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Posted May 9, 2019, 11:51 a.m. by Lieutenant Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) (James Sinclair)


“Open a hail to the second ship,” Kelly said. Their attempts at scanning had caused one ship to react. Maybe she would try to comm the larger ship instead of probing it. Hearing the comms officer verify her request Kelly spoke out with a clear firm. =/\= Vessel off our port bow. This is the USS Atlantis from the Federation. What is your designation =/\=. Kelly hoped the second ship would be better than the first one they encountered.

Captain Kelly Shultz

=^=This is Commander Penny of the Enodorian Battle Cruiser Frontier.=^= The female voice had both an amused and annoyed tone, =^=We don’t scan the Lorn Ambassador’s ship it’s set for auto defense and its pretty easily aggravated.=^= During the intervening moments the Enodorian Battle Cruiser moved between the Atlantis and the Lorn ship - when it did so it seemed that the auto program of the Ambassadorial ship lost interest in the Atlantis and the sensor beam clicked of and the computer probe stopped.

There seemed to be an exhalation of breath… =^=Well that worked.=^= There was some background cheering and a muffled ‘okay you can depolarize the hull now’. =^=We’ve also seen the Lorn ship cut a cruiser in half when they looked too closely… that’s a joke, it only wiped out every power source on the ship. It had to be dragged back home… very embarrassing.=^= .

=^=I hope you enjoy your visit to Base 5. It should be less exciting that this was.=^=

Commander Penny
Enodorian Hegemony

There was a moment of silence before SEAI turned to Kelly. “I assume we have learned a valuable lesson about not scanning everything we come across that we will most likely ignore with a passion?”


Mardusk looked from SEAI to the Captain and back again and then laughed once. “Um, Counselor… have you met the Captain before right now?”

Mardusk, CoS

“Exactly. What is the fun in not scanning everything we come into contact with ? It would be like not taking something apart to see how it is put together or if there is a big red button you have to push it don’t you. If not how will you ever know what happens,” Kelly let her voice trail off a bit as she thought about her reply to Commander Penny.

=/\=Commander Penny. I am Captian Kelly Shultz and we thank you for your assistance” Kelly paused long enough to allow the Commander to know something was to follow but short enough that there was no time for a real response by Penny, =/\= We are a peaceful exploration vessel that encountered some damage on route to this section of space. Any tips on who to avoid and where to get a decent meal in a safe part of town on the base =/\= Kelly asked.

=^=Well, Captain, Base five isn’t a tourist destination. There are several area of the complex, the military, engineering, crew quarters, reclamation centers are either off limits or not particularly interesting. That removes over half the base. The other areas are recreation - gyms, arboretum, food services; trading - that’s less secure, and you get what you get as everyone is out to get the best deal they can and some people think the best deal is free. There are always a couple of assaults in a month in that zone. Then there the diplomatic wing. You generally have to be invited there, but given you’re newness to the sector. I’m sure you’ll be invited. I’m just a Commander, I have never warranted such an invitation.=^=

Leaving the Atlantis was already a given. The ship was damaged and they needed repairs. The only place to get the parts was the base. Jacen would figure out how to make the round peg fit into a square hole if needed.

Captain Kelly Shultz

=^=As far as the races in this region, I don’t know if I’m the fairest judge. The Enodorian Hegemony has had military border conflicts with virtually all of them and a full fledged war with one of them. I’ve literally fired my weapon’s on every major race at this base, except for the Lorn… and the Great One, but he doesn’t count. Hell, I almost fired on you to keep my record perfect.=^=

Commander Penny
Enodorian Hegemony

OCC Fixing a split ~ Kate

=^=The big races, well you just met the (1) Lorn Empire, they are thousands of years ‘older’ than any of the other races in the sector with the exception of the (2) The Great One. =^= there was a pause, =^=Nobody knows which one is older but the Great One is just one ship and we think one person, but from what we can tell its he is the most advanced person in the universe, he’s easily bored and annoyed, but by and large if he’s around he’ll help… ususally. The Lorn are most private race we’ve met they don’t share tech, we don’t even know where their home world is but we do know where their territories are. We have the (3)Nine, not particularly friendly, very religious, lots of codes and rites, best to be polite and cautious around them. Physically strong too they’ve had wars with (4) Alfians who I think are kind of slimy. Very political, likes to deal in favors, I’d be cautious around them too, but for different reasons. There’s the (5) Caste, they are strong, reclusive, private. Friendly with us… not hostile to anyone right now, but they’ve been known to react with great violence if attacked. I guess its a way to be sure everyone knows not to mess with them. We had a war with them.., Kicked our butts pretty good. The(6) Dilgar, aggressive, looks towards galactic domination. We had a little war with them too… And then there is the best race, us, the (7) Enodorians. There a whole bunch of non-aligned worlds but they don’t amount to much tactically.=^=


“Well, I am glad you decided to break your streak on us. Commander Penny I would like to invite you over to the Atlantis in an official function for a diplomatic meeting and sharing of cultural knowledge. I have some business on the base but if you are interested we could set things up for tomorrow evening if it is convenient,” Kelly offered with a smile and nod of her head.

Once the comm system had been closed Kelly stood up. “So we know our targets and the people that are on our radar: military, engineering, gyms, arboretum, trading and diplomacy. Drayke and SEAI you are on engineering to get what we need to fix my ship. Mardusk and Nash snoop around and find out about defenses and security without being arrested. If you get thrown into the local hooskal I am not bailing you out. M’Lene and Stewart you have the arboretum. Styxx and Gallagher you have the gyms. Ryley take Lemann and check out the trading district. Rinker and Bordeaux you are with me. You have ten minutes to get to the transporter pad people. NE Parks you have the conn,” Kelly replied walking off the bridge.

Captain Kate O’Neill

“Copy that, Skipper. I’ll be subtle and stealthy. You know… my strong points.” Mardusk said, shaking his bald head and tapping his relief to take over the conn. “Double the patrols on board, and keep four Security at every entry point. No exceptions.” and the massive Orion moved to the turbolift.

Mardusk, CoS

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