a viable angle to fire.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Thollin touched the flashing red indicator and was pressed down into his seat as the escape pod launched. The thrusters immediately went crazy, firing madly as the pod’s computer tried to navigate through the Tocsin’s debris field. The pod shuddered and shimmied, and Thollin could hear objects rattling along the hull. He didn’t care. Working the controls with one hand he brought the pod’s sensors to bear on the Tocsin’s command module.

It’s shields were straining against the friction of re-entry, but they were holding. Suddenly a phaser beam crashed into the rear shields, which glowed brightly as they tried to deflect the energy. The combined strain of the high-speed atmospheric interface and the phaser barrage proved too much for the shields to handle. They began to weaken, visibly appearing dimmer as the seconds passed agonizingly slowly. As the shields winked out the hull began to glow brightly. Pieces of plating began to shed as the command module burned. Finally the hull succumbed to the stress, breaking apart into several pieces which each trailed a streamer of fire behind them. A series of torpedoes raced into the field, spreading out and striking the largest pieces of wreckage. They exploded in brilliant flashes of blue, sending clouds of flaming debris in all directions like fireworks.

Through his tears Thollin used the sensors to trace the origin of the weapons, zooming in on the vessel responsible for his mother’s death. The computer enhanced the image and Thollin stared intently at the display. ‘U.S.S Athena, NCC-17819-E.’ The escape pod entered the planet’s atmosphere and the pod’s sensors slowly lost contact with the Athena due to the increasing interference. But Thollin would never forget the sight. And he would never forgive…

Mirror Thollin, Acting CE

OOC Beautifully done thank you.

As the ship blew up a few larger chunks of it started to enter the atmosphere and head towards the planet. A neutrino surge off the bow announced the presence of a wormhole the disappeared as quickly as it appeared leaving behind three Federation runabouts deposited in near proximity.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Thollin felt his stomach tighten as the Calpyso was drawn into the wormhole. He tried to fight it with the impulse engines but to no avail, then spent the rest of the ride trying to stabilize the bumpy flight.

Karina watched the wormhole effectively suck them in and close behind them. “NO!!!!” She cried and tried to get a reading that said she could go back. Glancing out the window the other way, she saw the explosion. Another ‘no’ echoed in a choked whisper till she realized after the flash, as her head turned back, that the Athena was still in one piece. She actually gripped her uniform at her chest as her heart skipped a beat in momentary panic. “Athena” She whispered in relief.

Immediately she hit the comms. =^=This is the Shuttle Proteus to the Athena. Ensign Karina Niles. Do you copy?=^= The last thing she wanted was to be fired upon for sneaking up on them. The first thing she wanted, was to go home.

Ensign Karina Niles

R’han CTO

“Comms, open a reply to the runabouts.” =^=Proteus, we’re in the middle of a firefight. Please enter a safe orbit, we’ll deal with however you got here and what to do with you later,=^= Luka quickly replied.

“Attack spread Gopher 23, let’s get all of those pieces of debris vaporized.”

Commander Luka, XO

Karina wasn’t happy, but she wasn’t going to make matters worse by begging. Doing as she was told, she headed for the planet. Getting between the planet and the fighting ships, she figured, worse case scenario, she could fire on… something. Maybe that would be useful. She sent a comm to the other shuttles. =^=Shuttles, this is Proteus. The Athena is locked in battle, obviously, and we’re given orders to enter a stable orbit and stand by. I suggest we remain close in case some extra fire power is needed.=^=

=/\= Calypso acknowledges, =/\= Thollin replied.

She couldn’t guess what Ky’Larria and the others would do, but she would die if she had to to save the Athena. She just hoped crashing her ship into whoever they were fighting wasn’t her reason for dropping into the wormhole. As she thought of it, she wondered just how ‘planned’ the wormhole was, now and if she had just brought reinforcements for the enemy in the form of the dopplegangers. She hoped no one let them beam out. Someone certainly had something to answer to… and soon!

(ummmm just a wee bit upset hehehehe)

The firing solution hit it’s mark atomizing the remaining parts of the Cardassian ship into an impressive display of feiry dust. After the flurry of activity of the last few minutes the quiet and calm that now existed seemed surreal.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Thollin monitored the end of the battle with satisfaction. The Athena appeared to have conducted herself well, with only marginal damage to her deflector grids. He was looking forward to getting onboard.

Thollin, Eng.

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