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Kate O'Neill

CO's Pips

Hello all. I am your Skipper, Captain Kelly Bordeaux. I am so glad you are a part of the crew. If you need anything you are always welcome to email me, or find me in Discord. I am the Border collie and often on Discord. I encourage creativity and fun. That is the reason we are here so take some chances and just enjoying posting. I look forward to simming with you all and continuing the journey of the Atlantis.

  • Discord: Capt Kate "Collie" O'Neill

XO's Pips

Luke's main sim has kicked off. Keep in mind our posting limits (3/5/7) and remember to declare LOAs when you need them. Let's keep the roster green!

  • Discord: Crazy Cog
Luke Hung

GM's Pips

GM Grumbles

  • Discord:

Sim Update
Somewhere over the Rainbow: Main sim for the USS Atlantis.

(1)The damage was extreme from the ellipse… including hull, electronic, warp, and other systems. One power conduit burned a vertical hole through four decks of the ship.

(2) Several races, Lanteens, Lorn,… have met you so far. The Lorn has gifted you an Orb with the knowledge commensurate with your identified sensor technology. So that you can operate in the sector as if you had scanned and had basic information on all the races. The relative technology of the races vary… with the majority of them being several decades behind the Federation, but with the Lorn being several decades more advanced and the ‘Great One’ being perhaps centuries more.

(3) Since your arrival you came to a Neutral Diplomacy star base, known as Base 5. While there, one party of the ship lost their tricorder and phaser and during the subsequent search for the weapon, security personnel and officers, stunned local ‘purple and gold safety officers’ leading to a stand off with the Base itself.


(1) Lorn Empire, they are thousands of years ‘older’ than any of the other races in the sector with the exception of the Great One. The Lorn are a most private race we’ve met they don’t share tech, we don’t even know where their homeworld is but we do know where their territories are.
(2) The Great One is just one ship and we think one person, but from what we can tell it's he is the most advanced person in the universe, he’s easily bored and annoyed, but by and large if he’s around he’ll help… usually.
(3)Nine, not particularly friendly, very religious, lots of codes and rites, best to be polite and cautious around them. Physically strong too they’ve had wars with
(4) Alfians who I think are kind of slimy. Very political, likes to deal in favors, I’d be cautious around them too, but for different reasons.
(5) Caste, they are strong, reclusive, private. Friendly with us… not hostile to anyone right now, but they’ve been known to react with great violence if attacked. I guess its a way to be sure everyone knows not to mess with them. We had a war with them.., Kicked our butts pretty good.
(6) Dilgar, aggressive, looks towards galactic domination. We had a little war with them too… And then there is the best race, us, the
(7) Enodorians. There a whole bunch of non-aligned worlds but they don’t amount to much tactically.=^=

Department Orders

CMO's Pips
Ashlynn Summers

Stay Ready.

CNS's Pips
Heathcliff Rinker

Make sure everyone has their mental evaluation.

CSO's Pips
Lieutenant j.g. Kai Oliver Kingstone

Make science stuff and prepare accurate reports about ship sensors data and recent surveys. Kai is not the guy who likes disorder in his labs so you may try avoid taking furthermore weird slimy explosive and glitter bombs. In case it happens, cakes and pancakes can persuade the CSO. Shh it’s a secret!. Discord = CSO Kai K

CE's Pips
Jacen Drayke

Keep the ship together and running. If you break his ship he will put it back together just to find you and break your warp core. Discord = Darth Tadpole

COS's Pips
Gravel Mardusk

Do your job and you might survive this. The slowest one on the team will be sacrificed for the greater good when running from an enemy so remember your daily calisthenics. If you get hurt, rub some dirt in it and take a lap. Discord = Captain Rhino
Chief Tactical/Intelligence Officer

COO's Pips
Ethan Nash
Stop the AI from taking the ship along with never putting the cigar down. Discord = Keivar

Resources for Fun RPAwards 2019AWOL Policy

  • Best RPG-Area MOTD by Steven Sigle

  • Best Fleet Pioneer Fleet

  • Best Captain: Captain Kelly Shultz Kate O'Neill

  • Best Swing JO: Lieutenant Ian Bordeaux by Steven Sigle

  • Best Security DH Lieutenant Gravel Mardusk by James Sinclair
  • Command Staff - 3 Days
    Department Heads (DH) - 5 Days
    Junior Officers - 7 Days
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    We are always looking for people so contact the CO or XO with your ideas.
    Non-Rostered Characters

    Crew Roster

    MOTD Created By Steven "The Tadpole" Sigle
    Last Edited By: Steven Sigle
    Last Updated On: June 29th, 2018
    Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
    Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux Commanding Officer Human 5'4" 135 Kate O'Neill AWOL (4)
    Commander Garinder'Jen th'Jir Executive Officer (Incoming ) Andorian 5'10" 170 lbs Gene Gibbs AWOL (3)
    Lieutenant Commander SEAI Assistant Counselor Android 5'11'' 190 Liam Schoepp AWOL (24)
    Commander Jacen Drayke Chief Engineer/2O Human 6'3" 175 lbs Steven Sigle OK (1)
    Lieutenant Auleraine Brison Engineering Officer Human 5' 9" 200 lbs Melissa Aragon OK (1)
    Ensign Engineering Officer
    Lieutenant Commander Ashlynn Summers Chief Medical Officer Human 5'3" 120 Tyra Schroll OK (0)
    Ensign Doctor
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Kai Oliver Kingstone Chief Science Officer Human 179cm 70kg Jay Luistro OK (1)
    Ensign Science Officer
    Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk Chief of Security Orion 7'2" 428 lbs. James Sinclair OK (3)
    Ensign Dan Vladar Security Officer Human 6’5” 241 lbs Sam Pennington LOA 2020-05-31 (76)
    Ensign Security Officer
    Lieutenant Commander Ethan Nash Chief Tactical Officer Human (Mintaran) 5' 11" 209 lbs David Shotton OK (4)
    Lieutenant Commander Ian Bordeaux Chief Diplomatic Officer Human 6'2 170 lbs Steven Sigle OK (1)
    Lieutenant River Styxx OIC Marine Human 5'8" 120lbs Nathan Derricutt AWOL (7)
    Civilian John-King McKenzie Bartender Human 5'11" 132lb Russell Watt AWOL (57)
    Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina GM GM Luke Hung OK (1)

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