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Posted by Lieutenant Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Side sim - Lounge

Mardusk walked over to the bar and retrieved his usual two pitchers and an unusual three glasses and then walked over to the table. Without waiting to be invited, he hooked a chair from the next table over with a foot and slid it next to Ryley. “Heya, Doc. What’s shaking?” and he lowered his massive bulk into the chair that audibly protested at the Orion’s weight. Looking at the two other people at the table, he hooked a thumb at his chest and said “Lieutenant Mardusk. Security Chief. Nice to meet ya.” and picked up a pitcher. He filled the glasses, sliding one to Ryley first, and then downed the remainder of the pitcher himself. “What do you think of our little home away from home, folks? Impressive piece of Star Fleet, isn’t she?” he asked.

Mardusk, CoS

The grey haired man that was Ryley’s father surveyed this newcomer but didn’t seem perplexed by the way he had sat down. He held a hand out and gave, what had so far been an uncharacteristic, smile. “Rear Admiral John Ryley…retired obviously. And my Wife.” He indicated Ryley’s Mother who smiled warmly and nodded her head. “Pleasure to make your acquaintance Lieutenant. The ship is impressive certainly.”

Ryley for his part rolled his eyes at the introduction when his fathers attention was off of him and downed the drink Mardusk had slid him in one fluid and fast motion, almost undetectable.


Mardusk cocked an eyebrow at the introduction, took the man’s hand in one massive green hand and said “Likewise, Admiral. So… does your wife have a name? Or is it just ‘Mrs. Rear Admiral Retired Obviously’?” and looked at Mrs. Ryley and gave a full smile of gleaming white teeth against dark green lips. Mardusk was not one to mince words, and had seen too much male posturing as his own mother rose in the ranks up to Vice Admiral to let the - perhaps- unconscious glossing over of the man’s wife to slip past without comment.

Mardusk, CoS

Ryley’s mother smiled, her eyes twinkling in a sort of amusement as if she knew what the young man before her was getting at. It was a look very reminiscent of the ones Ryley himself got when he was amused for he did look like his mother. Nothing like his father in fact.

“Blythe.” The woman said offering her hand. “Delighted to meet you. It isn’t often we get the chance to meet Alex’s friends and colleagues.” She gave her son the sort of look only a doting mother could give while Ryley’s father went back to people watching his body positioned so it was clear he was still listening to the conversation.


“Blythe. Nice name. Much better than Retired Obviously. Oh, and we aren’t friends. He just owes me money, so I take every chance I can find to remind him.” and he looked at Ryley as he refilled the glass. “Ain’t that right, Doc?”

Mardusk, CoS

“Thank you young man.” Blythe replied then nodded sagely. “Yes he has a habit of gambling and drinking in excess.” She said. Ryley’s father made a small noise, almost inaudible, and crossed his arms. He did not approve apparently.

Ryley smirked “That won’t work.” He said looking at Mardusk and then nodding his head at his mother who was also smiling now. “She’s basically a human lie Director.” He looked at his mother, “but he’s right we aren’t friends. He’s a security hard but with a couple pitchers of booze on the go every day who knows how to hold his drink. Not my sort of companion.”

“I’m not easily conned or charmed by the dear Doc here, is what he means.” Mardusk said with a grin.

Ryley’s father frowned and standing walked to the window to observe the stars. His hands in his pockets again.

“Don’t mind my husband.” Blythe said apologetically. “He is…”

“Very straight and narrow and black and white? Yeah we got that Mom.” Ryley said

“I was going to say passionate about this work, even now.” She said looking at John’s back. She turned to both men. “So…Lieutenant have you served on the Atlantis for long?”


“Not very long, Blythe. A few months. Transferred here from a Klingon vessel. I was the Liaison Officer there.” and he took a drink. “So what brings you and Admiral Retired Obviously to our little section of space? Checking up on the Doc?” Mardusk knew the Admiral would hear his words, but at the moment he was trying to deflect some of the less… affectionate… attitude towards him and away from Ryley. “Meh, my mom outranks him anyway.” he thought silently to himself. Although the thought did make a small chuckle escape him.

Mardusk, CoS

“Oh!” She said with a smile. “ We just arrived on a Klingon ship. It was the only one going this general direction. And I wanted to brush up on some of conversation. You never quite get the same level of authenticity as you do with the people who speak the language as their mother tongue.” She sounded genuinely delighted and sipped her tea. “Hmmm but to answer your question yes something like that.” She gave Ryley a look over her tea cup.

Ryley for his part said nothing and simply stared at his father’s back.


“Klingon vessel, eh? They are not usually ones for picking up passengers. Of course, most passengers don’t want to be on a Klingon ship, so there’s that.” and he grinned at Blythe. “So where did you learn you learn tlhlngan Hol? I studied in school, but really got it down on board the Ghol.” and the he switched to the language in question. “‘oH jatlh ‘aj Hew” (Does the statue of the Admiral there by the window speak it, too?) he asked.

Mardusk, CoS

“I can be very persuasive,” she smiled as Ryley nodded and rolled his eyes as if he agreed. “We spent a lot of time moving around various posts with Alex’s father and I quickly found it easier to get along with people if we learned the language to be able to join in conversations. I wasn’t ever great at it but I had enough to get by. Alex took to it like a duck to water. Didn’t you dear?” She asked patting his hand.

Ryley withdrew the hand and his mother looked mildly hurt a moment then as if it hadn’t happened turned to look at John Ryley. “He doesn’t no I’m afraid.”


“Hm.” was all Mardusk replied to the statement. “I understand the moving around a lot. My mother is in Star Fleet, so I got dragged along with her as well. Didn’t really appreciate it until I got a bit older though. As a kid I hated it.” and he looked at Ryley. “Same for you, Doc?”

Mardusk, CoS

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