Phil's Quarters - After Hours

Posted Oct. 5, 2018, 8:20 a.m. by Staff Sergeant Philip Hewson-Williams (Marine/Medical Assistant) (Jim Watkin)

Posted by Lieutenant Tyler Michael Wells (Chief Science Officer) in Phil’s Quarters - After Hours

Posted by Staff Sergeant Philip Hewson-Williams (Marine/Medical Assistant) in Phil’s Quarters - After Hours

Posted by Lieutenant Tyler Michael Wells (Chief Science Officer) in Phil’s Quarters - After Hours

Posted by Staff Sergeant Philip Hewson-Williams (Marine/Medical Assistant) in Phil’s Quarters - After Hours

Posted by Lieutenant Tyler Michael Wells (Chief Science Officer) in Phil’s Quarters - After Hours
It was late. 2245 hours. Tyler had been laying in bed for at least an hour, tossing and turning. His mind had been racing, never sticking to one thought before jumping to another.

Finally he sat up in the bed. “Computer lights on dim.” The lights adjusted and he walked over to the dresser, removing a pair of gym shorts and a tank top. He slid a pair of socks on his feet and jammed them into his gym sneakers.

Making his way out of his quarters, he walked to the turbolift. It was still strange for him to occupy the CSO quarters on Deck 4 rather than the old quarters he had down on Deck 27 since his arrival on Atlantis. He had always enjoyed the quiet of Deck 27 where the most crucial thing there was the shield generator, which occasionaly an engineer might come to perform maintenance on. Aside from that, it was mostly a living deck, and the rotating duty roster meant that the corridors were typically empty. Always a good thing when Tyler would have company of a more scandalous nature.

Deck 4 was quiet at this hour, and Tyler didn’t see anyone on his way to the lift. He stepped inside. “Deck seventeen.” He called out. His intention was to go to the gym, get a workout in, hopefully tire himself out. His mind was still racing, even as the turbolift stopped and he stepped out. He walked down the corridor for a bit, before stopping in his tracks. He stepped over to a wall panel and queued the computer. “Computer what is the location of Staff Sargent Hewson-Williams?”

“Staff Sargent Hewson-Williams is currently in his quarters,” The computer replied.

A few moments later Tyler found himself standing at Phil’s door. He paused for a moment, wondering what Phil might think of the late night call. He could always visit Relann and/or Jacen for a chat, but at this hour, he didn’t want to risk waking Sowyn.

Tyler reached out and pressed the chime. Preparing to apologize for waking Phil at such a late hour.

-Tyler Michael Wells

It was only a short time before Phil opened the door. As the doors parted, Phil was just pulling his uniform shirt over his head. Seeing his visitor was Tyler, Phil relaxed. He had been expecting it to be one of the marine officers.

“Mr. Wells,” he said respectfully, not sure if the visit was for business or pleasure. He was also not sure who may be around on the corridor and how discreet Tyler might want to be about some of his pleasure activities.

“Please come in,” he invited Tyler into his quaters which were smaller than a standard living quarters. Aside from the bathroom facilities, there was just a single room two wardrobes, a small coffee table with two chairs and a set of bunkbeds against one of the bulkheads. The upper bunk looked like it had been simply laid straight to tidy up. The lower bunk was unoccupied, with bedding on the matress at all.

Phil’s quarters were inner quarters so had no window or view of space, however a display on the wall above the coffee table served as a virtual window, showing the view from that side of the ship. On the floor his wardrobe, Phil’s instruments stood on their stands.

Mr. Wells was it? Tyler thought to himself, entering the quarters and stopping just inside the doorway.

“Welcome to my home,” Phil said, “It’s not much to look at, but it is my bit of space.”

“What can I do for you?” he asked.


“I, uh....” Tyler said, not sure anymore if this was even a good idea. But he was here now, so he might as well talk. He gave a shrug of his shoulders, then continued. “I was having trouble sleeping, so I thought about going to the gym. Then I changed my mind, and came here. I was hoping we could talk.”

-Tyler Michael Wells, CSO

“Ofcourse we can,” Phil said. he approached the replicator to get himself a coffee, “Coffee?”


Tyler shook his head. “No thanks. Just a glass of water is fine.”

Tyler took a seat on one of the chairs. “I’m sorry for stopping by so late. I hope it’s not a big inconvenience.” He heaved his shoulders.

-Tyler Michael Wells

Phil returned and put the drinks on the table. “It’s never too late, and never an inconvenience,” he said and sat in the other chair before sipping the steaming mug of coffee that he had for himself.

“Something on your mind?” he asked.


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