Holodeck Two Altered Golf (open to all)

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The giant Orion then asked “And who are you, by the way? Don’t think we’ve met. I’m Mardusk, Security Chief.”

Mardusk, CoS

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Jessica giggled as she glanced down at the PaDD. “Oh, I’m familiar with the rules. Clearly, if you think this is a combat sport, you didn’t grow up with five brothers,” she retorted playfully as she tugged on the color of her lavender shirt and tucked the straggling blonde hair behind her ear.

“I’m Dr. Jessica Lemann,” she said, sticking her hand out to shake the Orion’s in the typical human custom. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I only joined the ship a bit ago so I’m not surprised we haven’t crossed paths.”

Ensign Lemann

Mardusk took her hand in one massive green paw and grinned. “Only child. But mom is a soul-crusher from way back, so it probably evens out.” and he chuckled. “Nice to meet ya, Doc. Welcome.”

Mardusk, CoS

Frank walked in moments later after the Doc arrived. Frank had heard about this event from several crewmembers who were gossiping about it in the mess hall. He stepped through the opened doors and snappedto attention. In a dry Scottish tone “Aye Lieutenant Mardusk Ensign Gallagher reporting”


Jessica’s otherwise extraordinarily sunny disposition darkened for a moment at the mention of Mardusk’s mother, but it was fleeting and quickly turned back into a beaming smile. She started to respond with, “and hopefully my services won’t be…” when her fellow ensign walked into the holodeck. “Wow, this is getting to be quite a party,” she grinned, but patiently waited for Mardusk to put the young ensign at ease before introducing herself. ‘His accent is just adorable,’ she thought to herself with an unsuccessfully stifled giggle.

Ensign Lemann

“Steady there Ensign. Mr Bordeaux may wish to make a mockery of you.” River said simply looking to Bordeaux and then Gallagaher. River had been standing watching the interactions wondering if anyone was going to acknowledge her. However she expected them not to. She seemed to be able to do that, blend seamlessly into the background even in a small group.

Lieut Styxx (Marine)

Without looking at River, Mardusk said “He knows better than to bust the chops of my people when I’m around.” and he cast a glance at Frank. “Heya, Frank. Glad to you made it. This is Doc Lemann.” he said gesturing to Jessica. “And that over there is super spooky River Styxx. Careful, she might write bad prose about you while listening to Romulan funeral music. Also, zero sense of humor. Tragic, I know…”

Mardusk, CoS

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