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“Comms, open a reply to the runabouts.” =^=Proteus, we’re in the middle of a firefight. Please enter a safe orbit, we’ll deal with however you got here and what to do with you later,=^= Luka quickly replied.

“Attack spread Gopher 23, let’s get all of those pieces of debris vaporized.”

Commander Luka, XO

Well this was less stressful, “Pattern G, two, three… whack-a-mole… firing.”

Karina wasn’t happy, but she wasn’t going to make matters worse by begging. Doing as she was told, she headed for the planet. Getting between the planet and the fighting ships, she figured, worse case scenario, she could fire on… something. Maybe that would be useful. She sent a comm to the other shuttles. =^=Shuttles, this is Proteus. The Athena is locked in battle, obviously, and we’re given orders to enter a stable orbit and stand by. I suggest we remain close in case some extra fire power is needed.=^=

=/\= Calypso acknowledges, =/\= Thollin replied.

She couldn’t guess what Ky’Larria and the others would do, but she would die if she had to to save the Athena. She just hoped crashing her ship into whoever they were fighting wasn’t her reason for dropping into the wormhole. As she thought of it, she wondered just how ‘planned’ the wormhole was, now and if she had just brought reinforcements for the enemy in the form of the dopplegangers. She hoped no one let them beam out. Someone certainly had something to answer to… and soon!

(ummmm just a wee bit upset hehehehe)

The firing solution hit it’s mark atomizing the remaining parts of the Cardassian ship into an impressive display of feiry dust. After the flurry of activity of the last few minutes the quiet and calm that now existed seemed surreal.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Thollin monitored the end of the battle with satisfaction. The Athena appeared to have conducted herself well, with only marginal damage to her deflector grids. He was looking forward to getting onboard.

Thollin, Eng.

Luka collapsed into the captain’s chair in relief as they won the battle, having stood up at some point in that fight. =^=Shuttlebay, please prepare three bays to dock runabouts.=^=

“Helm, take us out of the atmosphere…”

She sent a comm to the runabouts. =^=Runabouts, come on into the Shuttlebay once we’re out of Atmos. We have some things to discuss I’m sure.=^=

Luka, XO

=/\= Calypso copies, =/\= Thollin replied. He turned the runabout toward the Athena and watched as she returned to a safer orbit. Once the ship was stable he brought the runabout toward the traffic pattern for a standard approach to the shuttlebay.

OOC: the crew on the planet need to be beamed up too! They would likely be grateful that they are not about to suddenly die. lol ~Linds


“And comms, patch me through to the ground crew. We should let them know they’re safe to come back. They have a shuttle or two, right? I don’t feel safe beaming them up with what’s going on with the transporters. Speaking of, tactical can you make sure the entire ship is shielded against the effects that we were shielded against earlier?”

Luka, XO

Thollin, Eng.

Karina acknowledged the orders but hovered back a few extra moments to make sure the other two were docked before she approached. She would be between the ship and the planet, unaware of the troubles below or above that had started this whole mess. She was just grateful the debris around her wasn’t her home.


=/\=Athena to Away team. Standby for Commander Luka=/\= the NE at the Comms said.

~NE, Comms

=^=everything is safe but I am not confident in beaming you up with the current technological situation. We can send down a runabout to pick you up if needed.=^=

“If you don’t beam them up, we all move up one step in rank…” R’han commented in his version of humor.


The third runabout just before it docked logged a transporter signal that beamed to the planet below..

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Luka, XO

=/\=We should have enough space. Consider us on our way up. Koraia out.=/\=

OOC: I figure we can just expedite the return given we know we make it there. lol. Let’s wrap this baby up!

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

The Calypso landed on the Athena’s deck and Thollin began shutting down its systems and securing it. He had finally arrived at his new ship, but not in the way that he’d planned. Taking a final look over the ship’s systems, he stepped out through the access hatch and onto the Athena’s deck.

Thollin, Eng.

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