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Kate O'Neill

CO's Pips

Hello all. I am your Skipper, Captain Kelly Shultz. I am so glad you are a part of the crew. If you need anything you are always welcome to email me, or find me in Discord. I am the Border collie and often on Discord. I encourage creativity and fun. That is the reason we are here so take some chances and just enjoying posting. I look forward to simming with you all and continuing the journey of the Atlantis.

  • Discord: Capt Kate "Collie" O'Neill
Lindsay Bayes

XO's Pips

There is something definitely weird going on at Dentreba IX and it's clear that the situation is not just odd but potentially dangerous. Let's hope the Atlantis crew doesn't become like the Trenton's! Keep in mind our posting limits (3/5/7) and remember to declare LOAs when you need them. Let's keep the roster green!

  • Discord: BusyBeaver
Kevin Sawyer

GM's Pips

Coming Soon...

  • Discord: LlamaRiot

Sim Update
And the Word is Grave

The USS Atlantis is in orbit above the Rho Puppis facility, having helped the facility during an attack by previously unknown, indigenous species of fearsome electric bugs! The facility staff now believe that the attack by the creatures' now-dead queen was carried out because of some attraction to gaseous samples being studied by Mulligan Finlayson, now deceased. The USS Trenton is out in deep space collecting more of the same samples for the Atlantis to bring back to Starbase 157, but now the Atlantis is receiving a hail from Admiral Bayes...

Department Orders

CMO's Pips
Alexxander Ryley

Stay Ready.

CNS's Pips
Heathcliff Rinker

Make sure everyone has their mental evaluation.

CSO's Pips
Tyler Michael Wells

Help Medical create a cure.

CE's Pips
Jacen Drayke

Keep the ship together and running.

COS's Pips
Gravel Mardusk

Do your job and you might survive this. The slowest one on the team will be sacrificed for the greater good when running from an enemy so remember your daily calisthenics. If you get hurt, rub some dirt in it and take a lap.

COO's Pips
Ethan Nash
Stop the AI from taking the ship.

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AWOL Policy
Command Staff - 3 Days
Department Heads (DH) - 5 Days
Junior Officers - 7 Days
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Crew Roster

MOTD Created By Steven "The Tadpole" Sigle
Last Edited By: Steven Sigle
Last Updated On: June 29th, 2018
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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Kelly Shultz Commanding Officer human 5'4" 135 Kate O'Neill OK (2)
Commander Relann Fell-Drayke Executive Officer Dy'allan 5'9" 140 lbs Lindsay Bayes OK (2)
Commander Heathcliff Rinker Counselor Human 5' 9" 179 Luke Hung OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Jacen Drayke Chief Engineer Human 6'3" 175 lbs Steven Sigle OK (0)
Engineering Officer
Ensign Ottum Ruke Engineering Officer Betazed 175cm 76kg Nikko Gilbert AWOL (14)
Captain Alexxander Ryley Chief Medical Officer Human Cale Reilly OK (1)
Lieutenant Ashlynn Summers Doctor Human 5'3" 120 Tyra Schroll OK (3)
Lieutenant Lauren Shan Doctor Human 5'4" 130 Kate O'Neill AWOL (14)
Lieutenant Tyler Michael Wells Chief Science Officer Human James Harrison OK (0)
Science Officer
Lieutenant Faye Calloway Science Officer Human 5'9 145 lbs Lindsay Bayes OK (3)
Lieutenant Gravel Mardusk Chief of Security Orion 7'2" 428 lbs. James Sinclair OK (3)
Lieutenant Devon Rand Intelligence Officer Bajoran 5' 11" 198lbs David Shotton OK (2)
Ensign Franklin Gallagher Security Officer Human 5'10 180 AJ Paulson OK (1)
Ensign Richard J Hayes Security Officer/Intelligence Human Philip Graham OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Ethan Nash Chief Tactical Officer Human (Mintakan) 6' 1" 209 lbs David Shotton OK (2)
Lieutenant Ian Bordeaux Yeoman/Diplomat Human 6'2 170 lbs Steven Sigle OK (2)
Major Memphis Summervale Marine Commanding Officer Human 5'9 165 Jeremy DeSpain OK (2)
Staff Sergeant Philip Hewson-Williams Marine/Medical Assistant Human Jim Watkin OK (4)
Gamemaster Eye of the Void Eye of the Void It all goes wrong again Kevin Sawyer

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